Wednesday morning free kindle books, Kindle Fire heretics

Thoughts on the Kindle Fire are at the end. First, thanks to AnnieB for these free books:

  1. Lie Down in Green Pastures (The Pslam 23 Mysteries) by Debbie Viquie. Price: $0. Genre: Murder Mysteries, Psalm 23 Mysteries. Rated 4 stars on 16 reviews. 320 pages.
  2. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow by Joyce Magnin. Genre: Two Sisters, Praying Woman. Rated 3.5 stars on 37 reviews. 401 pages.
  3. Digital Media and Technology in Afterschool Programs, Libraries, and Museums (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning) by Diana Rhoten and Others. Genre: Impact of Technology. 96 pages.
  4. First Frost (Mythos Academy) by Jennifer Estep. Rated 3.5 stars on 22 reviews. A Gypsy gift of psychometry. 222 kb in size.
  5. Eye of the God by Ariel Allison. Genre: Romantic Suspense. Rated 4 stars on 52 reviews. 353 pages.
  6. Kids and Credibility (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning). 154 pages of a report.
  7. The Fence My Father Built by Linda S. Claire. Genre: A Librarian with 2 kids, A tiny Town in Orgeon, Coming Home. Rated 4 stars on 31 reviews. 296 pages.

It’s a strange mix of books. But free is free.

Next, a few kindle book deals

  1. [Kindle Daily Deal] JFK by Oliver Stone, L. Fletcher Prouty. Genre: JFK, Assassination Theory, 1960s. Rated 4.5 stars on 47 reviews. 438 pages.
  2. [Cheap Find] The Reasons for Marriage by Stephanie Laurens. Genre: Romance. Price: $1.89. 298 pages. Rated 3 stars.

There weren’t really many deals in the Movers and Shakers list today.

Finally, some Kindle Fire heresy.

Mainstream Press heresy – Talking about Kindle Fire favorably

Matt Burns at TechCrunch obviously didn’t get the memo that all of the main-stream Press is supposed to only talk about the imaginary slow speed and made-up flaws of the Kindle Fire (it buttered my toast on the wrong side, and it didn’t even use the butter knife).

He points out, and this is going to make you flinch, that Kindle Fire is selling more than the 16 GB iPad at

How could he do this?

After all the customized omelettes he’s been eating at Apple Press conferences?

Has this man suddenly started looking at facts instead of at Big Brother’s benevolence?

He’s lucky it isn’t medieval times (otherwise such heresy would have dire consequences) –

Now, at Best Buy, the $199 Fire sits higher the 16GB iPad as the top selling tablet on the retailer’s website. [It’s still #1. You just aren’t supposed to mention this sort of stuff if you belong to the Press – be like everyone else in the Press and ignore it until it goes away]

A few other painful things –

  1. Acer Iconia is #4 on the list. Seriously, if you’re at Apple it must pain you gloriously that Acer Iconia is beating out most variants of the iPad. Iconia – Is that even an artistically acceptable name?
  2. Toshiba Thrive is #8 on the list.
  3. Nook Tablet is #9 on the list.

It’s as if suddenly everyone realized that Apple has a big weakness i.e. its high prices.

Apparently, people have lost their senses and are actually buying Tablets that won’t help them look cool and sophisticated. How passe. How blase. To be able to ignore the aesthetic beauty of the $499 Toy that will make you prettier and younger and even more intellectually stimulating (nothing quite like discussing Angry Birds over a couple of mimosas).

It was at that precise moment, right when the yellow bird hit the king Pig, that I realized this was just a metaphor for how I was stumbling through the hallways of ugliness and had finally found the bright light of aesthetic freedom in this magnificent toy. This little bundle of wonder and revolutionariness that made my days at Brideshead bearable.

Amidst all the bleakness of Microsoft’s ergonomic and totally-the-wrong-color keyboards and Google’s lipstick-on-a-pig websites, here finally was a company that understood what I had left behind at New College and was now blindly stumbling about for. Even my cat was happier – for it could now listen to Spotify and stop buying CDs.

His ending paragraph is prescient. My thoughts are in brackets.

It’s hard to predict if the Fire will retain its lead over the iPad at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. [The Press wouldn’t stand for it]

The $199 price will certainly carry it through the upcoming holiday but interest might wane after the holiday spending season. [We’ll stop mentioning it. If people don’t know it exists, no one will buy it]

Then again, the growing ranks of Fire owners will likely take to the social media networks and publicly praise the device. [And not let the Press carry on their hatchet job on Kindle Fire]

The Press are pained by this. That ACTUAL users of the Kindle Fire will point out that it’s quite a good device and at 40% of the price delivers 80% of the value. What a shoddy world we live in – where people care less about what other people think of their Tablet, and more about how much they enjoy their Tablet. What next? Will women stop wearing corsets?

Mercury News has lost its senses (not to mention its aesthetic sensibilities)

The Apple Inquisition can’t wait to get their hands on Larry Magid of the Mercury News. They probably just carved his name into an Iron Maiden.

Here’s his headline in praise of the Kindle Fire:

Magid: Kindle Fire is about as useful as an iPad and much cheaper

Mr. Magid, have you lost your senses? Can your cat play with your Kindle Fire?

I didn’t think so.

How then can you claim that Kindle Fire is about as useful as an iPad?

The stuff he writes would have gotten him hunted down by the Spanish Inquisition:

at less than half the price, it’s definitely an iPad wounder. I own an iPad and a Kindle Fire and when it comes to what I do most with the devices, I don’t have a strong preference between the two

All the fashion designers in Milan are aghast. No … he did not seriously say he doesn’t have a strong preference between the two.

iPad is the new Black. But Black was the new Black. No White was the new Black. Whatever … iPad is the new Black. Kindle Fire is like the new Maroon, and everyone knows Maroon is definitely not the new Black.

Mr. Magid seems to have had his Schroedinger’s cat run over by Tim Cook’s ‘built by poor workers in China’ BatMobile –

 It’s kind of like comparing a glossy magazine to a newspaper. Sure, a glossy magazine is often prettier and feels better in the hand, but I’d much rather read an interesting article on newsprint than a boring one on glossy paper.

No, tell me he didn’t just compare the iPad to a glossy magazine and the Kindle Fire to a newspaper. The violation of the sacred trust that Apple put in the Press when it showered them with customized omelettes and exclusive invitations to Press Events. All those devices sent for ‘testing’ that never have to be returned (of course, in case they do – Apple will make sure someone shows up right at your door to take things back).

Mr. Magid continues –

The Kindle Fire is also priced and sized better for kids.

What nonsense. Angry Birds is so much better on a 10″ screen. What about Fruit Ninja? Do you not realize how inelegant it is to slice imaginary fruit with your finger when the touch capability isn’t 100 percent perfect. It has to be just right so as to maximize your wasting of your precious time.

What? You want kids to read books instead of waste time? How then will they link their self-esteem to buying consumer gadgets?

What are we doing to our kids? Making them read books? Preventing them from joining the ranks of the Consumer Zombies? Leaving them lonely in a tough, hard world that isn’t made-up and isn’t exploiting them?

Will we want them to go camping in the woods instead of outside Apple stores? Will we want them to fight for honor and freedom and their country instead of for their tech religion?

What is the world coming to. It’s hard out here for a hipster aesthete.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday morning free kindle books, Kindle Fire heretics”

  1. Sarcasm is the weapon of the weak!

    Why can’t you just write a straight piece about the market ecology for tablets… and leave out the [unnecessary and distracting] sarcasm?

      1. Hey, I enjoy your wit!!! 🙂

        I’ve had a Nook Color for several months and I love it (it’s running CyanogenMod 7). I now also have a Nook Tablet that I’m modding a little (thanks to the folks at XDA). The Nook Tablet is great!

        I don’t currently have a Kindle Fire but I think it’s a great little device also (from what I’ve read about it).

        The Apple fans are having palpitations!!! LOL!!! Hee hee hee!!

        -Bob F.

        1. Thanks Bob. I have all three and love all three. The funny thing is that my iPad I only use now when doing reviews or to keep in touch with what the reading experience is like.

      2. I love your sense of humor and, as always, it made me laugh! Don’t change what you are doing! We need some saneness (if there is such a word) in this crazy world where a B&N salesman is trying to sell a Nook by telling lies about the kindle. I stopped and said, “I have a kindle and what you have just said is not true!”

        With all of that we need things that will make us laugh.

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