French Kindle & French Kindle Store

The new Kindle 4 is now available in France and in the French language – a French Kindle Store has been opened and the French Kindle is available for 99 Euros.

You can visit French Kindle Store to get the French Kindle.

Here are some of the interesting details from the Press Release –

  1. Releases on October 14th.
  2. There will be 35,000 French language books and 4,000 free classics in French.
  3. There will also be English titles – 825,000 of them.
  4. The price for Kindle 4 in France is 99 Euros.
  5. French newspapers and magazines include – Le Monde, Les Echos, Le Figaro, Libération and Aujourd’hui en France/Le Parisien.
  6.  Independent authors and Publishers can use Kindle Direct Publishing to publish to the French Kindle Store.

It’s certainly interesting news. It’s the second country specific Kindle Store after the UK Kindle Store.

7 thoughts on “French Kindle & French Kindle Store”

  1. Hi, actually the German Amazon store has been advertising a German-language Kindle for 99 euros for a couple of days now. In the fine print at the bottom of the page comparing the different device versions, it says the “Kindle” (as opposed to what it calls the “Kindle Keyboard” models – interesting switch of terminology) is available with menus in German, English (US, UK), French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese (Brazil).

    1. As Diane B. said Amazon Kindle Store for launched in April.

      Anyhow its a great news for French readers.

      In my case looking forward to the announcement by Amazon the moment they do the same for the recently launched Amazon Spain.

  2. Has anyone tried the Kindle French/English dictionary for reading French books? I really would like to get a good review of one, and not just an Amazon review. I think I would be more interested in reading French books if I knew there was a good dictionary for times when I don’t understand a word or phrase.

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