50 Reasons to Buy a Kindle

Here are 50 Reasons to buy a Kindle. There will also be a companion post in a few days – 40 Reasons not to buy a Kindle.

#1 One Kindle replaces 1,000 books – One device can replace a whole pile of books. Isn’t that the best reason to buy a Kindle?

#2 Read while travelling – All of us spend a lot of time traveling. Some of us travel everyday. Why not make all that time productive by reading books?

#3 Choice of Kindle Models –  Do you want an inexpensive/compact model? Do you want a large screen? Do you want a keyboard? Do you want a touch screen? Do you want a color LCD multimedia tablet? Do you want 3G? Whichever model do you want, Kindles come in a variety of choices.

#4 Amazon has a somewhat exhaustive collection of books – Books are the reason you want to buy an eReader in the first place, right? Amazon, being the market leader, has a somewhat exhaustive collection of eBooks. There are more than one million titles available as of today and the collection is growing everyday.

#5 Availability of quite a few books at low prices – More than 800,000 titles available as eBooks in Amazon cost less than $9.99. There are lots of free public domain books. There are quite a few $1 and $2 and $3 books. Kindle lets you pay less and read more.

#6 E-Ink Technology – Except the tablet version (the Kindle Fire), all the Kindle models come with screens that use E-ink technology. This is the closest you can get to the actual physical book reading experience. You can read for a long time without straining your eyes. You can even read from a Kindle in broad daylight. There is no glare.

People who own both a Tablet and an eInk eReader prefer reading from the eInk eReader. This is across all Tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, Nexus 7). A dedicated eReader with an eInk screen is just better suited for reading, works in sunlight, and has few distractions.

#7 Easy to use – There is no point in buying a device if you have to take a crash course on how to use it. Amazon Kindle has been used by kids and grannies and non-tech savvy readers with ease and enthusiasm. It’s very simple to use and user-friendly for the most part.

#8 Thousands of free new books, millions of free public domain books – There are thousands of free books available for the Kindle. You can also access all the books available for free in the public domain (classics, etc) via various online sites like Gutenberg, Many Reads, and Internet Archive.

#9 Amazon Prime membership – If you are a frequent reader, you might just want to sign up for the Amazon Prime membership which allows you to read up to one free eBook a month (out of a limited set of titles).

#10 Long lasting and Durable – Amazon says that its Kindle can easily survive falls from 3-5 feet of height. But don’t try it! Kindle has absolutely no moving parts and holds up well under frequent use.

#11 Make reading a habit – With an eReader, you can both entertain and educate yourself. Kindle is an excellent way to make reading a habit. Good habits are as difficult to break as bad ones. So, develop a good habit.

#12 Use it in many countries – Kindle can be used in many countries and it is available in all major languages. It can be your best companion during international travels.

#13 Screen is large enough – Kindle is not your cell phone. The screen in any Kindle device is large enough to display text clearly. The interface is optimized for reading, without a  multitude of distractions.

#14 Font size/type can be adjusted – Eight font sizes and three font types are available for the Kindle. Choose the font that appeals the most to you.

#15 Long battery life – Amazon says that the Kindle lasts for one/two months (depending on the model) if you use it for half an hour every day. The battery charge lasts much longer than your cell phones and tablets.

In practical terms it means you’ll only have to charge it after every 3-4 books, probably only once a week, and that you can travel without a charger. Charge it and then forget about the battery till next week.

#16 Rechargeable battery – Nearly all devices come with rechargeable batteries these days, and so does Kindle. No worrying about buying batteries.

#17 Amazon Whispernet – Connect to the Internet and buy/download books for free using the Amazon Whispernet high-speed network in the US.

#18 AffordablePopular Kindle models are priced between $79 to $149. The prices might have reduced further by the time you are reading this article.

#19 Saves a lot of space in your house – This should be obvious. With Kindle, physical books don’t clutter your house any longer. You can use your existing books to create a beautiful book showcase in your living room. And buy all your new ones in ebook form to avoid clutter.

#20 Pay lower prices for books (sometimes) – An eBook costs lesser than its physical counterpart. Well, sometimes.

#21 Read text from other formats – You can convert a lot of file formats into the Kindle format using the Kindle online system or a free app like Calibre (recommended).

#22 Touch to turn the page – If you are a fan of touching and caressing devices, you’ll love the Kindle touch screen based models.

#23 Keyboard – Some models (Kindle Keyboard Model) have a keyboard that allows you to take notes/quotes without having to search for a notebook/pen. Some models have an on-screen keyboard which isn’t quite the same but works for very short notes.

#24 Low cost tabletThe Kindle Fire is a low-cost tablet that does most of what you expect from a tablet. Want to browse the net? Play games? Download apps? Play music, video and multimedia? You can do them all and much more at a price that is less than most tablets out there. Of course, you can read color/interactive books as well. Watch out for Kindle Fire 2. It’s coming out soon.

#25 Sync across devices – With Whispersync, it is possible to sync bookmarks, your place in the book, annotations, etc. across other mobile devices that have a Kindle App available.

#26 Text to speech – Some Kindle books are enabled with text to speech functionality. So, if you feel like listening to a book instead of reading it, you can do so with the Kindle (Note: Only for books where Read to Me feature is not disabled).

#27 Built-in dictionary – You want to look-up the meaning of a complex word mentioned in your eBook? No problem. You can do it on the Kindle without leaving the current page.

#28 X-Ray – Not satisfied with looking up the meanings of words? You can do more with X-Ray. You can read a short synopsis of a character or you can find out more about an important person/event mentioned in the book. You can do all this instantly without connecting to the Internet as long as the X-Ray feature is available for the book/Kindle model. How cool is that?

#29 Support for PDF, DOC & Image formats – Kindle supports PDF, DOC, HTML and image formats like jpeg, etc. You can upload many types of documents and read them later using the Kindle.

Please Note: Kindle PDF support is spotty at best. Also, the 6″ screens are not at all ideal for reading PDFs and even Kindle DX isn’t really big enough. Most PDFs are meant for A4 or Letter sized sheets of paper and don’t translate well to smaller screens (even Kindle DX sized screens).

#30 Listen to music while reading – With some Kindle models, you can load songs/music and listen to them while reading a book. Imagine reading your favorite book with soft music playing in the background (without needing to carry your music player everywhere with you).

#31 Rotate pages – Some Kindle models like the Kindle DX can show eBooks both in the landscape mode, as well as the portrait mode. This is very useful for reading in larger font.

#32 Large screen – The Kindle DX has a large 9.7” E-ink display. If you want a large screen, you got it. Large screens are especially useful for surfing and PDFs and if you have weaker vision.

#33 Amazon Kindle is the market leader – Choose the eInk eReader that the largest number of other readers choose.

#34 Borrow books from a lending library – You can take your Kindle and borrow eBooks from a public/lending library near your house. Note: Some Libraries don’t have ebooks for loaning, and Libraries that do have varying range and selection.

#35 Read magazines/newspapers/blogs – For a small monthly fee, you can read your favorite magazines, newspapers and blogs directly on the Kindle. Save trees and your windows and pots and plants.

#36 FREE Kindle Software Updates – You can receive operating system (software) updates over the net and your device automatically gets updated.

Please Note: Older Kindles sometimes don’t get features added to newer Kindles.

#37 Textbook rental program – Students can enroll in a textbook rental program available with Amazon and save a lot of money by borrowing available eBooks for a small price over a limited time. Note: Selection varies. Please check that the selection will match your needs BEFORE buying a Kindle for educational purposes.

#38 Listen to audio books – Some Kindle models like Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch can play audio books from Audible. Read or listen, it’s your choice.

#39 Identify new authors – The Kindle Direct Publishing program allows authors to publish their books directly, without going through a publisher. That basically opens up the book market to more talented authors who would have otherwise not been able to have their books published. You get the power to choose which author succeeds.

#40 Read Samples – You may want to read reviews/samples before buying books written by new authors. You can download the first chapter and sample the author’s work before buying any book. For seasoned readers, reading through a few pages is enough to judge an author.

Note: Authors sometimes also have cheap deals on their books and sometimes even free books to encourage readers to buy their other works. So Samples are just one way to try out new authors.

#41 Interact with the book – You can add bookmarks, add annotations, take notes and highlight selected text. You can even check Popular Highlights i.e. the portions which were most often highlighted by other readers.

#42 Cloud backup – A copy of all your books is stored in the Amazon cloud automatically. If you accidentally delete your books or break your device, you can download the books once again (without any additional charges for downloading the books).

#43 Read from multiple devices – Kindle apps are available for a lot of devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones/tablets, PC, Mac, etc. You can download your books to any of these devices and read them from those devices.

#44 Quick battery recharge – Just three hours of battery recharge time is sufficient to fully charge your Kindle. You can then read from your Kindle for a whole month (half to one hour a day depending on the model).

#45 Read from any angle – Unlike a LCD screen, the contrast ratio of the E-ink display does not change based on the angle from which you view the Kindle. You can hold the Kindle in any direction and still get the same display clarity.

#46 Stays cool – Unlike computers, cell phones and tablets, the Kindle reader does not become hot when used for a long time. Hot in your heart, not in your hands.

#47 Full screen image display – It is possible to zoom-in and see images in full screen.

#48 Active user-base and reviews – You can find reviews for most of the books listed on Amazon as there is an active reader community that is willing to help others. Of course, you are also encouraged to leave reviews after reading a book.

#49 Games – There are some simple games like Everyword and Number Slide that are exclusively designed for the Kindle. If you like a little distraction when reading a long book, you might want to try them.

#50 Fifty reasons – The fact that we are able to come up with fifty reasons to buy a Kindle (OK, make that 49) is in itself a sign of the usefulness of the Kindle.

Don’t change the channel. In a few days, we’ll be back with 40 reasons to NOT buy a Kindle.

3 thoughts on “50 Reasons to Buy a Kindle”

  1. I would dispute the durability of the Kindle. My first Kindle lasted 13 months; I don’t expect my second one to last any longer. Yes, I use it a lot, but I was hoping for the same life as a computer or a phone.

    1. Your Kindle is an exception to the rule. I have the original Kindle from 2007 and it’s still going strong! And I know many people with the same experience.

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