An interesting sounding free offer for Sunday

For your Kindle, courtesy Happy Reader Joyce (who else), we get –

  • Bone Rattler: A Mystery of Colonial America by Eliot Pattison. Price: $0. Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery. Rated 3.5 stars on 22 reviews. Starred Review from Publishers Weekly. Author won the Edgar Award for another novel. It’s also free in Canada and perhaps elsewhere.

Much as the thought of sponsored screensavers makes me feel like Ahab adrift on a piece of plywood after Moby Dick’s rampage, it’s hard not to feel a little left out –

Update: Please Note that you can only get this offer if you bought a Kindle with Special Offers – the one that has sponsored screensavers (ads instead of screensavers). I don’t own one so don’t know how to take advantage of the offer if you own one – just email or call Amazon customer support.

  • Until June 21st, Kindle Special Offer owners get a $20 gift card for $10. Thanks to someone at the official kindle forum for pointing this out.
  • Update: Thanks to Steve we find out that there is also an offer if you are buying power tools – $20 off $30 in purchases of Power & Hand Tools.

By the way – this is the second time this offer has been handed out. It is, quite literally, free money. They should just call the Kindle SO the Kindle with Free Money.

3 thoughts on “An interesting sounding free offer for Sunday”

  1. There is another special offer of $20 off $30 in purchases of Power & Hand Tools. More free money if you need anything tool-related.

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