I have this song stuck in my head.  “Anticipation….you’re making me wait.”

My Kindle Fire HD 7″ tablet is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  I’m like a little kid approaching Christmas.  I can’t wait to tear into that package and play with my new toy. What if the deliveryman waits until my office is closed for the weekend?  What if I actually have to charge it before i can play?

I’ve already charged all my other 7″ tablets so that I can play around with them and compare them.  Times like this make all the hard work worthwhile.  It is really tough duty getting to play around with new electronic gadgets.

I was a little disappointed when the Kindle Fire 1 came out because it was so clunky compared to the elegance of the Nook Color. I don’t think I will be disappointed this time.  I think Amazon is finally getting out what they originally intended Kindle Fire to be.

Hands on comparisons will be starting soon.  I will be getting lots of screenshots and side-by-side pictures when I can to upload and help you determine what might be the best device for you.  Please let me know any areas that are of particular interest to you.

Is it here yet?

9 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. I would like to know two things: 1. Are we still limited to apps from only the Amazon Appstore? 2. Are we still limited to the Kindle Keyboard?

    I would like to be able to use an alternate keyboard (swype or other same type) to input text on the Fire. The first generation Fire doesn’t allow either an alternate keyboard or alternate place to download apps.

    1. Corina we’ll check. It’s almost certain that it will be limited to apps from Amazon Appstore. You can, however, sideload apks (even on Kindle Fire 1). You just have to download from a site like GetJar Or if you have a phone you can ‘backup apks’ and then transfer to Kindle Fire.

      More details as we test.

  2. I am interested in knowing about the hdmi feature. Will it do what i think? Will it stream movies etc to my Tv? Easily, effectively, etc.
    Thanks for the daily updates.
    regards, Michele

  3. I went with the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, my ship date is NOVEMBER 28! …..wait, wait, wait and wait some more…. heck, we will know who our President is before then, Thanksgiving will have come and gone, the tree will be up…. this new baby had better be good, it is my one and only “special treat” for a while; since we are budget-wise and our girls are finishing college this year, all I own is this Toshiba laptop, a basic cell phone and the Kindle 3 ereader, so this Kindle Fire HD is my launch into the “smart device” world, so excited!

  4. I heard the home page has changed. That beneath the carousel there is no longer the ‘favorites’ area but a “what else you might be interested in” based on what you have been reading/using recently. I have only heard that mentioned once so I would be interested in knowing if that was true. I don’t thnk I would mind the special offers as described but I might mind that change.

  5. Love that someone who reviews new devices can be as excited as I’d be about getting a new Fire. My question: I had an Amazon message this morning saying the author photo, bio and booklist information from Author Central would be included with every downloaded book, with click-to-buy enabled for every available title from that author. I’d like to know if this feature displays as indicated, and if all 60-something of my titles actually show up with thumbnail covers on the screen.

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