Windows Surface – Review of Features

Microsoft has revealed the Windows Surface PC today which will compete against the Kindle Fire and iPad. This is a Windows Surface Review of features.

Please Note: As we review the features we’ll keep updating this Windows Surface Review post.

Windows Surface – Top 10 Features

  1. Full desktop PC – exactly like a regular Windows Desktop but in a 10.6″ form factor.
  2. Runs Office.
  3. IvyBridge Processor for Surface Pro and ARM processor for Surface RT.
  4. Cover doubles up as multi-touch keyboard. Cover is just 3 mm.
  5. Pen Input and it automatically switches from Touch to Pen input when it recognizes pen is near.
  6. Built-in Kickstand.
  7. Type Cover available which provides a full keyboard.
  8. Gorilla Glass screen.
  9. Magnesium Case which means the Intel Surface is just 14 mm thick and weights less than 2 pounds. The RT Surface is just 9.3 mm thick (0.37 inches) and weighs just 1.5 pounds.
  10. Choice – You can get Intel Surface with higher resolution display (1920 x 1080) or the other Surface (which hopefully costs less and has 1366 by 768 resolution).

Windows Surface – Review of Top 10 Features

  1. Full desktop PC – Will believe it when I see it. Being able to use a Display Port is very cool. Microsoft is promising it’s a PC and a Tablet. Let’s see.
  2. Runs Office – This is amazing.
  3. Cover is a multi-touch keyboard. Makes the smart cover look dumb.
  4. Pen Input – This is a big deal for designers and college students and anyone else who likes to make notes or draw or scribble.
  5. IvyBridge – Will have to see actual specifications. This is really good. Arm Processoer – let’s see what this is like.
  6. Less than 2 pounds – Will have to see how it feels when using.
  7. Built-in Kickstand – This is a big win. So you can stand up your Tablet. Can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to do this with Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet.
  8. Gorilla Glass – Necessary.
  9. Type Cover – The option to get an optional cover that is a full keyboard is very very cool. I fall into the 95% of the population that can’t type as well or as fast on a glass screen as on a keyboard and this will be a life saver. Wonder if this is much better than the touch cover or not.
  10. Two different models – Great since people who don’t mind a normal, good display (and don’t need to see every pixel in all its natural glory) can go for the lower priced option.

Windows Surface – Other Details

  1. Dual WiFi Antennae.
  2. Trackpad in the Touch Cover.
  3. Full-size USB port. Oh Thank God.

Here’s a video:


Update: Windows Surface site is now up.

Windows Surface RT vs Windows Surface Pro (Intel)

What are the differences?

  1. Windows Surface RT will be competitively priced with ARM Tablets. That might mean $500 to $800.
  2. Windows Surface Intel will be competitively priced with Ultrabooks. That might mean $1,000 to $1,500. This will be called Windows Surface Pro
  3. Windows Surface Pro will be available 3 months after the first one.
  4. Surface RT is 9.3 mm (0.37 inches) thick and 1.5 pounds in weight. Surface Pro is 14 mm thick and weighs 2 pounds.
  5. Surface Pro has a higher resolution screen at 1920 by 1080.
  6. Both have – microSD, USB, video out, front and rear cameras.
  7. Surface RT will have up to 64 GB of storage. Surface Pro will have up to 128 GB of storage.
  8. Surface RT might be available in October when Windows 8 launches.
  9. Both have 10.6 inch 16:9 screens.

Windows Surface – The Big Unknowns

  1. What will the price be? Obviously the biggest unknown. It’s supposed to be competitive with Ultrathins and Thin and Light PCs. Update: The lower end model would be priced to be competitive with ARM tablets. Does that mean around $500 to $700. That would be super.
  2. What will the battery life be? This is another big unknown.
  3. What are the full specifications? Would be nice to know processor speed, RAM, other details.
  4. When will it be available? From where? In which countries? If they don’t make it available in Canada at launch we’ll have to shut off the oil pipelines.
  5. Capacity – 32 GB and 64 GB. Intel Surface will have higher capacities.

I’ll update this Windows Surface Review of the features once more details trickle out. Details included updates from The Verge Windows Surface Live Blog and Mashable Windows Surface Live Blog and MSNBC GadgetBox.

2 thoughts on “Windows Surface – Review of Features”

  1. They should have called it The Taptop PC.
    That has pizzazz. It implies a new category. It’s memorable. It’s edgy. It suggests TipTop. (High quality.)
    “Surface” is too “beige.” It’s as sexy as a bunion pad.

  2. As I read the details & watched your video I wondered
    just how much further can we actually go. I am 66 yrs.
    years young and I truly find new miracles being shown
    every day. I have the desire to want to know the details that
    allow these new products to do what we thought was being
    done in a modern form-I can only imagine how much further
    we have gone with the Window Surface, I can hardly wait to
    actually see it being shoyuwn in action.

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