23 Free Kindle Books for Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Disclaimer: Prices Change. It’s 12:20 pm EST and all books were free FOR EVERYONE in the US (you didn’t have to have Prime). Please check the Price BEFORE buying – especially if you are reading this post on Thursday, September 6.

Credits: Jake, Official Kindle Forum.

Free Kindle Books – Full List at Amazon

Free Kindle Books – Romance

  1. Taking Heart (The Taking Chances Series) by Wilette Youkey. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Rated 4.8 stars on 6 reviews. 184 pages.
  2. ** Dangerous Secrets (Tall, Dark, and Deadly) by Lisa Renee Jones. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, Erotic. Rated 4.7 stars on 35 reviews. 200 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Thrillers & Mysteries

  1. ** The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Price: Free. Genre: Thrillers & Mysteries, Classic Detective Tales. Rated 4.7 stars on 58 reviews. 473 pages.
  2. [Repeat from 2011] A Dangerous Woman (A Fay Cunningham Mystery-Book 1) by Debra Lee. Price: Free. Genre: Thrillers & Mysteries, Suspense, Women Sleuths. Rated 3.4 stars on 19 reviews. 198 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Christian

  1. ** Winter’s Wrath: Sacrifice (Winter’s Saga #3) by Karen Luellen. Price: Free. Genre: Christian, Religious Fiction, Fantasy. Rated 4.9 stars on 20 reviews. 275 pages.
  2. Thomas & the Christmas Orange: Storybook Advent Calendar Singles by Lewis Brech and Laura D Lewis. Price: Free. Genre: Christian, Religious Fiction, Children, Holidays. Rated 3.8 stars on 6 reviews. 24 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

  1. Six Scary Tales Vol 2 by Rayne Hall. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Macabre. Rated 5 stars on 4 reviews. 50 pages.
  2. Z is for Xenophobe (The Bob Putnam series) by Terry Faust. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Invaders from Space, Humor. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. 315 pages.
  3. Ascerbus (Age of Empires) by V. St. Clair. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action & Adventure. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. 263 pages.
  4. The Man Who Saved Two Notch by R.W. Ridley. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Western. Rated 4.8 stars on 4 reviews. 262 pages.
  5. * [Repeat from February 24, 2012] Red Serpent: The Falsifier by Delson Armstrong. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Epic, Vampires. Rated 4.3 stars on 19 reviews. 254 pages.
  6. Once Upon Another World (Book One of the Salak’patan Series) by Shiva Winters. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Epic. Rated 4.2 stars on 5 reviews. 238 pages.
  7. * [Repeat from February 10, 2012] Mighty Hammer Down (Legend of Reason Series) by David J. Guyton. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Epic, Sword & Sorcery. Rated 3.6 stars on 60 reviews. 404 pages.
  8. [Repeat from February 13, 2012] Prophecy (Slave Empire) by T C Southwell. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera. Rated 3.6 stars on 17 reviews. 182 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Children & Young Adult

  1. The Lost Oracle (A Jeremy Bennett story) by Paul Stanton. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult and Children of all Ages, Fantasy, Time-Travel. Rated 5 stars on 2 reviews. 398 pages.
  2. ** [Repeat from February 22, 2012] Pride’s Run (A Wolf’s Pride novel, book 1) by Cat Kalen. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance. Rated 4.7 stars on 54 reviews. 312 pages.
  3. Jojo’s Playful Day by Sujatha Lalgudi. Price: Free. Genre: Children. Rated 4.7 stars on 3 reviews. 28 pages.
  4. *** [Free Book of the Day] [Repeat from 2011] Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers) by Elizabeth Reyes. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Romance. Rated 4.3 stars on 155 reviews. 335 pages.
  5. The Glassheart Chronicles by J.L. Bryan, Courtney Cole, Nicole Williams and Tiffany King. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Anthology. Rated 3.8 stars on 4 reviews. 148 pages.
  6. Mesmerized by Julia Crane and Talia Jager. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Contains some Sexual Content. Rated 3.6 stars on 19 reviews. 264 pages.
  7. Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume 1 by L.A. Jones, Harrison Bradlow and Harris Channing. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal. Rated 3.1 stars on 35 reviews. 246 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Non Fiction

  1. The Octagon Technique and Other Life Lessons from College by Michael Rubin. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Memoirs, Humor. Rated 5 stars on 6 reviews. 137 pages.
  2. Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes: Healthy Sweet Potato Soups, Stews, Pastas, Roasted Dishes, Sides, and Desserts (Healthy Recipes) by Wendy Jordan. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Cooking & Food, Vegetables. Rated 5 stars on 2 reviews. 34 pages.
  3. Juggling Secrets: Learn How to Juggle Today by Chris Hughes. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Juggling, Advice & How-to. Rated 4.8 stars on 25 reviews. 46 pages.

Today’s Deal (Not Free, just Cheap)

  • Kindle Daily Deal  All God’s Creatures Often compared to James Herriot’s novels, All God’s Creatures follows the life of a woman veterinarian in modern Tennessee. From her unlikely start as a white-glove debutante in the 1960’s to a sexism-defying launch in vet school, the heroine spins rich tales of the animals and people in her life.
  • Kindle Kids Daily Deal: Zoe Sophia’s Scrapbook: An Adventure in Venice Adventurous Zoe Sophia finds plenty of excitement during her event-packed vacation to Venice to visit her great aunt Dorothy Pomander. Zoe explores the city and is involved in a suspense-filled search for her lost pet. Written like a travelogue, the book’s watercolor illustrations perfectly capture the beautiful landscape of Venice.

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Credits: Official Kindle Forum.

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