$299 Kindle DX Sale

Amazon is having a $299 Kindle DX sale today. The sale is on the Kindle DX 2 which has the eInk Pearl screen.

$299 is quite a good price – It amounts to a $80 saving on the regular price. It doesn’t make the Kindle DX a steal, but it certainly puts it into the ‘decent value for money’ category.

Here’s more on the Kindle DX 2 –

  1. Kindle DX 2 Photos
  2. Kindle DX 2 Video.

Pros & Cons of the Kindle DX 2

There are quite a few pros –

  1. Large 9.7″ screen.
  2. eInk Pearl screen which is great for reading and readable in bright sunlight.
  3. Good Battery Life – 2 to 3 weeks with wireless off and 7 days with wireless on. 
  4. The larger screen makes it better for reading PDFs and websites. 
  5. Free 3G wireless which covers store browsing,downloading books you buy, and browsing the Internet via a basic web browser.
  6. Free wireless in 100+ countries. Please note that this global wireless feature is available only for US customers.
  7. Accelerometer.
  8. Text to Speech.
  9. Super Size Fonts.
  10. The Kindle Store – the best range of new books and the best prices (except for Agency Model books which are the same price everywhere).

There are also quite a few cons –

  1. The Kindle DX 2 doesn’t have a lot of the physical upgrades the Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi have – It’s missing WiFi, the month-long battery life is missing, and there is no secret built-in microphone.
  2. Kindle DX 2 is also missing a lot of the software improvements/additions the Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi have including Voice Guide, PDF reader improvements (notes etc.), and the new web browser. 
  3. It’s quite heavy. It weighs 18.9 ounces which means you can’t really hold it in your hands for too long before your arms get tired.
  4. It’s a bit awkward. The awkwardness is due to the size – 10.4″ by 7.2″ by 0.38″. The thinness is impressive but the large width and height make the Kindle DX 2 difficult to hold and carry.
  5. Value for Money isn’t as good as the Kindle WiFi – even at the $299 price.
  6. No support for ePub or library books.
  7. Publishers have control over whether Text to Speech and Lending are enabled for a book.

At $299 the Kindle DX is a good option if you’re looking for a large-screen reading device. However, it’s not yet an absolute must-get.

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