Kindle Library Lending starts Beta in Seattle

The Kindle is now getting a Beta of the Library Lending program in Seattle. Thanks to ThePogue for the scoop – it seems that Kindle Library Lending might arrive sooner rather than later.

Briar Dudley’s Blog in The Seattle Times has the scoop –

A beta test version of the service now being offered by the Seattle Public Library and King County Library System, which are letting people select and place holds on Kindle versions of books.

“We launched yesterday,” said Marsha Iverson, spokeswoman for the county library.

Early reports seem to suggest it isn’t very smooth. The one thing that seemed annoying is advertisements to buy books on the last page of the checkout process. Free Library Lending with Special Offers?

8 thoughts on “Kindle Library Lending starts Beta in Seattle”

  1. Aside from the standard attempts at upselling along the way, I thought the process was ok. Certainly more clicks than I would like…but how can I complain when I’m reading a book and never had to leave my chair? It will be interesting to see how smoothly the end-of-lending process goes in 21 days. With luck, I’ll remember to follow up here in the comments.

  2. I checked out three books with no problem yesterday. The checkout pipeline takes you to Amazon where you actually download the book. Then it takes you to the page Amazon always takes you after you have bought something. And that page recommends other books for you to buy. I imagine that is why Amazon agreed to the whole thing in the first place. They store your kindle lending data and that information goes into making your future recommendations.

  3. The ‘buy a book option’ has been part of the Overdrive system for some time, and is easily ignored – why is this a problem? Some might use the option if they NEED the book immediately, rather than wait 3 weeks or longer for a chance to borrow one of the 2 digital copies vailable at this library’s site.

    I search my library’s Overdrive digital collection yielded an audio book:
    Title: ‘Your selection’
    Author: x
    ISBN: #########
    Publisher: ?????

    Available copies: 0 (1 patron(s) on waiting list)
    Library copies: 2
    Average rating:
    My rating:

    OverDrive WMA Audiobook
    place a hold
    join waiting list

    Want to own this title? ‘Buy it Now’ at LibraryBIN – a digital bookstore that serves public libraries!

  4. Patti, I googled to see if I could find a directory of libraries that loan e-books. There isn’t such a list that I could find, but there are sites where you can search for libraries in specific locations. Our library here in Charlotte, NC has library e-book lending, but there is nothing that would work on a Kindle.

    In the process of looking for the above information, I ran across a site that is an listing of 30+ best websites where free e-books can be obtained. Awesome is about the only word that I can think of to describe it. The URL is:

    I’ve bookmarked it to explore when I have more time.

    1. Given that that list is missing both Baen and Gutenberg, and that many of them (although I did not click through) look like they might well be scammer/pirate sites (the ones I knew of like scribd tend to be pretty full of pirated books), I wouldn’t rely too much on it.

  5. I had never heard of Baen. Checked it out. I’m not into SF, and SF is usually not included on most general book lists.

    I think that most people know that they need to use caution and common sense with any website that they go to. Any site that is mostly a list to other sites is only as reliable as the people compiling the list. Unfortunately, many people don’t care if a book that they want is pirated.

    The one site on the list that I do trust is the Online Books Page, because I know that John works very hard to make sure that all links that he posts lead to legit books. I submit a lot of suggestions to him, but they all come from Project Gutenberg.

    Since getting the Kindle, I no longer go looking for more books. I found the link I posted when looking something up for someone. I have about 5,000 books on my computer most downloaded from Project Gutenberg. I mostly look for books that will complete juvenile book series that I have.

    I don’t keep the books forever. Once I read them, I delete them. That’s why I stick with free books.

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