10 Monday night free kindle books & novellas for end November

Amazon continues the free kindle books party with another 10 free kindle books and novellas.

  1. Always by Carol Rose. From the Author who brought you Forgotten Father. Elinor Prescott won’t sell her gorgeous antebellum mansion to handsome self-made millionaire Cole Whittier. Nor will she stop protesting his plans to build a factory nearby. Meanwhile, Cole has his eye on a bigger prize – Elinor herself.
  2. Through Smoke: Book One in the Troubled Heroes Series (A Firefighting Thriller) by J. R. Tate. Rated 5 stars on 6 reviews. A Firefighter and a Paramedic. Blood Thirsty Bookies. 308 kb in size. Troubled Hero – it just conveys so much in such few words. Much like Fallen Angel.
  3. Voices Beckon, Pt. 1: The Voyage by Linda Lee Graham. 145 page novella. A bond of friendship, love and loyalty. 1783, Bristol Quay, A Ship headed somewhere.
  4. Spirit Lights. 120 page novella. Spirit Lights, Coming of Age, Ages 9 and Up.
  5. Unnatural Time (Infinity, Ltd.). This sounds interesting. It is rather short though.
  6. Necrochip. A Thrilling Short Story set in Singapore Three.
  7. The Chupacabra: A novella by Dallas Tanner. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. 268 kb in size. Really don’t get the fascination with the Chupacabra. It’s not like it’s a Vampire and you need to drive a stake through its heart before it can glamour you or rush all over you like the wind and tear out your throat. The chupacabra is a dog sized little monster with a hankering for goat’s blood – just put on some cowboy boots and give it a good hard kick. Let your inner Chuck Norris out.
  8. SuperMegaNet, Vol. 1. 224 kb of some comic/book hybrid about a social network you can’t turn off. Isn’t that like every single big website these days? They probably even have sensors in your pillow to make sure you’re getting enough sleep to be fully receptive to their ‘highly targeted and completely inefficient’ advertising the next day. Mr. President, we have found that after narrowing down by sex, location, interest, and annual income – we have managed to sell even less than when we just showed stuff indiscriminately to everyone watching TV.
  9. SuperMegaNet, Vol. 2. Part 2 because sometimes one badly illustrated fable isn’t enough.
  10. The Expat’s Pajamas: Barcelona. A rather short work by R. S. Gompertz. Rated 4 stars on 2 reviews.

Well, that was a rather motley crew of novellas and chupacabaras. Hopefully Amazon has rounded up some real books, that Chuck Norris approves of, for the rest of the week.

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