Kindle Fire HD Features Review

Kindle Fire HD is now available at Amazon. This Kindle Fire HD Features Review covers Kindle Fire HD 7″. Please check the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Features Review for a Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ features review.

Please Note: We’ll keep updating this post as more information comes out.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Top 10 Features

  1. Price – $199 for the Kindle Fire HD 7″. Ships September 14th.
  2. Screen – Kindle Fire HD has a 7″ screen with 1280 by 800 screen resolution.
  3. Content Availability – All Amazon content.
  4. Size (Weight and Compactness) – Not Specified. We know the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ is 20 ounces and 8.8 mm thick. So Kindle Fire HD 7″ should be slightly lighter and perhaps a bit thinner.
  5. Option for Ad Supported Kindle Fire 2 – It seems all Kindle Fire HDs are ad supported.
  6. Lots of Good Things – Dolby Sound, Stereo Speakers, HDMI out, Bluetooth.
  7. Fast WiFi. This will be really cool. Adding in dual band is a good idea. Same for twin antennas. Not sure what MIMO technology is, but if it makes WiFi faster – great.
  8. HD – HD Screen, HD Camera.
  9. X-Ray for textbooks. Seems like a very good feature for reference.
  10. 11 hours of battery life is claimed.

I think the new ‘Immersion Reading’ feature is a bit gimmicky. Not in my Top 10 by any means. It highlights the text as its being read. It’s supposed to be great for retention. Just don’t read any depressing books with it on. X-Ray for Movies seems gimmicky too.

Kindle Fire HD Features Review – Specifications

  1. Screen – 7″ screen. HD screen. 1280 by 800 resolution display. Gorilla Glass.
  2. Price – $199 for 16 GB Model. 32 GB Model also available.
  3. Memory – 16 Gb and 32 GB options. Cloud Storage at Amazon.
  4. RAM – Not Specified.
  5. Audio – HD Audio with two stereo speakers and Dolby Digital Plus.
  6. Processor – Ti OMAPĀ 4770 Processor. Mr. Bezos claims it outpaces Tegra 3. Let’s see.
  7. Graphics Processor – Imagination SGX544.
  8. Weight – Less than 20 ounces probably.
  9. Dimensions – Not specified.
  10. OS – Amazon’s skinned version of Android.
  11. Battery Life – 11 hours.
  12. USB Port – Not specified.
  13. Durability – Gorilla Glass Screen.

10″ Kindle Fire 2 Thoughts

What are my 5 favorite things about the 10″ Kindle Fire?

  1. Price of $199 is great.
  2. The Screen looks killer. Will have to see it in person and confirm. 254 pixels per inch is really good.
  3. Processor and Graphics Processor, if it really is faster than Tegra 3, will be a beast together.
  4. Fast WiFi is a winner.
  5. It’s very well cone. Wouldn’t have thought that Kindle Fire HD 7″ would outpace Nexus 7 but it has.

What are the things I don’t like about the 10″ Kindle Fire?

  1. Ads. It seems ‘Special Offer’ Ads are what Amazon used to hit $199. No mention of Ad-Free Kindle Fire HDs.
  2. Design isn’t too pretty. Will have to see one in person.
  3. Some of the features seem gimmicky -immersion reading, X-Ray for movies.

Amazon now has all the details on the Kindle Fire HD.