Tuesday night offers for your Kindle

For your Kindle, a few interesting offers and deals –

  1. The Dogs of Rome by Conor Fitzgerald. Price: $0. Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Police Series set in Italy. Rated 4 stars on 17 reviews. Publishers Weekly thinks it’s ‘impressively plotted’ and Booklist says its ‘a smooth blend of a corrupt bureaucracy and a flawed, world-weary hero’. It’s free – download first, ask questions later.
  2. The Lens & The Looker (Book 1 of the Verona Trilogy) by Lory S. Kaufman and Lou Aronica. Price: $0. Genre: Science Fiction, The Perfect Society, Kids from 2347 stuck in 1347 Verona. Rated 4 stars on 7 reviews.
  3. The Blood-stained Belt by Brian H. Jones and Elaine Cornwell. Price: $0. Genre: Historical Fantasy, Power Corrupts. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. Found courtesy eReaderIQ.
  4. 3 Fitness Apps from Nickel Buddy are on sale for $1 each. The three are – My Yoga Studio (Yoga postures), Anywhere Abs (ab exercises), and Anywhere Legs (leg exercises). Found courtesy Kindle App News.
  5. Apes’ Mom at MobileRead has a list of discounted books in the Kindle Store (all published by Harper Collins).

Offers from outside the Kindle Store –

  1. How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen. Price: $0. Genre: Magical World of Myrth, The Dragon Ruuan of Myrth, A Princess (Obviously, who’s ever heard of dragon stories that don’t involve princesses). This is free at Kobo and you can get their reading app or Adobe Digital Editions to read it.
  2. Something Better by Gail R. Delany. Price: $0. Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance. Also ePub, also requires an ePub reader or an ePub reading app.

That’s it for now.

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