25 Free Kindle Books for Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disclaimer: Prices Change. It’s 10:50 am EST and all books were free FOR EVERYONE in the US (you didn’t have to have Prime). Please check the Price BEFORE buying – especially if you are reading this post on Sunday, October 28.

Credits: Jake, Official Kindle Forum.

Free Kindle Books – Full List at Amazon

Free Kindle Books – Romance

  1. Grace Through Blood (The Holy Damned) by A. Jay Lee. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Mature Themes. Rated 4.9 stars on 12 reviews. 402 pages.
  2. The Chocolatier’s Wife by Cindy Lynn Speer. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Fantasy. Rated 4.8 stars on 6 reviews. 278 pages.
  3. Bannockburn Binding (Beloved Bloody Time) by Tracy Cooper-Posey. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy. Rated 4.8 stars on 4 reviews. 164 pages.
  4. *** [Was $2.99 in July — Now Free]  Breathless (Blue Fire Saga) by Scott Prussing. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary. Rated 4.5 stars on 92 reviews. 254 pages.
  5. Elemental Magic by Angela Wallace. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary. Rated 4.3 stars on 25 reviews. 251 pages.
  6. [Short Story] A Reason to Stay (Cedar Grove) by Delinda Jasper. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Rated 4.2 stars on 4 reviews. 45 pages.
  7. ** [Repeat from June 11, 2012] The Executive’s Decision (The Keller Family Series) by Bernadette Marie. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Rated 4.1 stars on 56 reviews. 243 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Thrillers & Mysteries

  1. ** Saving Grace (Katie and Annalise Series) by Pamela Fagan Hutchins. Price: Free. Genre: Mystery, Women Sleuths. Rated 5 stars on 22 reviews. 279 pages.
  2. Treasure of Saint-Lazare by John Pearce. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Historical, Art Treasures. Rated 4.9 stars on 14 reviews. 245 pages.
  3. ** [Repeat from February 21, 2012] Lethal Circuit: Explosive Spy Action for Mystery Thriller Fans (#1) by Lars Guignard. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Espionage, Action & Adventure. Rated 4 stars on 45 reviews. 344 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

  1. Troll Or Derby, A Fairy Wicked Tale by Red Tash. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Dark Urban Fantasy. Rated 4.8 stars on 27 reviews. 263 pages.
  2. * [Repeat from April 20, 2012] Teleport This (Small Universe) by Christopher M. Daniels. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Action & Adventure, Humor. Rated 4.7 stars on 20 reviews. 230 pages.
  3. Zombie Pulp by Tim Curran. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Ghosts, Anthology. Rated 4.3 stars on 10 reviews. 328 pages.
  4. A Cold Day In Hell by Denise M Main. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary. Rated 4.3 stars on 6 reviews. 282 pages.
  5. *** [Free Book of the Day] [Repeat from May 18, 2012] 44 by Jools Sinclair.Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Ghosts, Suspense. Rated 4.2 stars on 225 reviews. 158 pages.
  6. * [Repeat from June 3, 2012] Dark Visions by Jonas Saul. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Occult. Rated 4.2 stars on 36 reviews. 360 pages.
  7. Enhanced by Ben Brown. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Action & Adventure. Rated 4.2 stars on 12 reviews. 296 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Historical Fiction

  1. Love and Honor (The Chevalier d’Argentolle) by Harry Samkange. Price: Free. Genre: Historical Fiction, Set in the late 18th Century, Action & Adventure, Romance. Rated 4.8 stars on 30 reviews. 318 pages.
  2. * [Repeat from April 29, 2012] Beast of the Field by Peter Jordan Drake. Price: Free. Genre: Historical Fiction, Set in 1920s Kansas, Mystery. Rated 4.8 stars on 18 reviews. 272 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Children & Young Adult

  1. The Haret by Denise Daisy. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Mystery. Rated 4.5 stars on 11 reviews. 252 pages.
  2. [Repeat from May 28, 2012] My Busy Book. A Little Star book with extra learning games by Moira Butterfield and Maisy Daniels. Price: Free. Genre: Children. Rated 4.4 stars on 5 reviews. 1255 KB.

Free Kindle Books – Non Fiction

  1. Quick and Easy Slow Cooker Recipes – 25 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Any Occasion by Cooking Penguin. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Cooking & Food, Slow-Cookers. Rated 4.8 stars on 4 reviews. 70 pages.
  2. An American Guide to Britishness by Alana Muir. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Travel, Great Britain. Rated 4.7 stars on 9 reviews. 180 pages.
  3. Get Organized: Smart Solutions on How to Declutter and Stay Organized, Including 100 Quick Tips on Getting Your Life Organized by Sarah Smith. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Home & Garden, Organizational Skills. Rated 4.7 stars on 3 reviews. 113 pages.
  4. Muddy Boots Leadership: Real Life Stories And Personal Examples of Good, Bad, And Unexpected Results by Maj. John Chapman USA (Ret.). Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Military Science. Rated 4.4 stars on 9 reviews. 192 pages.
  5. Witness to Gettysburg: Inside the Battle That Changed the Course of the Civil War (Stackpole Military History Series) by Richard Wheeler. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Military History. Rated 4.1 stars on 9 reviews. 287 pages.


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Credits: Official Kindle Forum.

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