Amazon Out of Touch?

The Kindle Touch is no longer available at Amazon’s website. Odd timing I say – just days before the Amazon Press Conference scheduled for September 6th in Santa Monica takes place.

Amazon is Out of Touch – Literally

Amazon is out of stock of Wi-Fi Kindle Touch devices along with the Kindle Touch 3G.

According to Gizmodo, a couple of weeks ago Amazon sold the Kindle DX as  their Deal of the Day (at a 29% discount). Gizmodo also reported that every single Lightning Deal that day was Kindle related – 16 deals in all. It appears Amazon is clearing out their stock to make room for the rumored new and improved Kindles.

Morally, ethic’lly, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably — PREDICTABLE

On the morning of July 28, 2010, the Kindle 2 was labeled as sold out.  A few hours later,  Amazon debuted the Kindle 3 which was released that September.

If Amazon replaces the Touch devices, the new ones will most likely come with a glowlight similar to the Nook from Barnes & Noble. Rumored improvements for the Kindle Fire 2 include a display of 1280×800 and a metal frame. It is also speculated that the new Kindle Fire 2 will be thinner and lighter than the original while sporting a built-in camera. Hopefully it comes with an SD Card slot.

Sheer Scuttlebutt

All Things Digital is reporting that the biggest rumor, a 10″ tablet code named ‘Hollywood’, is not a sure thing for September 6th. Several unnamed sources have told All Things Digital that while a larger Kindle Fire is in the works, it’s not clear if it’s ready to be introduced yet.

Lemme rephrase that – So several anonymous sources regarding the rumored tablet with a code name are saying that it’s not a for sure thing that the rumored code named tablet is ready.  Any questions?

Perhaps Amazon are deciding whether to name it Kindle Fire DX or Kindle Fire Metal Frame Volume Buttons Extra Large Screen.

No matter the amount of rumors, hearsay, conspiracy theories, whispers, anonymous sources, intrigue, secrecy or clandestine bloggers — I’ll simply wait until September 6th to see what Amazon has to offer.

Does anyone else hear Carly Simon singing Anticipation?

All Things Digital

6 thoughts on “Amazon Out of Touch?”

  1. This stinks If true I made sure I bought a Kindle because it was from amazon.Amazon made such promises with kindle fire. If you need audio books you are sent to another Co. & you have to pay to join their site to BUY audio books. Why the fee to join I don,t know plus it downloads to your computer not your Kindle Fire.

  2. I’m not sure why this is unexpected — I’ve been expecting a new Kindle Touch more than I’ve been expecting the new Fire.

    1. Flexibility.

      Example: Fifa newest game is 1.5 GB. If you get one of those Mystery Adventure games they can be 200 to 300 Mb each.

      Start adding some audiobooks and documents. Suddenly you’re running out of room.


      With an SD Card you can throw in an 8GB or 16 GB and store anything there.

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