Kindle Omnibus Classics Offerings for Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fill your Kindle with a digital library of classics on a par with collections rarely found even in the largest Universities and Colleges. You may be familiar with these authors from school, a movie version of one of their novels or a Masterpiece Theater Series. Now you can explore their other works in complete and orderly sets. Unlike the heavy and ungainly paper versions of some Complete Works, these Kindle versions are portable — though they are large files. The included tables of contents, annotations and period illustrations make these Omnibus Classics an intensive and enjoyable way to immerse yourself in an already familiar or a new author.

Please Note (from switch): You can find free public domain versions of most of these novels. Jacob has listed out what you get with these Omnibus Classics versions from Delphi Classics Press. This post is NOT sponsored by or in any way affiliated with Delphi Press. There’s an Amazon associate relationship but that’s just 8.5% commission = 25 cents per sale. So that’s not the motivation (we wouldn’t be posting 30 to 40 free books every day if that were the motivation). This is just a great way to get a great set of Classics with lots of background and related items and a proper table of contents.

Rating Note: All these books are either 4.5 stars or 5 stars. A few haven’t been reviewed yet.

  1. Complete Works of Jane Austen (Illustrated) by JANE AUSTEN. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains all of her novels (including Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility with illustrations from multiple sources), her two unfinished (and rarely found) novels, complete letters, images and juvenilia, presented in chronological order with a bonus biography written by Austen’s nephew. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. 2613 pages/14516 KB.
  2. Complete Works of the Brontes Charlotte, Emily, Anne Brontë (Illustrated) by ELIZABETH GASKELLANNE BRONTEEMILY BRONTE and PATRICK BRONTE and Charlotte Bronte. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics, Contains their major novels (including Charlotte’s Jane Eyre and Emily’s Wuthering Heights), original illustrations, poetry, and Gaskell’s Biography of Charlotte Bronte. Also includes rarely seen poetry of brother Branwell Bronte. All with separate indices and tables of content. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. 4645 pages/10758 KB.
  3. Complete Works of Charles Dickens (Illustrated) by CHARLES DICKENS. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains all 15 of his novels with the original Victorian images (including A Christmas Carol and David Copperfield), poetry, plays, letters and speeches, and images from the monthly serials in which his works were first featured, with a complete table of contents. Rated 4.8 stars on 16 reviews. 46619 KB.
  4. The Complete Novels of George Eliot by George Eliot. Price: $1.00. Genre: Literature, Buki Editions, Complete set of Eliot’s novels including (The Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner), with fully functioning tables of contents. Rated 3.5 stars on 2 reviews. 5848 KB.
  5. Complete Works of Thomas Hardy (Illustrated) by THOMAS HARDY. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains his complete novels (including Far From the Madding Crowd, Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure), short stories, poetry, plays and criticism including A Study of Thomas Hardy by D.H. Lawrence, all with separate indices and tables of contents, and a special map of Hardy’s Wessex. Rated 4.7 stars on 3 reviews. 22818 KB.
  6. Complete Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Illustrated) by NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains his completed and uncompleted novels (including The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables and The Blithedale Romance), Short Story Collections (including Twice Told Tales), Notebooks, Literary Criticism and Biographies. Rated 5 stars on 1 review. 648 pages/14984 KB.
  7. Complete Works of Victor Hugo (Illustrated) by VICTOR HUGO. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, all 9 novels in English and French(including Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame), complete poetry in French, with a large number of English translations, 4 plays in French and 2 in English, a biography and a collection of literary criticism of Hugo by Dickens, James, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Rated 4.5 stars on 2 reviews. 30994 KB.
  8. Complete Works of Henry James (Illustrated) by Henry James. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains all 23 novels (including The Ambassadors and The Golden Bowl), 112 Novellas and Short Stories, Plays, Non Fiction Travel Writing and Essays, Autobiographies, Criticism, with Annotations and Introductions. Rated 4.4 stars on 7 reviews.  30296 KB.
  9. Works of D.H. Lawrence (Illustrated) by D.H. LAWRENCE. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains 7 of his novels (including Sons and Lovers and Women in Love — 4 novels, including Lady Chatterley’s Lover, were not included due to US Copyright restrictions), Short Stories, Plays,Travel Writing, Poetry and Literary Criticism, with contents tables and annotations. Rated 5 stars on 5 reviews. 11034 KB.
  10. Complete Works of Sir Walter Scott (Illustrated) by Sir Walter Scott. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains all 28 novels (including Ivanhoe and The Heart of Midlothian) with annotations and introductions to each in chronological order, Scott’s Writing Journal, poetry and plays, a glossary of Scottish Dialect words, historical map of Scotland, biographies and literary criticism by Henry James, Dickens and others. Rated 5 stars on 2 reviews. 37331 KB.
  11. Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson (Illustrated) by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains his 12 novels (including Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) with many of the original Victorian illustrations and artwork, short stories, poetry, plays and letters as well as 3 biographies, with complete table of contents. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. 19269 KB.
  12. Complete Works of Mark Twain (Illustrated) by ALBERT BIGELOW PAINE, MARK TWAIN and WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS. Price: $2.99. Genre: Literature, Delphi Classics Press, Contains his 12 novels (including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court), short stories, essays, speeches, travel writing and autobiography as well as 3 biographies, literary criticism and a critical study, with complete table of contents. Rated 4 stars on 19 reviews. 19361 KB.
  13. Works of Edith Wharton (31 Books) by Edith Wharton. Price: $0.99. Genre: Literature, H&H Books, Novels (including Ethan Frome and House of Mirth) and Early Short Fiction with active table of contents. Rated 4 stars on 4 reviews. 6892 KB.
Hope you found something you liked.

3 thoughts on “Kindle Omnibus Classics Offerings for Saturday, June 30, 2012”

  1. I am always willing to pay for public domain content if it is properly formatted and not missing original content. I believe it is worth the money to avoid purchasing publications that suffer from quick OCR scans and poor editing.

    I am going to review one of these Delphi Classics editions, but a quick Google search returned the following article (the veracity of which I cannot verify) that might be worth reviewing before buying a Delphi Classics edition:


    1. Matt, I’m approving this comment but that post is very nitpicky.

      There are lots of users giving 5 star reviews. The person whose blog post you pointed to seems hung up on the description mentioning ‘Complete Works’.

      If all other people buying the compilations are happy and that one person is super upset and accusing the publisher of fraud – Perhaps he should consider whether he’s getting too caught up with one perhaps insolvable issue.

      1. I understand. The blog post was definitely “nitpicky” and I took it with a grain of salt – hopefully others will make up their own minds. The Delphi collections are certainly an affordable and quick way to fill up a library with classics.

        I would be less concerned about completeness of the works than I would be the quality of the text conversion. It still amazes me to see some of the typos that would have been caught by a quick spell-check after the OCR conversion of print copy.


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