Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card for $5

Thanks to The Verge for this deal. It is TODAY (Tuesday) ONLY.

Update: Sold Out!

Amazon Local is offering a $10 Amazon Gift Card for $5 today. Well worth a look – Get $10 of Kindle Books for $5.

The Standard Disclaimers:

  1. Gift Card is only valid at
  2. It does not expire (at least that’s what they say).
  3. Limited Quantities so you might want to rush. Already we have 990,000+ people who’ve bought it.
  4. Due to the rush it might be hours until you get an email confirmation.
  5. One Gift Card per household limit.
  6. Can not be used on Amazon Local. Can only be used with allowed items at Amazon.
  7. For US-based customers only.

Please read all the rules and disclaimers.

5 thoughts on “Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card for $5”

      1. Nope. I logged in three times under different names/areas (deleted cookies so I’d be incognito) and still got ‘we have nothing in your area.’ Maybe they stopped it early or something. Or else they decided to just single me out to shun. *sniffle*

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