Monday evening deals for your Kindle

For your Kindle, some deals courtesy the official Kindle forum and other sources –

  1. Leota’s Garden by Francine Rivers. Thanks to Happy Reader Joyce for catching this. Price: $0. Genre: Christian Fiction, Religious, Family Story. Rated 4 stars on 93 reviews.
  2. [Adding again for those who might have missed the Edit] Hitler’s Pre-Emptive War: The Battle for Norway, 1940 by Henrik O. Lunde. Price: $0. Genre: Historical, World War II, War. 
  3. Equilibrium (Portal Chronicles Book Two) by Imogen Rose. Price: $1. Genre: Time Travel, Science Fiction, Love & Romance, Teens + Children’s Books. The first book in the series, Portal, is also at $1. Both books are rated 4.5 stars on 32 and 142 reviews respectively.
  4. The Hanging Shed by Gordon Ferris. Price: $1.59. Genre: Scottish Noir, Thriller, Murder Mystery. Rated 5 stars on 4 reviews. Corvus had released this for the Kindle before the hardcover release – which is pretty cool.

    Glasgow, 1946: The last time Douglas Brodie came home it was 1942 and he was a dashing young warrior in a kilt. Now, the war is over but victory’s wine has soured and Brodie’s back in Scotland to try and save childhood friend Hugh Donovan from the gallows.

    Everyone thought Donovan was dead, shot down in the war. The man who returned was unrecognizable: mutilated, horribly burned. Donovan keeps his own company, only venturing out for heroin to deaden the pain of his wounds. When a local boy is found raped and murdered, there is only one suspect…

    Brodie trawls both the mean streets of the Gorbals and the green hills of western Scotland in their search for the truth.

  5. Dark Horse (Jim Knighthorse Series #1) by J. R. Rain. Price: $1. Genre: Detective Murder Mystery, Metaphysics & Spiritual, Male Stephanie Plum. Rated 4.5 stars on 19 reviews. Am putting this up for solely one reason – The cover says ‘#1 Bestselling Kindle Author’. That’s pretty cool. Will there come a day when #1 on the Kindle Bestsellers list means more than #1 on the NY Times Bestsellers list does?
  6. The Patriot Paradox by William Esmont. Price: $1. Genre: Espionage & Spy Stories, Fast Paced Thriller, Technothriller. Rated 4.5 stars on 12 reviews. This is jumping around the Movers and Shakers List like Chaka Demus & the Pliers.
  7. Run by Michaelbrent Collings. Price: $1. Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Horror. Rated 4 stars on 24 reviews. Knocking on the door of the Top 100.

Whoever wrote that Manic Monday song obviously never owned a Kindle.

Lendle gets shut down … or does it?

Lending Site Lendle.Me claims it is getting shut down. No, it’s not the Department of Decent Names. Apparently, Amazon will not give Lendle access to the Amazon API.

Let’s go through this again –

  1. User A comes over to Lendle and says – I have Books X, Y, and Z.
  2. User B comes over and says – I would like Y. I have Books K and Q.
  3. User A loans Book Y to User B, and gets Book Q in return.

Where is the need for Amazon’s API? Isn’t this supposed to be a crowd-powered thing?

The Lendle people are as upset as Lendl when he lost to Becker after that rain break. Perhaps they should stop depending on someone else’s API – it’s not as if the Amazon API is the only way in the world to go about this lending stuff. There might be something else – like a website with webpages that 50 million people a day access without using an API.

6 thoughts on “Monday evening deals for your Kindle”

  1. What is Amazon’s response to iPad 2?

    Will Amazon reduce the price of Kindle 3 (to $99) before the summer (or after the summer)?

    Will Amazon introduce Kindle 4 (basically K-3 with enhancements – but no color) by fall?

    Will Amazon introduce Android Tablet by Oct-Nov?

    What are your thoughts?

    1. AMazon’s response to iPad 2 will probably be a Kindle tablet.

      Yes, Amazon will almost certainly reduce Kindle WiFi to $99 by summer. Kindle 3 will not come down to $99. It will probably go from $189 to $149.

      Kindle 4 by fall is not out of the question. A bit unlikely. Perhaps by October. Feb 2012 seems far more likely.

      Yes, a Kindle Tablet by summer or fall seems pretty likely.

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