Kindle Keyboard Cover Deal, Kindle DX Cover Deal

As part of the Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week, there are 2 deals today on Kindle Covers (thanks to CarbonBased for the scoop). Below those, I’ve added 3 kindle keyboard cover deals and 3 kindle dx cover deals that don’t end today.

At 2 pm PST and 5 pm EST there’s a deal on a Kindle DX cover. You’ll have to go to the above link for it. The deal is only available through that link. It’s described as –

Sleek protection for your Kindle DX.

Update: So this deal is the Kindle DX Leather Cover for $29.99. It was already on sale for $39.99 – so not much of a deal. Please check the OCTOVO Deals listed below for other options.

At 3 pm PST and 6 pm EST there’s a deal on a Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3) cover. Again, it’ll only be at that page. Described as –

Sleek protection for your Kindle Keyboard.

Guess the copywriter decided to take an extra-long cigarette break.

Meanwhile, there are already quite a few Kindle DX Cover Deals and Kindle Keyboard Cover Deals at Amazon.

Kindle Keyboard Cover Deals

  1. CE Compass Cover for Kindle 3. Price: $5.75. Ratd 4.5 stars on 509 reviews. Note: This is not leather (in case you were expecting leather for $5.75).
  2. mCover Leather Folio Cover. $10. Available in a variety of colors (aqua, pink, beige, and lots more). Rated 5 stars on 10 reviews.
  3. OCTOVO Splash-proof Outdoor Case. Price: $10. Rated 4 stars on 29 reviews.

Kindle DX Cover Deals

  1. OCTOVO Kindle DX Sleeves are just $10. 
  2. OCTOVO Kindle DX Genuine Leather Sleeve is just $20 (down from $100).
  3. Premium Genuine Leather Case by Bargaincell. Price: $15. Rated 4 stars on 16 reviews. Down from $50. Perfer the OCTOVO Leather Case.

More later. First sending this out so it reaches in time.

2 thoughts on “Kindle Keyboard Cover Deal, Kindle DX Cover Deal”

  1. We purchased an all black cover for our Kindle. To our dismay, the black cover blended into the background too much. We were lucky to find it after two week buried in the bottom of our lounge chair.

    We subsequently added some bright red and yellow taped stripes to the cover to make it easier to find.

    A black cover looks great until you can’t find it!

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