Lighted Nook available for preorder (Nook GlowLight)

A Lighted Nook is now available for preorder. I’d say that makes Lighted Nook (aka Nook GlowLight) the best eReader available (until Amazon announces Lighted Kindle).

The key details:

  1. It’s $139 and ships on May 1st. Only available in the US.
  2. It has a light which makes it perfect for bedtime reading.
  3. You can switch off the light for perfect daylight reading.
  4. GlowLight features – soft glow optimized for low light reading, illuminates screen evenly, adjusts brightness with a touch.
  5. Built-in anti-glare screen delivers paper like experience in bright sunshine.
  6. $139.
  7. It’s built into the Nook Simple Touch so you get a Light and the touchscreen.
  8. Supposedly the lighted Nook ever and with ‘seamless’ page turns.

Here’s an image from B&N:

Nook Lighted eReader with GlowLight
Nook beats Kindle to the punch

Funnily enough, just last week, TechCrunch reported that the up-coming Kindle may be equipped with the illuminating new add-on.  Looks like B&N is one step ahead of Amazon on this bright idea.

The front-lit Nook essentially emits a light from its screen, allowing readers to view eBooks in the dark..

Will front-light equipped eReaders be a big deal?

Let’s see.

  1. If you love ‘reading’ then yes – you will love having a built-in adjustable light.
  2. If you’re a non-reader who hates eReaders, then you’ll switch your stance from ‘eReaders suck because they don’t have a backlight’ to ‘eReaders suck because they aren’t Hipster enough and how can I be seen in Williamsburg with one’. 

With e-Ink addressing the issue of glare and the front-light addressing the issue of reading in the dark, readers will be able to read virtually anywhere, in any conditions. This is a very big deal.

Also, tip of the hat to B&N for not giving up and continuing to compete with Kindle and pushing things ahead. This is a brilliant and brilliantly sneaky move. Amazon’s PR department starts building up curiosity for a potential lighted Kindle. B&N says – We prioritize readers over tech blogs. We’ll just let people preorder.

Lighted Nook – An in-depth look

Let’s take a more illuminating look, shall we?

  1. Have to admit GlowLight is very impressive. My favorite feature is that the brightness is adjustable and that it’s built-in and easy to turn on and off.
  2. 1 month of reading with GlowLight on. That’s hard to believe – If true, that makes this a superstar feature. This is based on half an hour of daily reading.
  3. 2 months of reading with GlowLight off. This is same as Nook Simple Touch. This is based on half an hour of daily reading.
  4. It apparently illuminates the screen evenly. Not sure how it does that.
  5. BestText technology with super crisp words. Does that mean it’s better than the Nook Touch and Kindle Touch. Will be interesting to find out.
  6. Weighs less than 7 ounces. Good. Exact Weight: 6.5 ounces.
  7. Dimensions of – 6.5 inches height, 5.0 inches width, 0.47″ depth.
  8. Screen resolution is 600 by 800 which isn’t super impressive. It’s a 6″ touchscreen with 16-level grayscale.
  9. Screen Protector and Power Adapter included. The inclusion of an anti-glare screen protector is great. Much rather have this than a $99 version that cuts corners.
  10. Wonder what the processor is. Would be nice if they used a faster processor.
  11. 7 Font Sizes and 6 styles. 6 styles is good. Kindle Touch has 3. Wonder how many the Lighted Kindle Touch will have.
  12. It’s funny how B&N advertises – No Annoying Ads.
  13. Free WiFi in all B&N stores and at 24,000 AT&T stores.
  14. Support for Public Library Books.
  15. 2 GB memory. 750 MB is reserved for B&N content. 
  16. Memory can be added via microSD card.

Quite frankly, the Lighted Nook’s GlowLight feature is a lot more impressive than I would have thought. The 4 reasons:

  1. 1 month battery life with GlowLight on.
  2. Lighting is distributed all over the screen.
  3. Easy on and off and adjustment of the brightness. So day reading and night reading shifts are quick.
  4. The $139 price is pretty decent.

It’s a good solid feature and while it’s perhaps 2 years too late – better late than never.

Also, kudos to B&N for keeping the Kindle vs Nook eReader fight going when they could so easily ignore readers and focus 100% on Nook Tablet and Nook Color which, from all signs, are selling very well and are selling better than Nook eReaders.

Kindle Touch vs Nook Touch is going to be replaced by Lighted Nook vs Lighted Kindle. It seems B&N has won a minor battle by having Lighted Nook preorders available first.

7 thoughts on “Lighted Nook available for preorder (Nook GlowLight)”

  1. If I could transfer my 1,400+ kindle titles to a lighted nook they would have me in. A. Heartbeat. I love my coworkers nook but I have all three generations of kindle (still trying to win a fire) lol

  2. Sounds nice, and if the “even lighting” thing is true, it sounds awesome.

    I bought the cover with integrated light for my Kindle 3. Turns out the slots where the cover hooks go in deliver power for the light; I ASSumed it plugged into the USB port. The lighting isn’t even, but does do the job. Yeah, it was $50, but a case with hard covers is as good as an extended warranty for protection. (Better, because it can keep the thing from breaking in the first place.)

    The point of that aside is, even if I was thinking about ditching the Kindle for Nook, I’d still want a sturdy case for it. Mobile gadgets lead a rough life at FAR Manor.

  3. Switch11:

    Do you expect such a new Kindle to be bigger and heavier than the Kindle Touch? Why would a KT owner go for this new Nook? I am convinced that KT is the best Kindle – though it gives me problem with PDF view. I am not sure if Amazon has a complete how to use PDF for all Kindles. My hope is that Amazon will hire someone from Apple, as they know the best in customer service.

    1. The new Lighted Kindle should be lighter than Kindle Touch by a little bit. Not very noticeable though.

      I think if you have Kindle Touch there’s not really any reason to get Lighted Nook unless you want to get the lighting for night-time reading.

  4. The GlowLight probably works similar to side-illuminated LED TVs. There is a plastic layer with vertical angled steps to reflect the light evenly. The plastic layer is the width of the beam of light from the LEDs, but thin at the edge and increasily thicker toward the center.

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