Kindle Free Book Finding Guide

With your Kindle Fire (or your Kindle) now in hand, you are probably wondering where to find Kindle Free Books. Well, this Kindle Free Book Finding Guide will walk you through all the best options.

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Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – New Free Books

Here are your best options to find NEW kindle free books –

  1. The Free Kindle Books section of this blog has new posts almost every day covering the latest new kindle free books. We pick out the best new kindle free books and include information on genre, page length, rating, and more.
  2. You can sign up for our Free Kindle Books newsletter to get kindle free book updates via email.
  3. Amazon has a Top 100 Kindle Free Books List. The right side of the screen shows the bestselling kindle free books. A good way to see what’s popular.
  4. Newest Free Kindle Books (unfiltered) that are rated 4 stars and above. These are the books authors are making free for short durations.
  5. Limited Time Kindle Free Books – This is Amazon’s listing of currently available new kindle free books. Think of this as Amazon’s ‘favorite kindle free book list’.
  6. At the official Kindle forum, Happy Reader Joyce starts a post every day about free kindle books for that day. People share the good kindle free books they find each day in that day’s thread.

Those are some of your best options. Thanks to Amazon now letting any author offer a kindle free book (for up to 5 days per quarter), we are seeing hundreds of kindle free books every day. The Top 100 list, our daily posts, and Happy Reader Joyce’s threads at the Kindle Forum are your best bets for finding good kindle free books from amongst the avalanche of offers.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – Public Domain Books

You have the following options if you’re interested in free public domain books for your Kindle Fire or Kindle:

  1. Amazon. Amazon has around 20,000 free public domain books. Here is a list of the 3,992 public domain books at Amazon which are rated 4 stars and above.
  2. Gutenberg. There are a lot of good public domain books available at Project Gutenberg. They are typed in by volunteers and the quality is great. There are over 20,000 public domain books.
  3. Many Books. This site also has tens of thousands of public domain books.
  4. Internet Archive – 1.8 million books and texts.
  5. Librivox– LibriVox has over 1,000 free audiobooks.

Those are the five best options. You can also check my Free Kindle Books post that lists 20 or so of the best resources for finding free kindle books.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – How to Find Kindle Free Books in Your Favorite Genres?

Firstly, some of the above links take you to Amazon. At Amazon, along the left side of every page, they have genres listed and you can click on any of them to narrow book results to books within your favorite genre.

Secondly, both in this blog’s kindle free book posts and in Happy Reader Joyce’s forum threads – the genres are usually mentioned.

Thirdly, there are some genres that just don’t see that many free offers. The genres that see lots of free offers are usually romance, religious books, erotic romance, mystery, and business. If you want books from another genre or from just 1 of these genres – it might seem to you that there are no kindle free books of your favorite genre because they are getting hidden. Simply use the ‘Genre’ filtering (along the left side of each Amazon page) to narrow down to your favorite genre.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – Why aren’t there more kindle free books from my favorite Authors and from bestselling Authors?

Because they are – your favorite authors and/or bestselling authors.

Authors that are already established don’t really need to offer kindle free books. It’s mostly upcoming authors and authors looking to expand their customer base who are offering kindle free books.

There are sites like eReaderIQ where you can track book prices and catch when books from your favorite authors become free. Please do that and also keep in mind that rarely do bestselling authors offer kindle free books.

Kindle Free Book Finding Guide – More options

You can check out my Recommended Kindle Websites list for more options. It includes general blogs that sometimes write about free kindle books, blogs devoted to kindle free books, and also search engines and notification engines that let you search and track free kindle books.

7 thoughts on “Kindle Free Book Finding Guide”

  1. On the Newest Free Kindle Books list, check to make sure the book is free before you click. On the first page of 12 books, 4 of the books are not free.

    Many of the books available from the Internet Archive are a mess. Strange symbols replace letters, random page breaks, words where it’s one letter per line, etc. The files need some serious copy editing before most people would be willing to read them.

    Project Gutenberg now has over 30,000 free public domain books. Some books are typed in by volunteers, some are scanned in and then proofed, some come from the Internet Archive and are then cleaned up before posting to PG.

    Another good starting point in looking for free books is the Online Books Page. John Mark Ockerbloom has done a great job of providing links to over a million free books on a number of book websites. These are not sites that sell books. He is always open to suggestions of books to add to the list.

  2. I know that there are people who don’t like the “customers who bought this item also bought” list, but I have found it to be a good source of free books that I haven’t seen on other lists.

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