Free Kindle Books Monday Morning (January 30th)

Disclaimer: Prices Change. It’s 9:51 EST and all books were free FOR EVERYONE in the US (you didn’t have to have Prime). Please check the Price BEFORE buying – especially if you are reading this post on any day other than Monday 30th January 2012.

Free Kindle Books – Full List at Amazon

The full list of new free kindle books at Amazon.

Free Kindle Books – Romance

  1. *Lucien’s Fall by Barbara Samuel. Price: Free. Genre: Historical Romance. Rated 4.5 stars on 20 reviews. 533 kb in size, so about 265 pages. The author of this novel is a RITA winner, so romance lovers will likely be thrilled with this story.
  2. Once a Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance) by Linda Warren. Price: Free. Genre: Contemporary Romance. Rated 4 stars on 109 reviews. 256 pages.
  3. Deep in the Heat of Texas by Amy le Blanc, Melissa Ecker, and Alta Hensley. Price: Free. Genre: Anthology, Contemporary Romance. Rated 4.5 stars on 9 reviews. 163 pages.
  4. *Undercover by Christina Wolfer. Price: $0. Genre: Romantic Suspense. Rated 5 stars on 2 reviews. The cover photo looks like it’s shot by whoever makes movie posters – they only show one side of the face or they fade out the edges – magical perfect symmetry. The girl’s pretty to begin with – the eye shadow and instant symmetry are just unfair.
  5. [Meanest Review Ever] Unrequited Love by Yvonne A Weems. Price: $0. Genre: Contemporary Romance. Agree that the cover is pretty and the rest of the meanest review ever is just wrong.
  6. Beautiful Mess by Lucy V. Morgan. Price: $0. Genre: Erotica, Exes and Male Friends and Stuff. Rated 5 stars on 6 reviews. 443 kb in size which is around 150 to 180 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Thrillers & Mysteries

  1. Merrie Axemas: A Killer Holiday Tale by M.R. Sellars. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Police Procedurals, Horror. Rated 5 stars on 10 reviews. 391 kb in size, or about 190 pages.
  2. *Dead America: Zombie Noir by Luke Keioskie. Price: Free. Genre: Mystery, Hard Boiled, Zombies. Rated 4.5 stars on 5 reviews.
  3. Flowers for Her Grave by Jean Sheldon. Price: Free. Genre: Mystery, Women Sleuths. Rated 5 stars on 6 reviews. 401 kb in size, so around 200 pages.
  4. *Windfall (a thriller about economic terrorism) by Faith Friese Nelson. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Economic. Rated 4 stars on 5 reviews. 222 pages.
  5. Murder in Store (Quint McCauley Mystery) by DC Brod. Price: $0. Genre: Mystery, Middle-Age Ex-Cop, Just Jilted. Rated 4 stars on 1 review. 21 pages. A middle-aged PI getting jilted by his 23 year old – that’s like buying a Porsche in reverse.

Free Kindle Books – Religious

  1. **The Good Life by Charles Colson. Price: $0. Genre: Part-Memoir, Part Enquiry of How We Live Our Lives. Rated 4.5 stars on 39 reviews. 416 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

  1. Odd Stacks: Story Collection Box Set by Scott Nicholson. Price: $0. Genre: Zombies and More, Anthology of Short Story Anthologies.
  2. Just One Taste (The V V Inn) by C.J. Ellisson. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary. Rated 4 stars on 12 reviews. 185 pages.
  3. [Repeat, Good] Valle (The Heku Series) by T.M. Nielson. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Coven. Rated 4 stars on 20 reviews. 392 pages.
  4. Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella by Kristie Cook. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Historical. Rated 5 stars on 18 reviews. 202 pages.
  5. **Loki by Mike Vasich. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Epic. Rated 4.5 stars on 30 reviews. 380 pages.
  6. *Cameo the Assassin (Trilogy of Shadows Book 1) by Dawn McCullough-White. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Adventure. Rated 4 stars on 31 reviews. 203 pages.
  7. The Golden Acorn (The Adventures of Jack Brenin) by Catherine Cooper. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Magic. Rated 4 stars on 55 reviews. 377 pages.
  8. Chasing the Bard (The Fey With Us) by Philippa Ballantine. Price: Free. Genre: Historical Fantasy. Rated 4.5 stars on 14 reviews. 555 kb in size, or around 275 pages.
  9. Reaper IV: Daddy by Amanda M. Holt. Price: $0. Genre: Fantasy, For Adults Only, Book 4 in the Series, Novella. 36,000 words.

Free Kindle Books – Historical Fiction

  1. The Last Killiney (The Ravenna Evans Series) by J. Jay Kemp. Price: Free. Genre: Historical, eighteenth-century. Rated 4 stars on 9 reviews. 615 kb in size, or about 300 pages.

Free Kindle Books – For Children of All Ages

  1. *Sojourner (Book 1) (Sojourner Series) by Maria Rachel Hooley. Price: Free. Genre: Girls & Women. Rated 4 stars on 37 reviews. 244 pages.
  2. Taken by Debra Lee. Price: $0. Genre: Children’s Books. Rated 3.5 stars on 7 reviews. 176 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Various Genres (Fiction) including Adventure

  1. *Stealing Wishes by Shannon Yarbrough. Price: Free. Genre: Gay & Lesbian. Rated 4.5 stars on 14 reviews. 236 pages.
  2. *Sugarland by Joni Rodgers. Price: Free. Genre: Literary Fiction. Rated 4.5 stars on 7 reviews. 545 kb in size, or around 270 pages.
  3. **To Live and Die in LA by Terry L. Wroten. Price: $0. Genre: Going Clean Versus Revenge, Caught Up. Rated 4.5 stars on 29 reviews. 281 kb in size.

Free Kindle Books – Non Fiction

  1. **Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq by Kirsten Holmstedt. Price: Free. Genre: United States, Military History, Veterans. Rated 4 stars on 38 reviews. 388 pages.
  2. **lol…OMG!: What Every Student Needs to Know About Online Reputation Management, Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying by Matt Ivester. Price: Free. Genre: Computers & Internet, Students, Social. Rated 5 stars on 39 reviews. 557 kb in size, or about 275 pages.
  3. **Beyond the Literary-Industrial Complex: How Authors and Publishers Are Using the Amazon Kindle and Other New Technologies (… to Unleash a 21-Century Indie Movement of Readers and Writers) by Stephen Windwalker. Price: Free. Genre: Publishing, Authorship. Rated 4.5 stars on 6 reviews. 203 pages. Readers and writers alike should be informed about whether or not this is the future that books hold.
  4. [Monday only] Atheism 101: Answers, Explanations and Rebuttals by Grigory Lukin. Price: $0. Genre: Atheism. Rated 4 stars on 10 reviews.
  5. [Monday only] Go to College without Going Broke: 33 Ways to Save your Time, Money and Sanity by Grigory Lukin. Price: $0. Genre: Personal Finance. Rated 4.5 stars on 13 reviews.

Today’s Deal (Not Free, just Cheap)

  1. Kindle Daily Deal. The Land of Later On – a vivid journey of the afterlife.

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