$99 Kindle Touch – available for preorder

The $99 Kindle Touch is now available for preorder. It ships November 21st, 2011.

Kindle Touch is here and it’s just $99

Mr. Bezos introduces the Kindle Touch.

  1. It has an IR Touch System.
  2. There’s something called Easy Reach. So the Tap Areas for various functions like Previous Page and Next Page and Menu are different and supposedly easier.
  3. The lack of physical buttons is disconcerting.
  4. A new contextual reading feature called X-Ray. It takes information from Shelfari.
  5. Built-in Wikipedia – Now it’s stored on your Kindle Touch.
  6. Mr. Bezos talking about what would happen if Kindle were $99. Will Kindle Touch be less than $100?
  7. Yes, Kindle Touch is $99. That’s a very impressive price.

Various Interesting Snippets from Kindle Tablet Event

Pre-conference thoughts.

  1. The $199 price for the Kindle Fire got leaked around 15 minutes before the event actually started.
  2. The $99 Kindle price got leaked too – though the claims were $79.
  3. Reports that B&N’s Nook Color has been cut to $224 to compete. However, I don’t find it on their site.
  4. Two point multi-touch screen. For comparison the iPad has 10-point multi-touch. On the other hand, Kindle Fire is just $199.
  5. It’s WiFi based with no 3G.
  6. There is no camera

Note: There’s some funny business going on at Amazon with Kindle related links. So new Kindles are likely to be here. There are rumors of a $79 Kindle.

Thanks to TechCrunch for some of the details of the Kindle Fire.

Jeff Bezos on why he thinks Kindle is working:

because Kindle is an end-to-end service, and I believe it is because we have been inventing and improving that service at a rapid pace for the last four years.”

Apparently that rapid pace doesn’t apply to the screen technology.

There was a graph shown of Kindle Books catching up with physical book sales in just 3 years.

First 12 or so minutes is all rehashing what we all already know. Even the Graph isn’t really new news.

Then, long section on Kindle Touch – listed above.

Well, there are two more Kindles.

Kindle Touch 3G for $149

Kindle Touch with 3G. $50 more.

$79 Kindle

This is the big deal. The really big deal.

  1. It’s for people who don’t need Touch. It doesn’t have a keyboard.
  2. It ships today. You can get the $79 Kindle at Amazon.
  3. It is less than six ounces in weight. 5.98 to be precise.
  4. Extra Long Battery Life – No specifics yet.
  5. Free Storage in the Amazon Cloud.
  6. Most Advanced eInk Display – presumably that means eInk Pearl.
  7. 18% smaller than Kindle 3.
  8. Faster page turns. Page turn buttons and no keyboard.

The price just destroys the competition. $79 is unreal. $99 for the Kindle Touch is pretty unreal too.

10 thoughts on “$99 Kindle Touch – available for preorder”

  1. Echoing my own response in the comments of the article on the Kindle *Fire* – woo hoo. This settles it for me and it’s KOBO TOUCH all the way with a little help from my friend apprentice alf and calibre e-book management for my legally paid for but DRM constipated Amazon titles. Happy reading.

      1. Ranjit Suresh said, “Why is this worth posting more than once?”

        Why was it worth it to you to respond to it? 😉

        But to answer you’re question, my similar comment was on a different but related post thread. Happy reading Ranjit.

  2. Interesting announcements today.

    Does the Kindle Touch have some sort of touchscreen keyboard? Lack of a keyboard on the $79 really jumped out at me. Taking notes is one of those things that makes reading on my Kindle 2 better than reading a paper book after all.

    And what about battery life on the new touches? I often take my kindle camping / backpacking so battery life is key.

    1. The product description says that touchscreen lets you take notes quickly and easily.
      It also claims two month battery life when wireless if off and if you read half an hour per day.

      1. Two months at half an hour per day? So battery life stays exactly the same, except they moved to the Nook’s metric instead of their own one month at one hour per day.

      2. At 5 minutes a day, they could plausibly claim a year. That’s 6 times the two month one. But who reads, every day, but only for five minutes?

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