Kindle Review Email Subscriptions

The underlying platform made some changes to the Email Format and it’s causing some problems for some of us.

Here are the options:

Standard WordPress Subscriptions

The best option if the new email format is working for you: Use the Email Subscription option that comes with WordPress.

Kindle Review WordPress Email Subscription (Click on the button that says ‘Free Email Updates’).

If that link doesn’t take you to the button – There is a link to the right of any of the pages at the blog that says: Email Updates. And there is a ‘Free Email Updates’ button.

You can choose whether you want ‘instant’ emails or daily or weekly.

If emails are not working for you

You can either wait until WordPress fixes the Email Errors (which depends on them, not on me – so no ETA). Or you can switch to one of the below options.

New Subscription Options

I’ve added two new options. Please be patient as I’m new at this. Just send me an email at booksummit at ymail dot com or leave a comment if it doesn’t work for you.

Option 1: Kindle Review Free Book Emails.

Get Instant Emails whenever there is a post about New $0 Books. You can enter your email at this page and it will subscribe you. You will have to confirm the email subscription. Then you can unsubscribe from WordPress.

The Format etc. are under work so leave a comment if something doesn’t work for you.

Option 2: Kindle Review All Post Emails.

Get Instant Emails whenever there is any new post (includes Free Book Posts). Again, you enter your email and it will subscribe you. You will have to confirm and after that you can end your WordPress subscription.

Currently, there is no option for Daily or Weekly Posts (as opposed to one email per post).

7 thoughts on “Kindle Review Email Subscriptions”

  1. I don’t need these as I subscribe to the feeds. However, I wanted to say thank you for making sure that your blog and subscriptions work for everyone.

  2. How do you unsubscribe? I’m not subscribed through wordpress, so going to the wordpress unsub page doesn’t work. I originally subscribed through your “free email subscription” link, but your emails don’t give a way to unsub.

    I think you provide a great service, but just too many emails a day.

        1. The WP unsubscribe should work – they wil make you go to a wordpress site to unsubscribe. It’s part of their EvilGenius plan to force everyone to get a WordPress account or something. They do everything through the site. I’m searching on my site to see if I can un-enroll you.

      1. yes, there is a WP unsub. but since I don’t have a WP login, there is nothing for me to unsub.

        If I put in my address, it says “address not found”…

        This is getting frustrating. Can you send me an email at my emails address on these comments so we can correspond directly?

        1. Can you just put the email address you get the newsletter from in your block list so it goes to trash automatically?

          my email is booksummit at ymail dot com.

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