Kindle Fire Cover Sale, Kindle Keyboard Cover Sale

If your Kindle Fire or your Kindle Keyboard is in need of a cover, and your budget extends to $45 to $55 (for a discounted Kindle Fire leather cover from Graphic Image), then MyHabit has a Kindle Fire Cover Sale.

  1. You can go to this Kindle Fire Cover Sale page at MyHabit.
  2. The cover works for both Kindle Fire and Kindle Keyboard. Not sure about the sleeve.
  3. There’s free shipping within the US.
  4. Kindle Fire Cover from Graphic Image is on sale for $55 (Original Price: $105). It’s leather, has 4 straps at the edges to hold the Kindle firmly, has a strap on the outside for security, and has a pocket on the left side if you want to keep something else. It works with both Kindle Fire and Kindle Keyboard.
  5. Colors are: Black Calfskin, Blue Goatskin, Cognac Saffiano, Cranberry Calfskin, Hunter Saffiano, Mustard Calfskin, Navy Pebble, and Platino Gold Goatskin. I like the red and also the white (which Graphic Image likes to call ‘platino gold’).
  6. Kindle Sleeve from Graphic Image is on sale for $44 (Original Price: $95). It has a button closure so you can slide in your Kindle and then snap it shut.
  7. Colors are: Black Calfskin, Cognac Saffiano, Dark Blue Saffiano, Hunter Saffiano, Platino Gold Goatskin.

The sleeves look decent (blue and white). The covers look really good (white, red, and a few of the others). $45 to $55 is not a bad price for a leather cover. Not sure where Graphic Image stands on the quality and value for money scale. Also, don’t think there are any MyHabit coupon codes at the moment. They used to have HOLIDAY and MEMBER15 but those are gone. Perhaps they have something for new members if you aren’t already a member.

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