Kindle Fire 2 Wishlist

Amazon may or may not release the Kindle Fire 2 at its September 6th event in Santa Monica. It also may or may not release a 10″ model. But, we have already come up with our features wish list for the new Kindle Fire 2.

Kindle Fire page is where you’ll be able to find Kindle Fire 2 after September 6th.

Note to Amazon: We always want additional features at the same price or even less.

After the initial stunning success of the Kindle Fire, Amazon will definitely want a more sustained success with the Kindle Fire 2. There is now stiff competition from Google Nexus 7 and there will be further stiff competition from iPad Mini (which might get announced on September 12th) and B&N Nook Tablet 2, and Microsoft Surface.

What can Amazon do to beat the competition (or at least compete well)? Will Amazon be able to repeat the Kindle Fire success story but this time with sustained great sales?

Everyone is curious about the features/capabilities of Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2. Here’s our wishlist.

  1. Kindle Fire 2 at or below $199. We want new features but a lower price or a price that stays at $199. 
  2. Kindle Fire 2 10″ Model. It’s about time there was a large screen, low price iPad competitor.
  3. Kindle Fire 2 10″ Model for Under $319. Price is one very effective way to take on the iPad. It’s been 2+ years since the iPad. Why can 10″ Tablets not come in at $250 to $299?
  4. Latest Android OS (4.1 Jelly Bean) – Though this is highly unlikely, if the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is released with the latest Android OS, users will have the best experience.
  5. ePub Support – Will Amazon include ePub? If this format is supported, Kindle Fire 2 users might be able to read books from B&N, Kobo bookstore, and from libraries.
  6. Volume control button, Power button at the top – These two are small glitches with the current Kindle Fire and hopefully Amazon will include a volume control button and remove the power button from bottom and put it on the top. Many users seem to want these two hardware enhancements.
  7. Folders/eBook organization options – There is an easier way out for this persistent issue. Just buy Calibre (from whoever owns the app) and integrate it with the Kindle Fire 2 before shipping it out. It might be a bit late to do it now but Amazon can add it as an update.
  8. 3G/4G Connectivity – Providing a 3G connectivity is one sure way of beating the Google Nexus 7. People don’t have access to Wi-Fi at all the places and hence 3G connectivity would be a big deal. Especially to frequent travelers. Amazon can drop the free Whispernet service on the Kindle Fire 2 (if 3G is offered) as consuming media might require a lot of bandwidth. A 4G connection would be even better than having 3G – but not if it raises prices too much.
  9. Expandable memory (MicroSD Card slot) – We know that Amazon wants to promote their cloud services. But offering expandable memory is another sure-shot way of beating the Google Nexus 7. If these last 4-5 points are ignored by Amazon, it’s going to be very difficult to prevent people from buying Google Nexus 7 instead of Kindle Fire 2.
  10. International availability – Whether Amazon likes it or not, the Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini are going to be available internationally, and so will their digital content. Even B&N has tied up with Microsoft and must be looking to expand Nook Tablet around the globe (so far it has only announced UK availability of its eInk eReader in October). It’s going to be easier (and profitable) for Amazon to scale up the volume and reduce prices. Make your products, content and apps available globally Amazon. It’s high time!
  11. Built-in memory – I guess we can expect 1 GB RAM. But we also want 64 GB storage space. Whichever tablet is going to offer this first, will have a huge competitive advantage. Why can’t the Kindle Fire 2 offer this in a higher end model?
  12. Front Camera + Mic – We need this for video chatting. Please don’t give a VGA Camera (wonder why people still make this?) like the iPad. We are looking at an 1 to 2 Mega Pixel camera in the front.
  13. Stylus (unlikely) – I am very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 introduction video. It redefines note taking and annotations.
  14. Text to Speech & X-Ray – High time these awesome features are brought to the Kindle Fire.
  15. Higher resolution/Larger Screen Options – The rumor is that we will get multiple Kindle tablet models with variation in screen sizes, resolutions, with/without 3G, etc. We hope this is true. A 10″ screen would be great. An 8.65″ screen will be cool too. No, it’s not copied from the supposed screen size of the iPad Mini (You can put away your lawyers). That was 7.65″.
  16. HDMI Out + Cable – If there is a wide-screen TV around, we might as well see movies on it. The HDMI Out port will make Kindle Fire 2 complete (for viewing movies).
  17. Bluetooth – We want to be able to pair the tablet to external (bluetooth supported) devices like keyboards, speakers, cell phones, etc.
  18. Foldable stand – The Microsoft Surface has already shown us this one. Not everyone wants to watch a movie by holding a tablet in their hands!
  19. Foldable screen – You know why tablets are annoying? In spite of multiple vendors claiming that they can be kept in the trouser pocket and carried around, it just cannot be done without looking awkward. If the tablet can be folded, perhaps then it might be possible. Think about it – Mobility is very important for tablets. If a SIM card can be inserted into this device, it can become a 2-in-1 device – mobile plus tablet. This is a free idea. That means, any manufacturer is free to implement the idea and make millions out of it.
  20. Firefox/Opera browser – Why invent the wheel once again? Why make a silk browser when there are other freely available browsers that are clearly better and have more options? Plus your poor tired servers don’t have to check on what websites each Kindle Fire owner is browsing.

Will Amazon stun us by giving away the Kindle Fire 2 for free? It might happen. It would involve some kind of mandatory digital subscription (Prime) – However, it’s difficult envisioning how Amazon would pull this off. Especially when the basic Kindle models are still not free. Perhaps the Kindle Fire 5 might be released for free!

What features would you like to see in the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2?

One thought on “Kindle Fire 2 Wishlist”

  1. I’m with you on numbers 1-3,6,7, 12, 14, and 15. In my estimation, 4,5, and 8 are pipe dreams given Amazon’s business model, the same model that makes a $199 tablet possible. I’d like 64GB storage space — I’d also like a lot of other things but putting them on a wish list only insures that I will be disappointed when reality comes a knocking.

    Number nine is interesting. I already own a Nexus 7 and really like it. I’m having a hard time imagining how Amazon can motivate me to buy a Fire 2, other than letting it replace my e-ink Kindle. (Reading on the Nexus 7 has made the previously unthinkable not so unthinkable.) Allowing me to amp up the storage might do the trick.

    The others are not important to me and/or can be addressed with aftermarket products.

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