Kindle Fire 2, possible 10″ Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite confirmed in TV AD

Devices now available, as are my reviews of features and thoughts:

Amazon just ran an Ad showing off a new Kindle Fire 2, the new Kindle Touch Paperwhite, and … drum roll … what looks like a 10″ (or perhaps 11″) Large Screen Kindle Fire with a ulta thin bezel and a clip-on keyboard (or perhaps some sort of ultra thin laptop).

When available, you will find Kindle Fire 2 and 10″ Kindle Fire 2 at this link at Amazon. You can bookmark it now and check at 10:30 am PST if you like.

When available, Kindle PaperWhite (Kindle Touch with Light) will be available at this link.

Here’s the Kindle Fire 2 & 10″ Kindle Fire Ad (via The Verge) –


Kindle Fire 2 – What can we tell

  1. There seems to be quite a bezel and it seems to be the same on all edges. Kindle Fire 1 had an uneven bezel (above the screen was thinner than below the screen).
  2. There seem to be buttons at the top.
  3. It’s very strange but there seem to be two different sets of bezels. Perhaps there are two separate models of the 7″ Kindle Fire 2.

Kindle Fire 2 10″ – What can we tell

  1. There’s definitely something that looks like a large screen Kindle Fire 2. It looks like 10″ or even 11″.
  2. There’s a power button at the bottom.
  3. The bezel is very thin.
  4. There seems to be a keyboard attached. Perhaps a clip-on keyboard.

Update: After seeing the video again it’s not 100% clear that this is a Kindle Fire  10″. It might be a strangely designed laptop or notebook. Is is a laptop from Amazon?

Kindle PaperWhite (Kindle Touch with Light) – What can we tell

  1. Looks very similar to Kindle Touch.
  2. Hard to tell how much better screen contrast is. The leaked images do suggest there is a noticeable improvement.
  3. They showed the Kindle Paperwhite twice.

Updates soon. Just searching for more information.

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