Steve Jobs is dead

It’d be inappropriate to discuss the ramifications of this until later.

Here’s the tweet – AP on Steve Jobs.

Here’s an article in the Chicago Tribune – Steve Jobs.

It’s unfortunate that after reviving Apple and taking iPhone and iPad to huge success, Steve Jobs didn’t get very long to enjoy his victories. 56 is way too young.


9 thoughts on “Steve Jobs is dead”

  1. Yes, Steve may not have been able to enjoy his success very long on this earth, but his heavenly reward will be far, far better. God bless Steve Jobs for all he has done to better mankind.

  2. This is a shock even though we all knew that his health has not good. He held the helm for as long as he could, and I’m sure that that was part of what kept him going. But still when I seen this post I just stopped for a second and just thought “no way”. The man was a giant force in the field that he operated in. Good bye Steve. See you in “the clouds”.

  3. Jobs death is a good example of having all the money in the world, but if you don’t have your health, nothing else really matters. So sad.

  4. For what it’s worth, my wordless tribute drawing is here

    Regardless of what some folks think (like Chris above, and there is a certain truth what he said) it also remains true that a considerable contributions were made by Jobs to our world and even to individuals (such as the one I read today by a person who was inspired to enter a particular industry and to dare to be entrepreneurial because, as he says, it all began with his first iPod when he was a teenager.

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