Kindle Fire Free Books for November

Thanks to Irish for rounding up some good Kindle Fire Free Books –

Griselda Takes Flight by Joyce Magnin. Genre: Fiction, Faith. Rated 4.5 stars on 8 reviews. 384 pages. Joyce Magnin is also the author of Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise.

Medical Error by Richard Marbury. Genre: Medical Thriller, Edgy inspirational Fiction. Rated 3 stars on 102 reviews. 288 pages.

Tribes by Arthur Slade. Genre: Social Situations, Nature. Rated 5 stars on 5 reviews. Sounds like a fascinating book. 278 kb in size.

There’s the Logo Tribe, who “exhibit name brands wherever and whenever possible,” the Digerati Tribe, who “worship bytes and silicon chips,” and the Busybody Tribe, whose “batlike ears stretched high to gather up every vibration and echo.” These are only a few of the exotic groups Percy Montmount has identified in his immense study of the human adolescent’s rituals, “The Origin of the Species Revisited.” And what better person to record these behaviors than one who is a member of no tribe?

Next, we have one non-free kindle book deal. Kindle Daily Deal for Thursday.

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life lessons from the World’s Most Elegant Woman by Karen Karbo. Price: $1. Genre: . Rated 4 stars on 55 reviews.

After that, one indie author $1 novel from a superstar indie author (hit the Top 20 in Kindle Store).

The Dark Citadel by Michael Wallace. Price: $1. Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Pageturner, Flawed Hero. Michael Wallace has had several of his books hit the Top 200 and one of his books has even hit the Top 20. The latter was picked up by Thomas & Mercer. So, worth getting now before some Publisher snaps it up and prices it at $7 to prop up the money lost in shipping physical books.

A slave boy named Darik falls in with a pair of spies as the great city of Balsalom comes under siege by the armies of a dark wizard. They flee west to enlist the aid of griffin riders, an order of wizards, and a band of ascetic knights to come to the city’s defense.

Meanwhile, a young queen named Kallia leads a heroic struggle to keep both her city and body free from the dark wizard’s cruel embrace.

Finally, thanks to Happy Reader Joyce for some more Kindle Fire Free Books –

Second Star (Star Svensdotter #1) Author: Dana Stabenow Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, First Contact, New Frontiers. Rated 4 stars on 2 reviews. 412 kb in size.

Angel Be Good Author: Kathy Carmichael Genre: Holidays, Romantic Comedy. Rated 4 stars on 32 reviews. 358 kb in size.

City of Rogues (Book I of The Kobalos Trilogy) Author: Ty Johnston Genre: Dark Fantasy, Misanthropy Epic, Action & Adventure. Rated 3.5 stars on 22 reviews. 400 kb in size.

Diary of the Displaced Author: Glynn James Genre: Horror, A Place where Nightmares are Real. Rated 4.5 stars on 40 reviews. 300 kb in size.

The Scargill Cove Case Files: An Arcane Society Story (A Penguin Group eSpecial from Jove) Author: Jayne Ann Krentz Genre: Romance, Paranormal Suspense. A preorder.

Leaders Who Make a Difference: Leadership Lessons from Three Great Bible Leaders Author: Paul Chapell Genre: Christian Living. Rated 3.5 stars on 3 reviews. 98 pages.

A Parchment Paper Thanksgiving Author: Brette Sember Genre: Cooking, Food and Wine, 7 Recipes (More of a Sampler). 220 kb in size.

The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating Author: Evelyn Lafont Genre: Vampire, Romance. Rated 4 stars on 30 reviews. 138 pages.

Salads for Every Season Author: Myra Goodman Genre: Cookbook, Salads, Food. 1.4 Mb in size.

Tiger Eye: The First Dirk & Steele Novel Author: Marjorie M. Liu Genre: Romance. Rated 3.5 stars on 11 reviews. 386 pages.

This is Not a Love Story Author: Lydia Peele. Genre: Short Stories.

Death Calls Author: Courtney Vail Genre: Poetry. 239 kb in size.

Interesting to see a slightly different combination of free kindle books today.

5 thoughts on “Kindle Fire Free Books for November”

  1. Switch 11:

    Can you please revise or update your reviews:

    – Kindle 3 KeyBoard (e.g., is the 3G still enabling web access, does the AC come with it, etc.)

    – Kindle Touch (e.g., is 3G version really better than Kindle 3 KeyBoard)

    – Kindle 4 standard (e.g., is really the lightest and the thinest of all, or is Kindle 3 keyboard still the thinest)?


  2. I just got an unexpected message. I was going to get one of the top free ones only to get a message that says, “This title is not available for customers from the United States.” Given the fact that the author (Tim LaHaye) is American, it seems a bit strange.

    I know that’s what those in other countries encounter often, but I’ve never gotten the message before.

    1. Update: I wasn’t on the top 100 free, but rather on the Limited Time Offers list. The first three books show “pricing information not available” and none are available to customers from the US.

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