Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, Kindle Paperwhite Available Now!

Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, Kindle Paperwhite Review updates on ship.

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12 thoughts on “Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, Kindle Paperwhite Available Now!”

  1. Oh no…the exact reason I love my Kindle Fire is the size of screen. I bought it rather than an iPad for just that reason!!! Now there going to make it larger and thus clumsier and not as easy to stick it in my purse. ARGH! Don’t try to copy an iPad. I have an iPhone and that with my Kindle is all I need.

  2. Just pre-ordered the Fire HD 8.9″, for $100 more than the 7″ HD it was worth it to me for it to have a little more “umph”….I’ve waited this long, so went up, but now I have to wait until NOVEMBER for it, oh well, life has gone on without it this long 😉 — Considered the 4G Fire, thought the “cheap” monthly connection would justify the $499 price, but that “cheap” connection for the 4G is only for the first 12 months, nevermind on increasing charges, I just wanted to check email on-the-go if I was in the car or not near a wifi hotspot, so I’m fine with wifi.

    I’ve enjoyed the fun and excitement in all of the rumors and speculation for the last few months, now I can relax and wait for the stork to deliver the “new baby” in November 🙂

    1. 🙂
      Same boat as you. Waiting for the 8.9″. November 28th delivery for me. Way too much of a wait.
      Got a 7″ Kindle Fire HD too (have to review it 🙂 business expense).

      That arrives sooner.

      I’d be very interested in finding out what the 2nd year LTE charges are.

    1. I’m wondering. Not sure why they would expand Amazon App Store all over Europe and then not release Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ for it. Hope it’s soon.

  3. Has anyone heard if there will be a software update for the previous kindle generations that will include the “Time to Read” feature? Bezos mentioned that this was part of the software, just wondering if those of us not buying new kindles will get to enjoy this feature.

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