Kindle Book Deals and Free Kindle Books for October 1st

For your new Kindles and current Kindles, some kindle book deals courtesy Emily Bronte and some free kindle books courtesy Happy Reader Joyce.

Kindle Daily Deal – Mercury Falls by Robert Kroese. Price: $1. Genre: The Apocalypse Cometh, Hilarious Romp, Lucifer vs An Angel and a Freelance Journalist. Rated 4.5 stars on 214 reviews. 350 pages.

Rain Song by Alice J. Wisler. Genre: Religious, Spiritual, Romance and Peace, Yearning for Love. Rated 4 stars on 61 reviews. 304 pages.

Call Me: Joker’s Wild, Book 1 by Lena Matthews. Genre: Fiction, Explicit Sex, Poker Games You Really Shouldn’t Lose. Rated 4 stars on 13 reviews. 201 pages.

Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist. Genre: Contemporary Fiction, A Maid and a Footman for the Vanderbilts, Love, Historical Fiction. Rated 4.5 stars on 52 reviews. Starred Review from Booklist. 368 pages.

Lady in the Mist (The Midwives) by Laurie Alice Eakes. Genre: Historical Fiction, Secrets. Rated 4.5 stars on 54 reviews. 416 pages.

When All My Dreams Come True (Colorado Runaway Series) by Janelle Mowry. Genre: Adventure & Humor, Romance, Spiritual, Religious, A Ranch of Her Own, An Adventurous Novel of Faith. Rated 4.5 stars on 16 reviews. 288 pages.

Embers of Love (Striking a Match, Book 1) by Tracie Peterson. Genre: Christian Historical Romance, East Texas. Rated 4.5 stars on 13 reviews. 352 pages.

Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis: Harnessing the Enormous Potential of the Mind by Carl Llewllyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate. Rated 4.5 stars on 3 reviews. 264 pages.

While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin. Genre: History & Storytelling, Reality of War, Three Lives Intersecting. Rated 4.5 stars on 35 reviews. 416 pages.

More Kindle Book Deals and 2 more free kindle books after the jump – Please click on Read More to see them.

Sold to the Highest Bidder by Donna Alward. Genre: Shirtless Cowboys, Possible Explicit Sex. 216 pages. Rated 4.5 stars on 3 reviews.

Horror at Halloween: Part One by John Gordon. Genre: Horror, Bogeyman, Oxrun Station. 313 kb in size.

Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella. Price: $1.99. Genre: Romance, Wit and Humor, Movie Tie-In. Rated 4.5 stars on 605 reviews. 384 pages.

The Tunnel Under the World by Frederik Pohl. Price: $1.99. Genre: Novellette, 1950s Science Fiction. 144 kb in size. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. Review courtesy Elliot –

This novelette is, without exaggeration, one of the best pieces of science fiction written in the 1950s. It is at once a scathing satire on our advertising-dominated consumer culture, a frightening piece of urban paranoia, and an exploration of the nature of reality (prefiguring the 1960s works of Philip K. Dick).

Rosetta Books has a number of Science Fiction novellas available for $1.99. They include works by Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, and Robert Heinlein.

Best New England Trips 1 by Lonely Planet. Price: $2.99. Genre: Travel, New England Travel. Rated 4.5 stars on 43 reviews.

It includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. It has 53 themed Itineraries and 1012 local places to see.

Hurry Down Sunshine by Michael Greenburg. Price: $1.99. Genre: Memoir, A Father, A Daughter with Bipolar Disorder. Rated 4 stars on 103 reviews. 234 pages.

The Affinity Bridge (Newbury & Hobbes Investigations) by George Mann. Price: $2.99. Genre: Steampunk Mystery, 1901 Steam powered London, Space Opera and Fun. Rated 3.5 stars on 65 reviews. 336 pages.

Little Girl Gone (A Logan Harper Thriller) by Brett Battles. Price: $1. Genre: Thriller, Action & Adventue. Rated 4.5 stars on 46 reviews. 459 kb in size.

Quite a nice way to kick off October 2011.

11 Responses

  1. Lady in the Mist did not stay free for very long. I got it free at 9:21 a.m. Ten minutes later, the price had gone up to $2. fyi I’m in the US.

  2. Lady in The Mist was free at 11:30 am US :-)

  3. More Kindle Book Deals and 2 more free kindle books after the jump – Please click on Read More to see them. – where do i find this read more???

    • If you open the actual post page (this page with comments) – then you have to click nothing. That is for the main blog page where everything below the link asking to click on ‘Read More’ is not shown.

  4. Just got Lady in the Mist free at 19:49 pm South Africa time…

  5. oh i see…. it was aleady opended so that is why i could not find it…. thank you….

  6. How do you add a book to the Kindle .99 cent blast? Forgive me if there is an obvious place–I didn’t see it.

  7. It is a series book–the first one named Alex Charles: The Evening Oak. Star rating is 4.5 stars out of ten ratings. Just came out last weekend and is already ranking high (#17 just now) on the Hot New Bestsellers list. Here is the link if you need it. Thanks so much!! \

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