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We’re very happy to ship our latest app for you:

Tips for Kindle – 133 Kindle Tips

It’s just $1 and here’s what you get for your $1 –

  1. 133 Kindle Tips. These are the best Kindle Tips I’ve found over the course of 3.5 years of blogging about the Kindle and searching through tips Kindle owners have shared. You will definitely find some real gems – regardless of your experience level with your Kindle.
  2. The Ability to add your own Kindle Tips. It’s a living breathing collection of Kindle Tips and you can add whatever great Kindle tips you find from other sources to have one handy reference.
  3. The Option to Select and Export Favorites. Choose your favorite Kindle Tips out of the ones included and the ones you add. Then view only those or export them in text format and read them on your computer or print them out.
  4. Slideshow Mode. You can watch a slideshow of the included tips, of your added tips, or of your favorites. There are three speeds and icons to indicate the speed and which section you are in.
  5. Usability enhancements – Two font sizes, lots of shortcuts, in-app help, downloadable help files at the Kindle Tips App Help Page. Open the Kindle Tips App and every time you get a different Featured Tip.

It’s basically a Kindle Tip & Tricks living list that you can carry on your Kindle and which will help you get the most out of your Kindle. The best Kindle Tips from us are included – and whatever you find yourself or on the Internet you can add in yourself.

What Kindle Tips is Not

  1. It’s not a Journal or a Notepad or a Flash Cards App.
  2. It’s not focused on free kindle books. Simply refer to the Free Kindle Books section of my blog if you want daily updates on offers and deals in the Kindle store.
  3. It only has 133 Kindle Tips that are stable and tested and secure. There’s nothing here that’s about hacking or removing DRM.
  4. It is not a User Guide. Please refer to the excellent Kindle User Guide.
  5. It is not a book. It only works on Kindles and not on Reading Apps.
  6. It is not a wireless email app or wireless syncing app. You cannot wirelessly sync with other Kindles. You can copy over the particular file that stores your tips (more on that later) but there is not wireless syncing.
  7. There’s no emailing because developers have to cover the cost of wireless usage and if we add email then it means that the price can’t be $1.

It’s also not free because it took a lot of effort to code all the features and find all the Kindle tips and we can’t sell it for less than it cost to make. We think $1 is a steal for 133 of the best Kindle Tips in an app that you can add your own tips to. Not to mention you get a slideshow mode which is very handy.

Where to get Help for Tips for Kindle

Please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at For both suggestions and help these are the two best places.

Our Kindle App Blog has help including Downloable Kindle Tips App Help files in PDF and Word and Kindle format. It will get more help posts soon.

If you like the app please leave a review at Amazon and tell your friends. That would be a big help as a $1 price doesn’t leave much room for marketing costs.

Tips for Kindle – Credits

Andriy Kanyuka (Developer) – Tips for Kindle is a light, elegant app with some very useful features thanks mainly to Andriy’s coding skills. It’s really impressive to get a pretty app with 133 Kindle Tips, slideshow mode, and favorites in a light 150 kb package. Plus, everything is quick and intuitive.

Maurine Lee (Quality) – Maurine is responsible for the app being high quality and usable and out. She’s also done the excellent help documentation which you can download and read on your PC or Kindle.

Sergey Reva (Test) – Lots of testing and finding bugs so we don’t have to stumble through the app. Lots of useful suggestions too.

Digant Bhatt and Sergey Shevchenko (Design) – We really like the design and hope you like it too. And the icons and the fact that it’s still fast to load.

Jennifer Merkley – For suggesting the Slideshow Feature. It adds a lot to the app.

Amazon Kindle App Team and Andrea – For pushing us to make more than just a simple list of Tips. Which led to the feature of being able to add your own tips and select favorites and added motivation to implement Jennifer’s idea of a Slideshow Feature. Also for making sure all 133 tips were tested and safe and actually valuable (which is why ‘Use your Kindle as a Butter Knife’ didn’t make it in).

Official Kindle Forum and the Contributors – Excellent Tips and just a great spirit. People like Happy Reader Joyce and Emily Bronte and Bufo Calvin and Andrys and the ones contributing at the Discounted Books Thread and the Tips Thread help make the Kindle ecosystem better and happier. A ton of credit to all of them for finding and sharing such great Kindle tips.

Kindle Superstar Bloggers – Andrys at Kindle World and Bufo at I Love My Kindle. They keep writing about the Kindle and spreading Tips. Special thanks to Andrys as quite a few really good tips were first found via her blog.

Happy Reader Joyce – For her daily Free Kindle Books posts.

Me (Abhi) – Program Manager. I still don’t know what that really means. Perhaps just to make sure other people aren’t blocked by random things.

Google – For putting sites that steal this blog’s posts above this blog in the Search Rankings and forcing us to find other ways to reach and help Kindle owners.

Please let us know your suggestions and any tips you might find. The Tips would be especially appreciated. We’re looking forward to making the app better but no promises on when an update will come out.

Thanks to Nate the Great at The Digital Reader for mentioning the app already.

19 thoughts on “Kindle Tips App – Tips for Kindle”

  1. I just ordered the new Kindle tips app. I am sure I will like it. But I have been curious–who are you–“Me-Program manager”? How about a name!

      1. Still don’t have a clue if you’re a guy or girl. 🙂 There are so many Anns in this world, that I stick with the nationality of my last name. My Irish grandfather was born in Liverpool.

        I’m glad that I haven’t tried to use TTS if the voices are so bad. Thanks for the warning!

  2. When will Kindle enable us to change the ghastly voices? We can buy voices for sat nav devices why not the Kindle? I use it daily whilst travelling to work. It would be so much better than the computerised voices.

    1. Margaret, no idea when TTS will be improved or when the option to add additional voices will be added.

      Its a tough area because if Amazon makes very good voices publishers might start turning off the Text to Speech feature more and more.

  3. I only use a Kindle reader so can’t try your app. But it’s a shame the only 2 reviews on Amazon are not very good! Hopefully the readers on this blog if they feel otherwise will take the time to leave a good review to offset those.

    1. Thanks Mary. Hopefully people find the app useful and leave reviews.

      Talked with the reviewer who found the error and it turns out to not be related to the app and now Tips for Kindle works fine for her. So that just leaves one bad review. For the ‘there are no hacks in this’ review there’s not much we can do. I doubt any company would allow an app that talks about how to hack the device.

      The App is also aimed at every day Kindle owners (and not technical ones) so it would be self-defeating to try to walk them through installing Duokan as an alternate Kindle Operating System when there really isn’t very much need for it and it requires a decent amount of technical understanding.

      Out of the 133 tips there are lots of things (such as highlighting across pages, checking the date and time, optimizing battery life, good places/links at Amazon, etc.) that should be new for 90% of Kindle owners.

      It’s a combination of all the tips posts I’ve done over the years and a further 30+ hours of searching through forums and blogs and sites and it would surprise me if –

      1) A person would want to spend that much time themselves instead of just using a convenient app.
      2) A person already knew all of those.

      On the other hand, I can understand why someone who likes to hack the Kindle and go as far as replacing the entire Operating System might find it not very exciting to learn about just normal useful tips. She probably knows all of that and/or finds it simple.

      To be absolutely frank – there are a lot of very interesting tips in there and I’d be very surprised if at least 95% of Kindle owners didn’t find some very useful Tips in the App. Plus you get to add your own tips and view them as a slideshow.

      1. The thing that initially confused me was the part about “7 Dragons.” I couldn’t find it mentioned on this blog and thought maybe the link for “Tips for Kindle” was broken. Once that was cleared up, I bought the app. I’ve only looked at a couple of the tips and they were things I had already figured out. However, if there is only one tip in the app that is of use to me (and I’m sure there will be many more than that), it will have been worth it.

        A side benefit was that in doing all the looking, I found the Notepad app. Most of the books on my kindle are in text format as downloaded from Project Gutenberg. [Don’t know if this is of any importance, but I have 1,500 books in text format from PG and 150 books In Kindle format from Amazon.] i was trying (without success) to figure out a way to type into a blank text file. Notepad proved to be EXACTLY what I was wanting.

        Thank you for a couple of great apps!

      2. I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean to go back and do it now. Amazon lists the title as “7 Dragons Tips for Kindle.” For me, if the title had been the same in both places it would have been less confusing. I know most people don’t deal with the brain fog of MS, so I may have been the only one who was confused by the difference.

        And it does have its bright side! If I had not spent time trying to figure out if they were the same, I probably wouldn’t have found Notepad which is proving to be exactly what I needed.

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