Cyber Monday eReader Deals

Amazon and B&N and other stores have some Cyber Monday eReader Deals. Amazon has no Cyber Monday Kindle Deals but B&N has one.

There is Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week (a week long series of deals). But no Kindle deals.


  1. The Big Deal Kindle Cyber Monday Book Deals. Amazon has 300+ books on sale. Check the Cyber Monday Kindle Book Deals post for my top 14 picks. 
  2. Kindle DX 2 for $259.

Best Buy does have a $10 gift card with store pick up orders of $100 or more. So you could add something small to the $99 Kindle Touch and get it for $89 (in effect). Listed next.

Best Buy

Best Buy is offering a free $10 gift card with store pickup orders of $100 or more. It’s offering (before factoring in the $10 gift card):

  1. Kindle for $79.99.
  2. Kindle Touch for $99.99.
  3. Nook Touch for $79.99.
  4. Kobo Touch for $99.99.
  5. Kindle Fire for $199.

Refurbished Kindles at Amazon

Amazon has refurbished Kindle 3 with 3G for $129.99. That’s $59 less than buying it new. It doesn’t have ads.


B&N has announced a $25 gift card free with every Nook purchase if you pay with your Mastercard. It says it can’t be combined with the $25 off that members get on Nook Tablet.

  1. Nook Tablet is $249. You get the $25 gift card if you use a Mastercard. At a $25 price difference, Nook Tablet is a better option than Kindle Fire in my opinion. Note: You get only 1 GB out of the 16 GB for your own documents. You can use a SD Card of up to 32 GB and some stores will increase the allocation for your own documents – but something to be aware of.
  2. Nook Color is $199. $25 Gift card with it too.
  3. Nook Touch is $99. Buying it gives you a free $25 gift card if you use a Mastercard.

B&N eBay Store

There is a $119 refurbished Nook Color. There’s also the option to get it for $149 if this one runs out.

B&N at

There is a $79 Refurbished Nook Touch Reader at and also a $149 refurbished Nook Color. Not sure why anyone would get these given the other offers.


Kobo is offering a $20 gift card with Kobo Touch Reader – However, the Best Buy offer of a $99 Kobo Touch eReader (listed earlier) is much better.

Sony Reader

Sony is offering a $50 credit if you trade in any brand eReader. That means the Reader WiFi (which is $149.99) becomes just $99. Quite  a deal given that you get wireless library book downloads.


Kindle Fire for $199. There were reports of unadvertised specials in store for Black Friday but haven’t heard anything so far for Cyber Monday.

Note: Thanks to Meaghan for helping with this post. She assembled all the links etc. and I went through them this morning to see what else had been offered.

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  1. Best Buy is offering the Nook Simple Touch for $79 with Free Shipping. This deal has been active at least since Friday, and is at the moment still active.

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