Kindle Fire Free Books App – Free Kindle Books, Kindle Book Deals

‘Free Books Buddy – Free Kindle Books, Kindle Book Deals’, our new Kindle Fire App, is now available for You. It’s an App and not just a glorified/appified website. It provides genre filtering and easy navigation and a focus on easy to see book information.

  1. If you have a Kindle Fire – please do take a look. It supplements the email newsletter and blog very well. If you like it, please do review it.
  2. If you like this blog – please do leave a review about users being able to find good books via the App. The App shows the same free kindle books and kindle book deals as the blog. We could really use your review to counter people who are upset that Stephen King’s books aren’t free via the app and that the app doesn’t work on their washing machine.

The more people access the Blog and the App the more we can provide better books and deals. So please do review the app and please keep spreading the word.

Please Note: Prices Change. So please check the price on the Book Page BEFORE buying.

Kindle Fire Free Books Buddy – Free Kindle Books, Kindle Book Deals Screenshots & Features

This is what the main page looks like. You can scroll horizontally in each section to see the first seven books of each section. To see all the books in a section you have to tap on the button on the top right of each row. So, to see all Free Kindle Books’ you have to tap on the ‘All Book Offers’ button.

Kindle Fire Free Books and Book Deals App

Free Books Buddy – Main Page

You can press the Help button to go to Help. You can press the Menu button to get options like Settings.

There is a choice of Blue and Pink themes. So we’ll look at the second page in Pink. This is what the Free Kindle Books page looks like in Pink theme.

Kindle Fire Free Book Application Page for Free Kindle Books

Free Kindle Books Page in Pink

You’ll notice that the Title and Author and Genres and Star Ratings are all clear and easy to read. As opposed to an ‘appified’ version of a Website, this is clear and easy to read and very quick to navigate and move around in. You don’t get Ads or Banners or Strange HTML stuff – just Free Kindle Books.

Here is the Genre Selection screen.

Please Note: Religious and Other Languages sections hardly ever have free books. If you would like Christian Books then please choose ‘Christian’ and not ‘Religious’.

Kindle Fire Free Books App Lets you select Genres you would like

Genre Selection for Free Kindle Books and Kindle Book Deals

This is, in our opinion, the biggest benefit of the App. You can select your favorite genres and then you will only see Free Kindle Books and Kindle Book Deals in those genres. Additionally, since the original lists on the blog are chosen very carefully by Max and Alex you won’t miss out books due to genre miscategorization that authors often do.

You can click on a book title to go to the Amazon page for it. On the page, after you’ve bought the book, or decided not to, you can just press the Back button at the bottom of the screen to return to the app.

Main Features of the Free Books Buddy App

The Free Books Buddy App provides –

  1. The same free kindle books hand-picked by Jacob, and Max that you are used to. The best choices out of the daily flood.
  2. The same kindle book deals hand-picked by Jacob that you are used to. The best choices every day.
  3. It’s an app, not just a website masquerading as an app. So you get a much cleaner way to navigate through books and an easy way to see information at a glance.
  4. Genre Filtering – If you only read ‘Romance’ then go to Settings and pick Romance and you’ll only see Romance books. If you only read ‘Mystery’ and ‘Non Fiction’ then only pick those and you’ll only see Mystery and Non-Fiction.
  5. A Handpicked books section. Not sure what we’ll do with this but please let us know your suggestions – would you like to see best new releases, best new books under $9.99, best indie authors?

Additionally, this is just V1 of the App. We’ll add more features if the app does well and/or gets good reviews.

Please Note: There are no book covers. The front page only lists the first 7 books of each section. The App requires WiFi.

Please try Free Books Buddy – Free Kindle Books, Kindle Book Deals. Please do let us know your suggestions and feedback, and please do leave a review if you like the app. We would really appreciate your support with this App. We also have another surprise for you – but that might take a few months to finish.

31 Responses

  1. I love this blog. Reading the reviews alone is worth the price of admission. K

  2. I was so irked to see only one review and it was a “3”…..and a “not there yet” label because *sigh* it didn’t work on another device. How plain do you have to state “For Fire Only?” Geez. If ignorance is bliss, I can’t imagine why so many people are unhappy. Certainly ignorance surrounds us. (I gave you a 5 and a huge thanks for the effort….thanks Michael et al)

  3. Downloaded “Book Buddy” then “bought” “Lawless” and it never downloaded even though it acknowledged that “you bought Lawless”.
    Do not understand?

    • Not sure why it didn’t download.
      Just go to Books section of your Kindle Fire and click on ‘Cloud’ tab and see if it shows up there. If it does, then tap on it to download.

  4. Thanks, Makes looking for books a lot better.

  5. I would love to get this app, but the link doesn’t work, and I can’t find the app on the amazon site — please help…

  6. I tried to get the app but the link wouldn’t work. I searched the sight also and couldn’t find it.

  7. I cant download the free book apt said web page does. not exist.

  8. Thanks for all you do. Please repost when the App is available – otherwise you’ll have a boatload of emails to send!

  9. No page. Not working.

    • It’s been held back to change it to be for Kindle Fire only. To prevent people from phones etc. from getting it. I’ll email you and add an update in one of the free book posts when it becomes available again.

  10. Please email me when this app is available again. Thanks,

  11. Good morning. I love your emails. Thanks for sending.

    Is there a problem with your new app? I didn’t download it the minute I received the email, as I did not have my kindle fire with me. Now the link opens to a page with an error message Looking for something? We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site

    Go to’s Home Page

    Also, searching for your app yields the same message.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Connie “A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

  12. Okay I get a new email saying that I can get the apt but I still get the same response unable to open the website arrrgh

    • The app won’t be available until end of the week or next week. We haven’t sent any emails saying app is available. Not sure where you got the email from.

  13. Hello: How can you get the new app, been on Amazon and have not been able to locate. Thank you, Robin Schaffer


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