Lots of deals for Saturday morning, thanks for making Notepad a Hit

First, for your Kindle, here are some offers and deals –

  1. Giveaway of a Historical Novel – Freedom’s Sword by J. R. Tomlin.

    I’m doing a giveaway of review copies through 23 March! Just email me at jeanne5107@yahoo.com for a review copy.

    ***In 1296, newly knighted by the King of the Scots, Andrew de Moray fights to defend his country against the forces of the ruthless invader, King Edward Longshanks of England. After a bloody defeat in battle, he is dragged in chains to an English dungeon.

  2. Hater by David Moody. Price: $2.99. Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Survival, Horror, Zombie-Like. Rated 4 stars on 81 reviews. Soon to be a major motion picture produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by J. A. Bayona.

    *Starred Review* One day Danny McCoyne’s life tends toward the humdrum: job, family, the usual. The next day, suddenly, without warning or explanation, people are turning into killers, murdering their loved ones, attacking perfect strangers. Soon Danny is trying desperately to keep his family safe, while all around him society seems to be self-destructing, as ordinary men and women turn into animals, filled with hate and violence. This is a truly frightening book because, like Danny, we’re constantly scrambling to process what’s going on. Moody, who self-published the novel in 2006, writes as though his novel were a zombie movie, …

  3. Trojan Horse by David Lender. Price: $1. Genre: Spy Stories, Thriller, OPEC and CIA and Muslim Terrorists. Rated 5 stars on 21 reviews. This sounds like a super exciting book – An oil investor gets hired by a Saudi Prince for a deal, then runs into a beautiful CIA spy, and finally discovers a Muslim terrorist plot to bring down the Saudi royal family and destroy the world’s supply of oil.
  4. In the Bleak Midwinter by Julia Spencer-Fleming. Price: $2.99. Genre: Page Turner, Mystery, Murder Mystery. Rated 4.5 stars on 73 reviews.

    This first novel, winner of St. Martin’s Malice Domestic Award for 2001, introduces an unusual investigative partnership and a probable new series. Russ Van Alstyne, police chief of Millers Kill, and Clare Fergusson, new-to-town Episcopal priest, first meet when she reports a baby abandoned at the church. The two later discover the body of the baby’s young mother.

  5. The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin. Price: $2.99. Genre: Historical, Mystery. Rated 4 stars on 57 reviews.

    Goodwin, the author of a well-received history of the Ottoman Empire, Lords of the Horizons (1999), makes a welcome shift to fiction with this impressive first of a new mystery series set in the empire’s declining decades. In 1836, though the corrupt elite troops known as the Janissaries were crushed 10 years earlier, there are ominous signs that their influence still persists in the twisted alleys and secret places of Istanbul.

Macmillan is cutting the price of a few of its books to $2.99. Cracks in the Agency Model?

Thanks for Making Notepad a Hit

Notepad for Kindle is now at #26 in the Kindle Store. More importantly, Kindle owners love it –

  • 25 reviews: 24 5-star reviews, 1 4-star review.

And people are finding lots of ways of using the app. It’s like a dream as Kindle owners find uses we hadn’t even imagined – 

  1. Notes.
  2. Memos.
  3. Birthday Lists.
  4. Reading Lists.
  5. Lists of books in a series.
  6. Writing down book reviews.
  7. List of Things to Do.
  8. Grocery Lists and Shopping Lists.
  9. Doctors’ Appointments.
  10. List of Phone Numbers.
  11. As a diary.
  12. Create a note named `If Found, Return Here (` so that it shows up at the top when sorted alphabetically). Then, save your address and contact information in the note.

We are also compiling a list of suggestions and a few bugs. We’re waiting to get more feedback and then will prioritize requests and bugs and start work on a V1.1. I’ll share that list here.

Also, a ton of thanks to the various blogs and forums that have mentioned Notepad –

  1. Kindle World.
  2. Kindle Nation.
  3. Kindle Chronicles.
  4. Books on the Knob.
  5. I Love My Kindle.
  6. The Digital Reader.
  7. Randomize Me.
  8. Official Kindle Forum. 
  9. Kindle Boards
  10. MobileRead

And also thanks to all the other sites that have mentioned Notepad enthusiastically. And especially to Kindle owners who have been telling other Kindle owners.

12 thoughts on “Lots of deals for Saturday morning, thanks for making Notepad a Hit”

  1. I think it’s very simple why Notepad is a hit, it’s an extremely useful app. And the price was right of course 🙂

    And as for Macmilian dropping prices, the publishers do that occasionally for a bunch of their books. I’ve posted about WW Norton, HarperCollins and Zondervan doing it before for some books (usually ranging from 6-12). They never publicize it though, I just notice when the bargain books I’m looking at just all come from the same publisher.

  2. I really like notepad!

    I do have one suggestion for your next version- When a note is opened, the curser should be at the bottom of the note so that the user can write more without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

  3. The link to Amazon mentions Notepad, but with no pricing information, and a note that it is unavailable (perhaps to my part of the world?).

    Where and how can I get/buy a copy?

    1. Michael, currently apps are only available within the US. Amazon has said that it will make them available to Kindle owners in other countries at some later point of time.

  4. Switch’s list above links only to the home page of those sites, not to the specific threads within them that discuss Notepad. Here’s the list of links to the latter, in the same order as his (with the exception of the official Kindle forum, where there is only an incidental mention–so I’ve omitted it).

    I’m testing with only the first entry to see if WordPress will give me a “live” link for it:


  5. I’m very sorry Notepad isn’t available for me!!!
    It’s because I’m from Italy or because my Kindle is a Kindle 2, not the latest version?

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