Kindle Fire 2? Kindle Phone? Invites Sent Out for Amazon Press Conference on September 6th

Kindle Fire 2 and Kindle Phone might get unveiled this September 6th.

Amazon has scheduled a press conference for Thursday, September 6th in Santa Monica — Invitations were sent out by Amazon today.

Now while I may personally hope that this is an announcement declaring huge price slashing on socks (I never have enough socks), I highly doubt that this is the reason.

Amazon did not share the reason for this press conference.

All Signs point to Kindle Fire 2 and Kindle Phone

My intuition is telling me that Amazon will be showing off the new Kindle Fire 2 and any other new Kindles (maybe even a 10″ Kindle – code name Hollywood) it has developed while we have spent months speculating.

New Kindles, release dates and prices – is most likely the focus of this Press Conference.

Most Likely: Kindle Fire 2.

Quite Likely: Kindle Fire 10″ Tablet.

One Last Thing: Kindle Phone. Which some survey on the Internet (which is now hard to trace) claims that 51% of customers would be interested in.

That’s it folks! That’s all the intel we have, but I hope it was enough to get everyone excited!