Our first Kindle App for you ($1, #15 in Kindle Store)

I’m super happy to finally start releasing our Kindle Apps for all of you.

The first one is Flip It! for Kindle – a game to exercise your brain. We like to think it’s very good value for money at $1.

Here’s what it looks like (note that while the border and the squares are the same the background behind the grid was removed to make the cursor faster) –

Flip It Game for Kindle
Flip It for Kindle

The main features of Flip It –

  1. Built for the Kindle from the ground up. Every single thing is built with Kindle owners in mind.
  2. It’s a lot of fun to play. This was a game that people just loved playing.
  3. There are 40 levels. Thanks to Amazon for suggesting we increase from 14 levels to 40 levels. Also, for a lot of good suggestions like adding a Timed Mode, tracking statistics, and adding a timer.
  4. There are two modes – Timed Mode and Normal Mode.
  5. There are 8 user profiles. That means you and your family or friends can all have your own profile.
  6. The number of flips you took to finish the game and the time you took are tracked. So you can try to improve on your scores. Note: 75% of the first 20 levels can be finished in 10 or less flips.
  7. There are lots of useful additions – you can pause a game, you can leave a game and resume it later, there’s detailed Help with illustrations, and so forth.

At $1 we feel it’s a steal, which is probably why it’s #1 on the Movers and Shakers List.

Here’s a video showing gameplay (you can click HD in the corner to see it in high definition, please note that the picture above is a far better indicator of how the game looks) – [wpvideo cSBN7mI7]

Credits for FlipIt

80% or more of the credit goes to the developer, Sergii, who did most of the graphics (the squares, the title page, etc.) and all of the coding. Being able to get all these images to update quickly on eInk is ridiculously good – He’s just a superstar developer.

Look for more Kindle Apps from him and from our other superstar developers – hopefully soon.

The rest of the credit is probably divided between –

  1. Amazon’s Kindle team. They provided a lot of good suggestions and were very focused on making sure we made things very easy and stable for Kindle owners.
  2. The designers who helped with the design – Sergey S, Digant.

By the way, FlipIt is an app Sergii did out of his own interest, in between other apps. So it’s literally his labor of love, with a lot of polish courtesy Amazon.

Please do take a look at Flip It

Update: Thank you very much for your support. It’s already up from #23 to #15. #15 means on the first page on Amazon.com’s Kindle Bestsellers list so it’s a huge help.

We don’t really have huge resources for marketing or the brand name of EA. So it’s literally up to Kindle owners whether we survive or not.

If you find the app interesting, please do consider buying it. If you like it, please do tell other people about it. We have other Kindle Apps coming out (most of which are apps and not games), and we’d love to keep making Kindle Apps.

Also, a lot of thanks to Andrys Basten at Kindle World and Stephen Windwalker at Kindle Nation and Nate at The Digital Reader for writing about FlipIt and helping create awareness at a time when it had no sales rank or exposure. And to Kindle owners who took a chance on an unknown app from an unknown company and got us to #23 in the charts in 1 day.

29 thoughts on “Our first Kindle App for you ($1, #15 in Kindle Store)”

  1. If your behind this app – then I will buy it – like it or not – as a thank you for all your work and postings. I’m sure I will like it

    1. Mike,
      It’s a one-person game. It’s how quickly you can finish a level or in how few flips.

      If you want to compete you can have your friend use another profile – then you can compare scores.

      We do have another game coming out at some point of time in the future that has 2 player mode.

      For this game we’d have to figure out if there’s a way to make it two player.

      Thanks for your comment – it’s a good way to expand the game if we can figure out a way to make it 2-player. Makes me wonder if we could do a variant like a 2-player board game.

  2. Hey switch, I had a similar game when I was a kid, I would love to buy your application. Unfortunately, it seems unavailable outside US. Are you going to make it available internationally soon?

    1. Marco, Amazon plans to expand apps to international at some point of time. It’ll definitely be available then.

      By the way, we are the first international developers in the Kindle App Store. So Amazon is pretty serious about expanding to international.

  3. Does your sales ranking correlated with units sold give you any further information about quantifying the Kindle economic ecosystem?
    I bought the game — it’s fun to play and not quite as simple as the first two levels suggest!

  4. Nice game and good luck with it. Here’s a suggestion. Lets make a game with rewards. If you win, you get a free random Kindle book automatically downloaded to you Kindle!

    1. One of the developers had that idea. If I can get him to agree to finish the Kindle game he was working on we’ll try to do that. We just need to find a free book 😉

  5. I bought it because it looks fun, it’s only $0.99 and I love this site. I check this site everyday to see what books are available to download. I even got Tick Tock (the entire book, not just 28 chapters) by clicking on a link that you had posted. Thanks!

  6. I love puzzle games. I bought this one right away and love it! It’s beautiful and also a lot of fun to play. I would have paid more than a dollar to buy it. Thanks and please do develop and release more apps for the kindle; especially some non-games. Thanks also to Switch for alerting us about this terrific app. You give us such a great service with your blog.

  7. “My head’s beginning to hurt a little bit from trying to put a positive spin on all the apps on the iPad that have been wasting my time and all the things that are wasting people’s time.

    It’s hard to argue that games are exercising the imagination – However, people who makes games and those in love with gaming will argue voraciously. All they do is try to get you addicted so you’ll buy the paid version or buy add-ons.”

    Do you recognize the quote?

    1. Yup. Thanks for that reminder.

      We have 2 small games. And the rest are apps that help people make better use of time. Even the games are mostly logic/puzzle type games and not time-eaters.

      However, your point is valid – our focus should be on stuff that adds a lot of value and games aren’t the best candidate for that.

  8. I’m a bit behind, but as soon as I saw your group was behind this I picked it up. Looking forward to trying it. Also looking forward to some non-game active content.

    1. Ray, Amazon have said that Kindle Apps will be expanding to outside the US at some future point of time. No idea when that’ll be but there’ll definitely be an update on the blog.

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