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Kindle Fire is the name for the new Kindle Tablet. Kindle Fire supposedly distinguishes it from the plain old Kindle.

Whatever you might think of ‘Kindle Fire’ as a name, Amazon deserves major kudos for choosing a short name.

Full details at the Kindle Fire Kindle Tablet post.

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Thanks to TechCrunch who revealed this huge Kindle Fire scoop (tomorrow’s huge scoop is what the name of the cover for the Kindle Tablet will be – and no, it’s not Kindle Fire Extinguisher).

Kindle Fire shall be –

  1. Ready to ship in the second week of November. This again suggests that Kindle Fire is trying to steal the Nook Color 2’s thunder and acclaim. Why announce Kindle Fire an entire 7 weeks before ship date?
  2. Kindle Fire will be a 7″ backlit Tablet.
  3. It’s manufactured by Quanta – the same company that designed the PlayBook from BlackBerry (which isn’t exactly good news).
  4. Kindle Fire has a custom version of Android. Which is supposedly built on Android 2.1.
  5. It comes with lots and lots of magazines.
  6. There are strong rumors that there will be a free membership to Amazon’s Prime Movie Streaming Service (not clear whether Prime shipping will be included or not).
  7. Amazon signed a deal with Fox for movies and TV shows this past weekend and that means shows like Arrested Development will be available.
  8. Kindle Fire has a Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP chip.

Overall, it seems almost certain that Amazon will reveal the Kindle Fire Kindle Tablet on Wednesday and that it will go head to head against Nook Color 2.

Kindle Fire vs Nook Color 2

What do we know so far?

Kindle Tablet is called Kindle Fire. Nook Color 2 is code-named Encore and Acclaim (there are supposedly two models – thanks to Nate at The Digital Reader for the scoop). The lower end model with be $249 and the higher end model will be $349.

Kindle Fire will probably compete directly with the $249 lower-end Nook Color 2.

Both will have 7″ screens. Both will retail at $249.

Kindle Fire supposedly doesn’t have an email client. Nook Color 2 will have an in-built email client (Nook Color 1 does, and B&N aren’t likely to remove it).

Kindle Fire arrives in mid November. Nook Color 2 arrives in mid October. Both of these are rumored dates.

The $349 Nook Color 2 might be a gaming Tablet and it might be the same one GameStop (a spin-off from B&N) is testing.

Side Note: No news on Kindle 4. B&N is, supposedly, also releasing a new eInk based eReader.

Kindle Fire or Nook Color 2 – Which looks more promising?

It’s really hard to say.

Nook Color 2 is a second generation device. It also has a higher end model that might be anything – higher screen resolution, more power, a different focus than reading.

Kindle Fire might come with a free Prime account and that would mean free 2-day delivery from Amazon. At the minimum it will come with free streaming video service from Amazon.

It seems that Amazon might release a Tablet that is more of a connection to and to Amazon’s services like Kindle Store and MP3 Store. B&N might go with a $249 model that continues the Nook Color 1 tradition of being a Reading Tablet.

The wild card is the $349 Nook Color 2. Will B&N be bold enough to create a general purpose Tablet? I think it will.

Kindle Fire vs Nook Color 2 might be just one part of what happens this holiday season. B&N, with its $349 higher end Nook Color 2 model, promises to make things far more interesting than just a battle of Reading Tablets.

11 thoughts on “Kindle Fire Kindle Tablet”

    1. The development of E-ink continues to be glacial. Nobody wants to say it, but the explanation is the decline of American manufacturing. Much of the delay involves setting up manufacturing for new displays in countries like China and Taiwan. But why do such hi-tech technologies need to manufactured overseas to begin with?

      1. Agreed. Was reading about this pen being made via a Kickstarter project and they were talking about a delay because they had problems with their manufacturers in China. When a Kickstarter project is going to manufacture pens in China it’s a sad day.

        At some point you have to have more than just marketing and ideas and spin and hedge funds. It would help if the other skillsets were also kept in-house and not farmed out.

  1. Based on what I have read, I’m glad that I didn’t wait for Amazon and, instead, bought a refurbished iPad from Apple. This release has a “get something out the door already!” feel to it. The second Kindle tablet will be likely the first one worth getting.

    I’m excited about the Kindle 4, though. I’ll pre-order mine the day it’s announced.

  2. Kindle Fire? Srsly? Well.. I suppose we’ll get used to it. Kindle Tablet was too generic to register as a trademark?

    I’m sort of hoping Fire is just the internal codename for the development of the new Kindle Tablet product.

    “It’s manufactured by Quanta – the same company that designed the PlayBook from BlackBerry (which isn’t exactly good news).”

    That’s not really good or bad news one way or the other. Quanta manufactures quite a large percentage of consumer electronics — if it’s not FoxConn, it’s Quanta, and after that the really small fry start showing up. Also, the PlayBook is a tablet with excellent hardware, according to all the reviews. They just forgot to put any software on it, which is not the manufacturer’s fault.

  3. I think it’s going to be too small to really hit that magazine and graphic novel niche that I’m wanting to scratch. I think 10″ is kind of the minimum. Also, it’s not eink. So, might as well buy a larger display with Android which will run Amazon’s software anyways.

    I’m no psychic, but I foresee its doom.

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