Kindle 4 a Gift?

Would the Kindle 2.0 make a good gift? 
Amazon’s Kindle Reader 2.0 at first glance, makes for a great Gift.

However – think again. The Kindle 2 is a very targeted device. If the person you’re buying the Kindle 2 for falls into this sweet spot demographic they’ll absolutely love it. If not, they’ll be as confused about why you bought it, as you are about why they don’t like it.

So a few basic rules to keep in mind –

  1. A love of reading is an absolute must.  The only exception is if you’re a parent and want to encourage a love of reading. In which case I’d recommend buying one for your kids and seeing how it goes before getting one for each.
  2. Technical chops are not a prerequisite. Kindle 2 is very low tech when it comes to using it. This is good since it makes an especially good gift for your dad or mom (whereas a cutting edge gadget with a ton of settings and options might be too difficult for them to navigate). This is bad since some people want a very high tech device with a ton of options they can change and that isn’t present. It’s not a laptop whose parts you can mess around with.
  3. Make sure they’re not ‘Apple is cool + i want to be cool by owning an iPhone’ people. For some people a device is ‘coolness’ – Kindle 2 is most definitely not. Instead go check out the new Apple MacBooks. Take a look at the Kindle – not iPhone pretty. What is is, is the device for people who love to read.
  4. The Kindle 2 is not a multiple purpose device. It is an electronic book reader that also happens to have free wireless internet, and some other cool features like being able to play music.
  5. Once the initial cost of purchase is factored in, the Kindle 2 saves a ton of money. Any book lovers are going to love you for it.  
  6. Like a watch or a cellphone, a Kindle 2 gets taken everywhere. Buy one for a booklover and they’ll be thinking of you all the time because it’s a constant reminder. That’s a tip from my uncle and I’ve used it to great effect.

A Kindle 2 is definitely a great gift for anyone who loves books or travels a lot. If you want a more information on Kindle 2 before deciding, check out my Should You get a Kindle 2.0? review post.

7 Responses

  1. How can I purchase a kindle to arrive in time for Christmas?

  2. you have a few options –
    1) ebay – although people are selling kindles for a lot – so not worth it.
    2) amazon has people selling used kindles (for much more than a new kindle costs).
    3) hope that amazon starts selling refurbished kindles again. this is the page to check – Refurbished Kindle page .

    i’d recommend waiting till atleast Dec 10th, and checking if amazon sells any more refurbished kindles. If not, then if you must have one for christmas, then consider buying it off amazon used kindles or ebay.
    Honestly, though – if you can’t get a refurbished one, then it makes sense to wait and buy one after christmas when they’re back in stock.

  3. Hi,

    Not sure if you ended up getting one in time for Christmas, but I received one and am deciding to sell it. Please contact if interested and reference this posting. Thanks!

  4. The Kindle is the best Christmas gift I could have hoped for. I read 3-5 books per month – and the variety of books available for free or for little cost is amazing. I don’t even get too upset on the rare occasion that I inadvertently hit the “back” button. I LOVE MY KINDLE!

  5. […] Kindle 2 – Good Gift?: Before buying Kindle 2 for someone else, consider whether or not it’s worth it. […]

  6. I got my Kindle yesterday. I am so excited. I took it to work today and kept sneeking peeks during work hours. It seems too good to be true. The first thing was a free download of the bible………..what a wonderful way to practice……………like I said I am so pleased and excited. It was a late Christmas present and every bit worth the wait……………………..I love it. Did I tell you I am so excited………………..

  7. I got a Kindle 2.0 as a late Christmas gift in lieu of a canceled ski trip to Colorado. Don’t regret missing the trip in the least. And it was completely worth the wait. There are books that I’ve been drooling over for years but I’ve been unable to buy because of the price (ex: Calvin’s Commentaries, over a $1000 in print; on Kindle less than a dollar.) There were other books that I was hunting used bookstores for because as a student with an insatiable reading habit, I can’t afford new books. I’ve bought several on my Kindle for less than I could get them used.

    The device itself is sleek, simple. Its plain white which isn’t flashy, but I wouldn’t want to spend a long time looking at a device that wasn’t a neutral color. The navigation through books is intuitive and smooth, however once you get out of books and try to do anything else (like find archived items quickly or delete a note you made) it can be tricky to figure out which screen you need to be on to access the correct menu. The battery life is great especially if you leave the wireless off.

    There needs to be an improvement on magazine content though. I transferred my Time magazine subscription to my Kindle. I really enjoy it and I’m glad I’m not wasting paper and all the energy it takes to produce and ship the magazine (although how much energy do Amazon’s servers take?), but I still go online to look at their graphs and images. If they could get even a simplified gray scaled version of the charts, it would improve it immensely.

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