Kindle Fire, Recurring Revenue, & Delaying Profit Gratification

The Kindle Fire gets another stream of content today as Amazon signs a deal with Disney-ABC.

Paid Content (which ironically is free) covers a new, somewhat limited, deal Amazon has struck with Disney-ABC to power Kindle Fire.

 It includes prior seasons of Grey’s Anatomy; all seasons of Lost; … prior seasons of Marvel’s animated shows Spider-ManX-Men EvolutionThor & Loki: Blood Brothers and Iron Man: Extremis; …

This will become part of Amazon’s Prime program – for $79 you get free 2-day shipping on all purchases from Amazon and all this free streaming content.

It illustrates Amazon’s approach i.e. give away lots of free things to create recurring customers.

Why would Amazon pay for Content and then Bundle it for Free with Amazon Prime?

It’s the magic of recurring revenue.

When a customer does certain things that customer’s chances of becoming a recurring Amazon customer increase dramatically.

  1. Buys once from Amazon.
  2. Enters Credit Card information and Shipping Information and saves them.
  3. Buys gifts from Amazon and saves friends’ and relatives’ addresses.
  4. Carries around a Kindle AKA Mini Amazon Store.
  5. Carries around a Kindle Fire AKA 7″ Amazon Store.
  6. Gets a Prime membership program.

On the surface, it seems pretty crazy to PAY Disney-ABC for content and then just bundle it for free. However, it makes perfect sense when we think in terms like ‘lifetime value of the customer’ and ‘recurring revenue from the customer’.

If you’re a company that only makes money from one-time purchases or makes negligible money from recurring purchases, then this approach seems crazy.

However, let’s consider an example.

What is the Monthly Recurring Revenue and Lifetime Revenue from 10 million Kindle Fire owners?

Let’s assume Amazon is selling Kindle Fires at a loss of $25 and sells 10 million on them in the next 9 months.

That’s a massive loss of $250 million. The end of the world. The Press Kings and Queens of Profit are now frowning upon Amazonians and shall drown them in a deluge of Short-thinking drivel. Wall Street is aghast because its yearly bonus shall not benefit from pump-and-dumps of Amazon stock.

However, it’s not that the Kindle Fire owners buy their Tablet, pay the money, and just disappear.

No, they become Kindle owners and Amazon customers and far more likely to buy things from Amazon.

Let’s say the ‘profit’ they will generate per month will be approximately –

  1. $3 a month from books bought (physical and electronic).
  2. $4 a month from Gift purchases.
  3. $1 a month from music and video purchases (physical and electronic).
  4. $3 a month from other purchases (including electronic).

That’s $11 a month in profit. From 10 million Kindle Fire owners that’s $110 million a month.

Amazon keeps focusing on showing the $250 million loss and is happy to let everyone think they are losing money. Because they really, really, really don’t want people to understand that the $250 million loss (aka customer acquisition investment) will create a revenue stream of a massive $110 million a month in profit.

If Amazon can get 25% to subscribe to Prime, the profit figures for that 25% go up to –

  1. $4 a month from books bought (physical and electronic).
  2. $7 a month from Gift purchases.
  3. $2 a month from music and video purchases (physical and electronic).
  4. $5 a month from other purchases (including electronic).

That’s $18 a month.

For that 25% who sign up for Amazon Prime – Amazon is losing $25 per Kindle Fire and $x on shipping and content. But it’s gaining $18 every single month.

If, by magic, Amazon can get all 10 million Kindle Fire owners on Amazon Prime, then it’s added $180 million a month in profits.

Recurring Revenue is RECURRING

If Amazon has 10 million Kindle owners and 5 million Kindle Fire owners by end of 2011. With each generating $11 per month in profits.

That’s $110 million a month from Kindle owners and $55 million a month from Kindle Fire owners.

Amazon has to do nothing extra for these users. No customer acquisition. Minimal maintenance costs.

The biggest bonus is the predictability. Unless there is a massive cataclysm and the world gets reset to 1100 A.D. that $110 million a month and $55 million a month is safe for the next 1 to 4 years. Very few companies have that guarantee.

So, Amazon is 100% Right and Delaying Profit Gratification is Awesome?

Well, there’s a slight problem.

Amazon’s plans assume a few things that aren’t 100% guaranteed.

  1. That there will be no huge event which changes the economy massively.
  2. That companies which are building up huge reserves of money won’t enter the market with their huge reserves. This is actually not a bad bet – Why would companies getting 40% margins on hardware or 70% margins on software get into retail with its 10% margins?
  3. That WalMart won’t hire the people at B&N that turned Nook and Nook Color into successes. People are laughing at the fact that B&N has started selling rugs to its customers. It’s the beginning of a very dangerous move that might end with B&N becoming the Pepsi to Amazon’s Coke.
  4. That a company won’t figure out a way to circumvent the bond Kindle owners have with Amazon. People will, and do, put their own self-interest over their sense of connection with Amazon. WalMart does have an opening if it decides to find it and take it.
  5. That Profit gratification is the best strategy if you have recurring revenue. As opposed to cashing in and ALSO building up recurring revenue.

That last one is the most dangerous. It would be obvious to anyone that there is one thing massively better than recurring revenue – recurring profit. Yet Amazon seems unwilling to consider that possibility.

Amazon’s current approach is maximizing things like recurring revenue and ‘profit in the future’ while minimizing things like ‘profit in the present’. It’s also not building up its cash hoard or its patent arsenal and sooner or later companies with one or both will come knocking.

Amazon’s ‘100% focus on the future’ strategy is a very dangerous strategy because it assumes things will either get better or stay the same. In some ways Amazon is doing too much of a good thing.

Can Amazon transition to Recurring Profit?

The problem is that Amazon wants to take over the World’s Retail. So its horizon is 40-50 years. It’ll be pretty happy to keep having short-term and middle-term losses. As long as its vision of huge recurring revenues in the future stay alive.

My feeling is that Amazon doesn’t want recurring profit. That, at some deep level, it feels that profit means it isn’t investing enough in the future. That some other company might beat it, unless it keeps building up more and more Delayed Gratification.

If there is an intervention and someone gives Amazon psychological/subconscious freedom to channel 10% of its earnings into a cash hoard – that would make for a very nice hedge against the possibility that all its delayed profit gets eaten up by a swooping Black Swan.

Amazon is doing the most intelligent thing out of all the big tech companies when it comes to recurring revenue and investing in the future (to be fair, another Seattle company is investing very heavily in its future). Amazon is the doing the least intelligent thing out of all the big tech companies when it comes to profiting in the present and building up its cash and patent reserves.

Monday October 31st free kindle books

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Sunday morning Free Kindle Books and more

Amazon has finally delivered the one book I was waiting for in its Daily Deal Program.

The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn. Genre: Fantasy, Kismet Knight, Vampires and Psychiatrists, Fortune Favors the Analytical Vampire. Rated 5 stars on 2 reviews. 400 pages.

This book is about a woman who is a Psychiatrist for Vampires. However, the real magic would be a Vampire who is a Psychiatrist for Women.

Can there be anything as amazing as a Vampire Shrink?

He’s a Vampire so he’s tall, dark and handsome (although a bit pale). He’s dangerous and has fangs and is unpredictable and disappears in the daytime and lets the heart grow fonder (not to mention rebuild its circulation).

He’s a Psychiatrist so he’s a really good listener and is really good at understanding you (he even finds your quirks and eccentricities fascinating). When a woman says ‘He understands me’ – if she’s talking about the Vampire Shrink, she’s finally right (Venus and Mars have collided and formed a strangely beautiful twin planet system where the planets constantly orbit each other and are oblivious to the rest of the Universe).

It’s like finding out that eating chocolate leads to weight loss and that ice-cream reverses aging.

Next, and infinitely less interesting, are the daily supply of free kindle books. Thanks to Happy Reader Joyce for finding these.

For Time and Eternity (Sister Wife) by Allison Pittman. Genre: Historical Fiction, Running off with the Mormons, Epic Struggles. Rated 5 stars on 24 reviews. 384 pages.

Fuse of Armageddon by Sigmund Brouwer and Hank Hanegraff. Genre: Religious Fiction, Maverick Hostage Negotiator. Rated 4 stars on 13 reviews. 400 pages.

That’s exactly what we need – a maverick hostage negotiator. You’re threatening to kill the hostages – Just do it! You’re holding me up – I need to go to Tahiti to do Maverick stuff.

Some of this is stuff you can’t make up –

Nothing more could go wrong for maverick hostage negotiator Mulvaney Quinn. First stabbed in the hand during a failed terrorist burst, …

Stabbed in the hand? Is that how we get street-credibility now. Yes, he’s a real maverick. He got stabbed in the hand. It wasn’t even his left hand.

Mechanical Engineering 101: The Animated TextVook ***. A crash course in mechanical engineering. Let’s hope it doesn’t get into the hands of your car mechanic. It’s 41 MB.

*** means this is a video Vook that has audio and video content accessible only on iDevices.

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Surely, if you are spending so much time perfecting the outside – you should perfect the inside too. Where is my Guide for the Perfect Shaped Liver in 6 Weeks?

Semiconductors 101: The Animated TextVook ***. Another crash course. 45 MB in size.

Hotel Room Workout: The Video Guide. With a title like that, how is this not an erotic romance novel? 93 MB.

DIY Organic Baby Food: The Video Guide ***. 73.8 MB in size. Valuable tips like how to distinguish between the types of ‘organic’ foods you see at your local grocery store.

Plyometric Workouts at Home: The Video Guide ***. Apparently if you see this video you’ll qualify to be a romance novel cover model. 71 Mb in size.

Foreclosure Law 101: The Animated TextVook ***. Let’s hope none of us need this anytime soon or ever.

Dermatology 101: The Animated TextVook. Get the facts about skin disorders and diagnosis. Drive yourself crazy – every time your bruise yourself, you’ll think you’ve caught supermalignant skinocancer.

Body Sculpting: The Video Guide ***. This is back in video form.

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Post-Workout Meals: The Video Guide ***. Bananas and Eggs? Seriously? Don’t care what you recommend in the book itself, but if you want to sell a book on post-workout meals you better put some tiramisu and ice cream on the cover.

After the jump – lots of guides for video games. Just click on ‘Read More’.

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