43 Free Kindle Books for Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disclaimer: Prices Change. It’s 12:45 pm EST and all books were free FOR EVERYONE in the US (you didn’t have to have Prime). Please check the Price BEFORE buying – especially if you are reading this post on Thursday, November 1.

Credits: Jake, Official Kindle Forum.

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Free Kindle Books – Romance

  1. Immortal Dynasty: Book One (Age of Awakening) by Lynda Haviland. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Fantasy. Rated 5 stars on 9 reviews. 294 pages.
  2. The Recruiters (The Pearl Vampire Chronicles #2) by Dara Nelson. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy. Rated 5 stars on 3 reviews. 280 pages.
  3. Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles) by Anna Zaires. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Erotica. Rated 4.9 stars on 15 reviews. 318 pages.
  4. Mountain Fire by Brenda Margriet. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, Set in the wilderness in Northern British Columbia. Rated 4.8 stars on 4 reviews. 161 pages.
  5. [Novella] Justice for All by Cary Barner-Nelson and Ella Medler. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense. Rated 4.7 stars on 10 reviews. 72 pages.
  6. What Happiness Looks Like by Karen Lenfestey. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Family. Rated 4.6 stars on 25 reviews. 269 pages.
  7. ** [Novella] Covet (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 1) by Felicity Heaton. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Erotic. Rated 4.5 stars on 55 reviews. 95 pages.
  8. [Repeat from June 1, 2012] Legacy Forgotten (The Avalon Legacies) by Nicole Hill. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Suspense. Rated 4.4 stars on 10 reviews. 371 pages.
  9. * [Repeat from April 4, 2012] Alone (The ‘Serenity’ Series) by Marissa Farrar. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal Fantasy, Suspense. Rated 4.1 stars on 45 reviews. 264 pages.
  10. Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll (SEALS, Inc., Book 1) by Mia Dymond. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense. Rated 3.8 stars on 8 reviews. 194 pages.
  11. Straight to Hell (The Lilith Straight Series) by Michelle Scott. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal Fantasy. Rated 3.7 stars on 20 reviews. 191 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Thrillers & Mysteries

  1. Full Bone Moon by G. Cameron Fuller. Price: Free. Genre: Mystery, Suspense. Rated 5 stars on 6 reviews. 278 pages.
  2. The Taste of Fear by Jeremy Bates. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Suspense. Rated 4.8 stars on 9 reviews. 358 pages.
  3. * [Repeat from February 27, 2012] Simple Simon (An Art Jefferson Thriller) by Ryne Douglas Pearson. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Action & Adventure. Rated 4.1 stars on 28 reviews. 248 pages.
  4. Leaden Skies: A Silver Rush Mystery (Silver Rush Mysteries) by Ann Parker. Price: Free. Genre: Mystery, Historical, set in the 1880s, Well-Reviewed. Rated 4.1 stars on 11 reviews. 299 pages.
  5. * [Was $0.99 earlier this month — Now Free]  Dawn of the Tiger by Gus Frazer. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Political, Action & Adventure. Rated 3.9 stars on 20 reviews. 285 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Christian

  1. * [Repeat from 2011]  Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 (The Angel Series) by Lisa Grace. Price: Free. Genre: Christian, Religious Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary. Rated 3.8 stars on 28 reviews. 155 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

  1. The Book Waitress (Book 1, The Book Waitress Series) by Deena Remiel, Nicole Hicks and Scott Carpenter. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary. Rated 5 stars on 15 reviews. 100 pages.
  2. Outre Mer (Choir of Stars) by Michael Puttre. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, High Tech. Rated 4.7 stars on 9 reviews. 320 pages.
  3. *** [Free Book of the Day] [Was $0.99 in August — Now Free] [Free for Prime] Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead by Christiana Miller. Price: Free. Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Witty, Witchcraft. Rated 4.5 stars on 194 reviews. 332 pages.
  4. * [Was $2.99 in July — Now Free] Breath of Air (The Dryad Quartet) by Katie Jennings. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary. Rated 4.4 stars on 30 reviews. 340 pages.
  5. [Repeat from April 4, 2012] The Toil and Trouble Trilogy, Book One by V. J. Chambers. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Urban, Occult. Rated 4.4 stars on 9 reviews. 170 pages.
  6. [Repeat from May 15, 2012] Kill Me by Alex Owens. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Urban, Occult. Rated 4.2 stars on 11 reviews. 183 pages.
  7. Dragon Time and Other Stories by Ruth Nestvold. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Historical. Rated 4.1 stars on 7 reviews. 102 pages.
  8. ** [Novella] Dislocated by Max Andrew Dubinsky. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic. Rated 4 stars on 89 reviews. 69 pages.
  9. Every Witch Way But Wicked by Misty Evans, Camilla Chafer, Rose Pressey and Wren Emerson. Price: Free. Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Anthology. Rated 3.7 stars on 21 reviews. 183 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Historical Fiction

  1. ** [Repeat from May 30, 2012] Cold Lonely Courage by Soren Petrek. Price: Free. Genre: Historical Fiction, Set during WWII. Rated 4.5 stars on 47 reviews. 231 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Children & Young Adult

  1. *** [Repeat from March 22, 2012] Crossroads (Crossroads Saga) by Mary Ting. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal. Rated 4.8 stars on 132 reviews. 312 pages.
  2. * [Repeat from 2011] Island of Fog (Book 1) by Keith Robinson. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Coming of Age, Action & Adventure, Fantasy. Rated 4.8 stars on 22 reviews. 224 pages.
  3. Venture Untamed (The Venture Books) by R.H. Russell. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Coming of Age, Action & Adventure, Romance. Rated 4.6 stars on 15 reviews. 186 pages.
  4. Rua by Miranda Kavi. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Urban Fantasy. Rated 4.4 stars on 14 reviews. 250 pages.
  5. Pulse (The Binuit-Namri Chronicles) by Acacia Green. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy. Rated 4.2 stars on 5 reviews. 330 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Various Genres (Fiction) including Adventure

  1. Earthquake Weather, and Other Stories by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Price: Free. Genre: Literary Fiction. Rated 5 stars on 2 reviews. 229 pages.
  2. Funerals for Horses by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Price: Free. Genre: Literary Fiction. Rated 4.7 stars on 10 reviews. 253 pages.
  3. Walter’s Purple Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Price: Free. Genre: Literary Fiction, Reincarnation, Well-Reviewed. Rated 4.6 stars on 10 reviews. 306 pages.
  4. Electric God by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Price: Free. Genre: Literary Fiction. Rated 4 stars on 22 reviews. 318 pages.

Free Kindle Books – Non Fiction

  1. Stomp the Elephant in the Office: Put an End to the Toxic Workplace, Get More Done — And Be Excited About Work Again by Steven W. Vannoy and Craig W. Ross. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Business & Investing,  Management & Leadership. Rated 5 stars on 7 reviews. 372 pages.
  2. How to Budget for the Holidays by Higher Read. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Money Management, Holiday Spending. Rated 5 stars on 5 reviews. 65 pages.
  3. 3 Steps to Your Best Job Ever! by Steven Steinfeld. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Careers, Job Hunting. Rated 5 stars on 5 reviews. 146 pages.
  4. Top 30 Easy & Delicious Seafood Recipes (Top 30 Easy & Delicious Recipes) by Linda Roberts. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Cooking & Food, Seafood. Rated 5 stars on 4 reviews. 60 pages.
  5. ** Defeat Wheat: Your Guide to Eliminating Gluten and Losing Weight by Brian Gansmann, Sarah Engdahl and Derek Vasconi. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Health, Mind & Body, Food Allergies. Rated 4.9 stars on 24 reviews. 198 pages.
  6. Attack Your Day!: Before It Attacks You by Mark Woods and Trapper Woods. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Office Skills, Productivity. Rated 4.9 stars on 19 reviews. 214 pages.
  7. Marketing With Pinterest by Shawn Manaher. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Marketing & Sales, Direct Marketing. Rated 4.9 stars on 7 reviews. 60 pages.
  8. How to Organize Your Household in one Hour per Day by Jeanne Converse. Price: Free. Genre: Non Fiction, Home & Garden, Organizational Skills. Rated 4 stars on 4 reviews. 65 pages.


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