64 free kindle books for your Kindle including 62 how to guides

First, let’s look at the 62 How-To guides from Vook:

There are 62 How To Guides from Vook available in the Kindle Store for free. They cover lots of things including the following topics –

Networking, Being Assertive, Office Politics, Business Presentations, Office 2010, High Performance Teams, Be a CEO, Manage Your Boss, Ace the Job Interview, Outsmart Your business Competitors, Motivate Your Employees, Manage Difficult Employees.

Six Pack Abs, Post-workout meals, Evening Yoga, Hotel Room Workout, Great Back in Six Weeks, Beach Body in Six Weeks, Belly Fat Blaster, Get a Ripped Chest in Six Weeks, Burn a Pound of Fat a Week, Break Up Your Gym Routine, The Only Running Guide You’ll Ever Need. 

 iPad 2 tricks, Tips and Tricks for iMovie.

Speed Dating, Online Dating, Beauty Secrets.

Lay a hardwood floor.

Teach Your Kids to Behave, Talk to Your Kids About Drugs, Your Baby’s First Year, Massive Guns in Six Weeks, Caring for Your Toddler, Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol, Dad’s Guide to Newborns, DIY Organic Baby Food, Prepare for PreSchool.

Southern Cooking.

Next, we have two more free offers:

  1. ManVentions by Bobby Mercer.
  2. Dude, You’re Gonna be a Dad by John Pfeiffer. A book on Fatherhood and handling Pregnancy.

Thanks to Happy Reader Joyce for catching all 64 books. It’s surprising to see the rate at which Vook is publishing vooks/books.

3 thoughts on “64 free kindle books for your Kindle including 62 how to guides”

  1. Please could you share your current views on the following:

    – Should one wait for Kindle 4 (a lighter than Kindle 3)? If so, when do you realistically expect it to be available? Or, do you suggest that Kindle 3 is the lightest one we will have? Thus, get it if that issue (light-weight) is important.

    – Should one assume that the next Kindle will only be the Kindle T (for tablet). Now, Amazon is focused on that due to iPad. Thus, Kindle 3 is the best option for now and for next year or so.

    – Amazon may compete with Nook color and release Amazon Color. This may not be lighter than K3. It is not clear.

    In sum: K3 is the best option now and in coming year; the next device is Kindle T. Forget about Kindle 4.

    Do you agree? Thanks, Ali.

    1. Ali, I would get the Nook Touch at the moment. It’s the best eReader and it’s very cheap.
      If you need 3G wireless (i.e. Wifi doesn’t cover your needs) then wait for Kindle 3.

      1. You mean Kindle 4 (or Kindle 3)? I have Kindle app on my iPhone 3. I also have a Kindle book (only two purchased)? Do you still recommend a Nook? Can one move Kindle format to Nook format?

        Will Kindle 4 (is this true) or Kindle T (of course, true) when released will be lighter than Nook or smaller than Nook?

        I am interested in an e-reader (not an iPad) that is smaller and lighter (so I can carry it around) but also is compatible to Kindle format? Is this even possible with Nook Touch?

        Thanks, Ali.

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