What Tools and Apps for Kindle Owners should we make?

Over the years my team and me have been making various tools and apps for Kindle owners. Of course, we’ve made a lot of mistakes and sometimes not stuck with things. That means we have a few things that are well done i.e.

  1. Notepad for Kindle. Not for Kindle Touch (working on it) or Kindle Fire (completely different development ecosystem, not working on it).
  2. Calendar for Kindle. Same as above.
  3. Other Kindle Apps like Calculator and Address Book.
  4. This Blog (hopefully, it’s well done and not medium rare).
  5. Kindle App Review Blog. Maurine is doing a great job here and she has nearly every single Kindle App reviewed.

We also just released a Kindle Game based on Alice on Wonderland. It’s called Alice in Crossed Up Land. You have to match objects from Alice’s World and you can play Match-3 or Match-4 or Match-5 (match either 3 objects or 4 objects or 5 objects).

We also have lots of things that are at various stages of completion i.e.

  1. Book Summit. A Social Network for Kindle Owners (lots of authors for some reason).
  2. Book Monk. A Kindle Book Search Tool. It’s fallen into a bit of disarray at the moment. However, it’s something I’d be interested in working on if there’s interest from all of you.
  3. The Kindle Start Page Maker. Which lets you create a ‘book of links/favorites’ that you can keep on your Kindle Home Page.
  4. Kindle Page Number Tool. A tool that lets you convert (approximately) from page numbers to locations.
  5. Various projects that haven’t seen the light of day.


Perhaps all of you can help me/us in deciding what would be most valuable for all of you in 2012. The things that are interesting to us as a team are:

  1. Curation Engine. Enter in criteria + get a list of books that you can sort and arrange.
  2. Crowd-sourced Curation Engine. Here we would give all of you some way of triggering what’s best.
  3. Recommendation Engine. Enter in one or more books you like and get suggestions.
  4. A site that only features indie author books.
  5. Filtering Engine for Free Books. So you could say – I only want to see books that are by published authors and rated 4 stars and longer than 300 pages. The Filtering Engine would bring up all such books.
  6. Something Else. 

I will be continuing the blog (and also writing about good free books to the extent possible) but it’s just not possible to manually go through 500 to 700 free books a day. The added issue of there not being any simple way to even look at today’s free books makes it all rather difficult. On top of everything we have the problem of some offers being for 1 day only.


Please enter your thoughts for this Poll, and I’ll let you know which 1 or 2 projects we decide to focus on in 2012.

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Thank you for your time and ideas.

11 thoughts on “What Tools and Apps for Kindle Owners should we make?”

  1. I love your blog and look forward to it every day. That said, please use a grammar checker, ie, “Over the years my team and me have been making” should be my team and I 🙂

    One of my biggest peeves with many of the books I download is the terrible grammar…what are they teaching these days! It pains me greatly too see my beloved books perpetuating this sad trend. No, I’m not an English teacher, just someone who loves the language and hates to see it being so terribly violated.

    Merry Christmas and thanks to you and your team for giving me many, many wonderful books.

      1. Another alternative phrasing would be “…the team and myself have been…”

        That alternative avoids the word I – which can tend to feel over-used sometimes – but still sounds better than what you wrote.

          1. Oh dear, you both do realize that using “myself” is just as incorrect as using “my” when you should be using “I”? Just because it is used extensively incorrectly doesn’t mean we should perpetuate the bad grammar does it? Just because something “sounds better” to us, doesn’t mean it’s correct. Am I a lone voice in the grammatical wilderness out here? 🙂

  2. Since you ask, I would find an app that sorts my titles by genre and an app that puts the titles I finished in their own collections.

    1. Kathleen, Amazon doesn’t allow apps to do any of that. So it would have to a PC software that does that for you. A Windows Collection Manager PC. It seems there’s a lot of interest in that.

  3. Everyone is going to need some type of filter for the freebies if there are going to continue to be dozens available each day. With that many, there might as well be zero (for me, anyway — don’t have time to sort through them). I picked up a couple from your post, but otherwise would not have even attempted to look at any of them.

    The page number conversion is interesting. Sometimes I select my next book by length. With paper I could just eyeball the book; I can’t seem to do that with “locations.” Where I’d really like that info, however, is with the archive list on the Kindle, and I don’t think you can get it there.

  4. I have (and am delighted with) a simple Kindle. Would be most interested in the page #/location converter and the filter for free or discounted books. I’d also like to be able (eventually) to bequeath my Kindle and library to someone else, so that the library doesn’t disappear when I’m no longer around to use my Kindle account.

    1. Michele, the library bequeathing thing will be interesting. I doubt either Amazon or Publishers have any interest whatsoever in making that happen. So it might just be that you have to pass on your entire Amazon account or your physical Kindle.

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