Saturday morning free kindle books

How would we live without all these free kindle books. The sweet joy of having 53 free books falling on our heads from the sky.

The Fox. Historiography, Ghosts, Historical. Rated 4.5 stars on 34 reviews. 420 pages.

Manly Knits. Real Men Knit. A book on knitting – for men. Real men knit. And if they cut their finger they don’t complain about the design of the knitting needle. 8.5 MB in size.

Why is there a terrorist mask on the cover?

Easy Vegetarian Recipes. If all that knitting gives you an appetite. 7 Mb in size.

Claws. Winner of the ‘Unintentionally Funny Book Cover of the Year’. Ricky Sides’ book gets 5 stars on 8 reviews. 248 pages. Suspense Thriller.

Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria by Rahma Krambo. This time the cats are good. Rated 5 stars on 10 reviews. 273 pages. Rated 5 stars on 10 reviews. Children’s Fiction. Science Fiction. Fantasy.

Survival Games (Games Erotic Thriller Series). Erotic Thriller with a decidedly creepy cover. 304 pages. For some strange reason, an emty chair with restraints doesn’t exactly scream Erotic to me.

High School Football – The Temptation (The High School Series). A story about temptation and football and it’s ‘real’. 168 kb in size. Rated 5 stars on 1 review.

Again (The Lycurgus). Spine chilling horror. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. 335 kb in size.

Dark Reckoning (Steve Williams Novel). 428 pages. Occult, Horror, A Sadistic Killer. Rated 5 stars on 1 review.

Starcrossed: Perigee. A Repeat offer. A well-rated Twilight Clone – 4 stars on 15 reviews. 443 kb in size.

Affair of the Heart. Contemporary Romance. 282 kb in size. The spoiled daughter of a self-made magnate.

Silesia: The Outworlder. Science Fiction and Fantasy. Dragon Lords vs The Revels. The Planet Silesia.

Dillon and The Voice of Odin (The Dillon Adventures). 424 kb in size. Apparently, we’re all supposed to have heard of Dillon. And Dillon has heart-stopping adventures and is the last action hero.

Evolve, Part 1: Unintended Consequences. Political Fiction, FDA and Breast Cancer treatments. 573 kb in size.

Seeing the Elephant (Wildflowers) by Leah Banicki. Rated 3.5 stars on 11 reviews. 211 pages. Historical Romance. In 1848 can a woman get any kind of freedom?

Sigma Theta Tau International 41st Biennial Convention Program. Something to do with nursing.

A Skillet, a Spatula, and a Dream by Barbara Bretton. 40 easy-to-prepare recipes. Gastronomy, Essays, Lifestyle & Home. 309 kb in size.

Artistic License. Romantic Suspense. Rated 4 stars on 5 reviews.

Trophies (The Ellandun Wars). Rated 4.5 stars on 3 reviews. A dead aunt. More people than usual trying to kill him. 828 kb in size.

All I Got for Christmas (Smartboys Club). 3 MB in size. The description has confused me completely. It’s a children’s book for Christmas or it is a fable with a monkey in it or something.

Forty-Four. Horror with Ghosts. A thrilling paranormal romance mystery novel. Not sure how the author forgot to work in science fiction, fantasy, and literary masterpiece into the description. To be fair – it does sound interesting.

The First 200 Days. 200 days of an author blogging. 429 kb in size.

The Betrothal: Or How I Saved Alan Edwards from 40 Years of Hell by Richard Raley. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. 439 kb in size. His friend is getting married to someone he’s never met. He decides to break up the wedding.

The 10 Best Dividend Paying Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 347 kb in size.

Caterpillars Don’t Check Email: An illustrated picture book for children. An illustrated book for children. Bugs and spiders. 648 kb in size.

Haunted by Willow Cross. 100% true ghost stories.

Aurealis #45. A free edition of the Australian book of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Horror.

CHILD’S PLAY by Kevin Hill. Rated 4 stars on 2 reviews. Suspense Thriller. 460 kb in size. An American in Germany. A beautiful social worker with 5 homeless children. Trouble in spades.

Scarecrows. 284 pages. Literary Fiction. When an ancient evil returns to a small Wisconsin town …

My Sparkling Misfortune (The Lakeland Knight) by Laura Lond. Rated 4.5 stars on 24 reviews. Fantasy. 128 pages.

Click on the ‘Read More’ link for free short stories.

Alternate Rialto. A novella. 134 pages. Contemporary Romance. Venice and Masks.

Cat’s Cradle by Shannon Donnelly. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. 209 kb in size. A Regency Novella. A regency novella with two cats on the cover?

Wicked Mourning. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. Historical Erotic Romance. Breaks the laws of that time.

The Santa Shop (The Santa Conspiracy) by Tim Greaton. Rated 5 stars on 31 reviews. Religious Fiction.

No No …. Mommy said Santa was real. 183 pages.

Bliss Kiss (The Adventures of Jaz Jimínez). Lesbian Short Story. Might not be lesbian but it does have girls kissing other girls.

What The Fox Learnt – Four Fables from Aesop. 4 short stories for kids based on Aesop’s fables.

The Day God Winked

Secrets of the Gap. Mystery. Women Sleuths.

Bubbles – Two Fragments from the Shoal Wars

Quilt of Seas

Hole in the Wall (The Jude Magdalyn Series)

I Killed the Man That Wasn’t There. And once he killed the man he wasn’t there any more.

Bordello Secrets by Heather Whittington. Rated 3 stars on 1 review. Historical Erotic Fiction.

The Rose of Desire. Science Fiction Stories.

In the Halls of the Sky-Palace: A Short Story. A 15 page short story.

The Bishop Moves Diagonally. A poem.

My Own Secret Dinosaur. 8 pages.

Not Quite Casper: an Aether Vitalis Short Story. It’s got a pretty girl and a ghost on the cover. The girl’s attire suggests it’s a romance. of some sort.

The Call.

Betty & Veronica. Elena Aitken’s short story rated 5 stars on 3 reviews.

Introduction to Cloud Computing (in about 1,000 words). Wait for the sequel – Differential Calculus in 10 lines.

The Truth about Losing Weight. Short and concise book about the truth.

Lodging a Complaint

Officer, I’d like to lodge a complaint.

About what?

The page turns on my book.


I bought a book at the store, and the pages – well, they don’t turn smoothly. And I actually have to turn them all the way myself.

What were you expecting?

That i could tap a page and it would turn magically, and also that it would show me an animation with little pigs doing cartwheels.

And you came to the police office to complain about this?

Yes, the person responsible for this horrible design crime, a certain Gutenberg, is nowhere to be found.

Wait a minute. I’ll get someone who can help you.

This is Mr. Norris. We have a suggestion that might cure your problem.

Breaking Up

Sarah, I think we need to talk.


Yes, it’s something serious.

It must be serious if you’re actually listening to what I’m saying.

We need to break up.

(Tears, Crying, a few tissue papers) I’m so terrible. No one wants me.

It’s not you, it’s me.

It must be me. If you’re saying it’s you, it must be me.

No Sarah, it’s me. I just can’t take it any more. The way you open doors is so aesthetically inappropriate.

What? What are you talking about?

I always expect that you will grab the handle with your left hand, do a graceful twist of your hips, and then pull with your elbow out at a right angle.

What the heck are you talking about?

Doors. The way you open doors. It’s just wrong. It hurts my senses to see how inelegantly you open doors.

You’re breaking up with me because of how I open doors?

Yes, don’t you see – I’m an aesthete. I can’t live with someone who can’t open doors gracefully. And …


I’m not a big fan of how you turn on light switches either.

12 thoughts on “Saturday morning free kindle books”

  1. Just wanted to let you know I look forward to these posts. I like the way you provide a “mini” review of the book. That helps me to pick the ones I want to look at further. I also appreciate your sense of humor. Some books I look at just because of your comments about the cover. LOL!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Your comments on All I Got for Christmas made me curious enough to click for a look inside.

    The monkey in All I Got for Christmas is a kid with the nickname of Monkey. It’s book 6 in the Smartboys Club Series which I had never heard of before.

    The titles of the previous 5 books are:

    Book 1: Bees in My Butt
    Book 2: We Flushed it Down the Potty
    Book 3: I Took a Burp
    Book 4: I Lost My Head
    Book 5: My Stomach Explodes

    Given those five titles, All I Got for Christmas is an anomaly.

  3. My mother has been receiving your regular lists of Kindle e-books for some time now and has been most appreciative.
    As I have been promised my own Kindle for Christmas,I would be grateful if you could arrange for me to be on this list also.
    My details are in the boxes below

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