Midnight Edition of the Free Kindle Books Express

First, Kindle Daily Deal – West of the Tularosa by Louis L’Amour. Price: $1. Genre: Western, Louis L’Amour. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. 270 pages.

Next, courtesy Happy Reader Joyce and eReaderIQ, some free kindle books –

Love Wins Companion: A Study Guide for Those Who Want to Go Deeper by Rob Bell. Genre: Christian, Spiritual. 224 pages.

Power for Life: Keys to a life marked by the presence of God by Matt Sorger. Genre: Religious, Spirituality. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. 1.7 MB in size.

Straw House by Daniel Nayen. Genre: Western, Children’s Fiction. 473 kb in size. It’s ‘a profoundly allegorical cutting-edge novella’. The plain English translation of which is – ‘run away as fast as you can’. It does have a pretty cover.


12 thoughts on “Midnight Edition of the Free Kindle Books Express”

  1. Probably off topic: I liked your “old” former version of email (flush left, top), because I was able to zoom it (a lot) so I can read it without straining my eyes. Your “new” format centers the email in the middle of my page, and will only zoom a bit, not really enough for me to read it comfortably.

    1. Jackie,

      A friend taught me the secret to dealing with that problem. Open the e-mail to read and click forward. You don’t need to actually forward it, but in the new window the text will be large and easy to read. If it isn’t large enough, use Ctrl + A to select the whole message. Then go up to the font size box and increase the size of the text. (You can only do that in the forward window. It doesn’t work in the read window.)

      I’ve been having to use this in the last 24 hours as the text in e-mails from Amazon is almost microscopic and impossible to read.

    2. Also, off topic, I was going to post a reply to Jackie. I typed out the reply when I clicked post I got a wordpress error message saying that I was posting too quickly and it wouldn’t post. It was the only post I had made today. So I backed up and tried again. That time the error message said, “You’ve already posted that message.” The message did not get posted. Don’t know if this one will.

  2. My “new” version is almost unbearable. I have to scroll down for at least 5 seconds, then scroll in for 1-2 secs before I even see any text.

  3. Hi, I cannot “see” your emails for the last two days. The message area is gray colored but blank. If I hit reply your web site link comes up and then I access the site. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all the books.


  4. I don’t get any text at all – in order to see the email I have to hit the “reply” button and then of course the links don’t work. The subject line has formatting for special characters (a capital A with an accent) instead of spaces. It’s horrible!

  5. Suddenly I am getting only a very large blank blue background and no text in the email notices of free books. ALL other emails come in correctly. The ONLY emails affected are the free book notifications. Anyone know what’s up?

  6. A possible solution for this problem is to subscribe to the RSS feed instead of getting e-mails. The link is at the top left. You can subscribe to posts or comments or both. I get both. They are coming through same as always and are working properly.

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