Kindle Tablet + Kindle Phone rumors, kindle free books & deals

First, for your Kindle, some free books and deals –

  1. Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone. Price: $0. Genre: Literary Fiction, Daredevil Pilots & Wild Goose Chases, Exuberant. Rated 3.5 stars on 53 reviews. 
  2. The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle by Joan O’Keefe and James O’Keefe MD. Price: $0. Genre: Wholesome Diet, Holistic Mind-Body approach. Rated 5 stars on 11 reviews. 
  3. Knots, Splices, and Rope Work (Illustrated) by A. Hyatt Verrill. Price: $0. Genre: Tying yourself up in knots, Become a Sailor. Rated 4.5 stars on 4 reviews. This is a cool book. 
  4. Philosophy: An Innovative Introduction – Fictive Narrative, Primary Texts, and Responsive Writing by Charles Johnson and Michael Boylan. Price: $1 (down from $50). Genre: Philosophy, Narrative & Philosophical Discourses, If You Want to be a Philosopher – Write Novels. Rated 5 stars on 1 review.

Next, let’s look at some delicious rumors (which actually make a lot of sense to me).

Kindle Tablet + Kindle Phone + Kindle Family

Android & Me is getting everyone all excited about the possibility that Amazon has an entire family of Kindle devices ready for release (all based on Android).

  1. Large Screen Kindle Tablet – Probably 10″ to take on iPad.
  2. Small Screen Kindle Tablet – Probably 7″ to take on Nook Color.
  3. Kindle Phone.

This is what Android & Me says about the Kindle Tablet & Kindle Family of devices

Most of the Android apps in Amazon’s app store are designed for the normal smart phone screen size, so it makes sense they would bring to market a device with a 4 inch display. Their Kindle e-reader currently ships in 6 and 9.7 inch versions and I believe that would be the target size for any tablets.

There hasn’t been much talk about it, but I also believe Amazon might explore a set-top box running Google TV.

Another interesting detail is the claim that insider sources told the blogger that Amazon will use a Pixel Qi display. His gut says it’ll be Qualcomm Mirasol. My gut feeling is that it will be Qualcomm Mirasol – though B&N might beat Amazon to the punch by releasing a Nook Something on May 24th.

Why Amazon is almost certainly working on both Kindle Tablet and Kindle Phone

Consider the pattern –

  1. First sell books, then sell everything else.
  2. First sell cloud hosting, then sell all sorts of cloud services.
  3. First sell in the US, then sell everywhere else.

Further proof that this is in Amazon’s DNA – Slide 4 in the SlideDeck attached to this post about How/Why Amazon dominates eCommerce.

These are some of the companies Amazon owns or has a big stake in –,,, BuyVIP, Shelfari, Living Social, Woot, Digital Photography Review, Zappos,, Alexa, Audible,, Fabric. com, CreateSpace, CDNow, Stanza, ShopBop, Javari, AbeBooks.

Add on its subsidiaries in various countries (including UK, China, France, Italy, Canada, and Japan) and you have a true giant with a strategy of non-stop expansion. Amazon is like a kid in a candy store – Is it really going to be able to resist making a Kindle Phone?

Let’s imagine everything the Kindle means to Amazon:

  1. That it can do hardware and succeed with it.
  2. That it can create something – and not just sell things other people make.
  3. That it can create beautiful things.
  4. That it has a direct channel to customers.
  5. That it can weed out all the middle-men. Can you imagine the amount of money Amazon pays Google to get search engine traffic? It’s doubly painful that a lot of those people wanted to go to Amazon anyways. If the Kindle continues to grow, and Kindle Tablet and Kindle Phone take-off, then Amazon can just tell Google to get lost. It can stop worrying about Facebook and Twitter and all the other sites it depends on.

With the Kindle and Kindle Phone and Kindle tablet – The relationship between Amazon and its customers goes from a long-distance one to a marriage.

This is a company that delays gratification so much it gets gratification out of delaying gratification. There’s no conceivable way it would stop at the Kindle. Kindle Tablet and Kindle Phone must have been planned right from the start. The Kindle Mafia entered via a market that was not served at all – a market that Amazon understood very well. But it was just the beginning.

Now that millions of Kindles are being sold – Would Amazon really make only one solitary Kindle Tablet and leave it at that?

It’s inconceivable. Amazon is bound to have a family of Kindle devices in the works. Android & Me has hit the nail right on the head. First books, then everything. First Kindle, then every type of device.

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  1. I like to visit websites where you can enter the giveaways and contests to win (not free) an e-book for my eReader! Some of them are very nice looking and easy navigate, which is a BIG plus when you go MOBILE :). My favorites are ThriftyReads and PixelofInk, what are yours? Where do you go for cheap reads?

    ~ Sorilla

  2. Amazon also has a new website called I’d be excited to see what they’d offer in a phone – my contract expires this fall!

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