Kindle DX 2 Video

Here are some videos of the Kindle DX 2. Please do remember to click on the ‘HD’ icon at the top right to see them in glorious HD.

You can also check out detailed photos at the Kindle DX 2 Photo page. There is also the Kindle 2 Video, Kindle 3 Video page with 17+ videos of the Kindle and Kindle 2 (when Kindle 3 releases we’ll add lots of Kindle 3 videos). 

Kindle DX 2 Basic Review

Taking a look at the Kindle DX 2 –

Kindle DX 2 Detailed Review

A rather long Kindle DX 2 review – 

Kindle DX 2 Videos

Kindle DX 2 in low light (sans Tripod so skip it if shaking videos bother you) –

Kindle DX vs Kindle DX 2 Inside – DayLight

A video at Vimeo with a basic comparison:

A detailed video with close-ups (please do choose HD video mode):

Same video as the first video at WordPress:  

Kindle DX vs Kindle DX 2 in Sunlight

Comparison Video in sunlight at Vimeo (Please excuse the shaking as this video was done without a tripod):

Comparison Video at WordPress:

Kindle DX 2 Vs Lots of Other Reading Devices

Kindle DX 2 compared with a ton of eReaders in the late evening –

Kindle DX 2 quickly compared with Nook and Sony Reader – 

Video showing the evolution of eReaders (sans Tripod so a bit of shaking and lots of moving around) – 

Coming Soon: Video comparing lots of eReaders with the Kindle DX 2 in sunlight.

Kindle Page Turn Speed Comparison Video

Just comparing the Kindle, Kindle DX 2, and Kindle DX 1 on page turn speeds –

Actual speeds are .7 or so seconds per page turn for Kindle 2 and .85 seconds or so for Kindle DX 2. In the video it was just a wild guess and, not surprisingly, wildly inaccurate.

Hopefully, these help you decide whether the Kindle DX 2 is a good choice for your needs.

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  1. […] really long to upload so will add more as they get uploaded. Please check out the videos at the Kindle DX 2 Videos Page. They slow down this page too much so moving them there – there are lots of Kindle DX 2 […]

  2. […] comparisons. There is also a comparison video if you want to make your own measurements at the Kindle DX 2 Video Page (should be live soon) – It’s under the Kindle Page Turn Speed Comparison Video heading […]

  3. […] Kindle DX 2 Video page which has 11+ Kindle DX videos including Kindle DX 2 Video Reviews, Comparison with eReaders, and more. […]

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  6. […] fact, it was a pleasure and easier to read at night (needed less lighting). Check out some of the Kindle DX 2 Videos to make sure the font isn’t ‘too bold’ for you and the contrast isn’t […]

  7. I compared the Sony Daily reader and Kindle DX2 and chose the latter without hesitation. The major reason is better PDF rendition, much better contrast and bigger screen size. All these aspects more than justify the extra $100, considering that fact that I primary read PDF files. There are only two drawbacks on DX2 where Sony excels. they are:

    1. MP3 player
    2. Additional value of leather cover and case from Sony.

    I really love the higher contrast on the DX2. In dark lighting environment, the DX2 almost looks like fluorescent backlit, jumping out of the screen. I am looking forward to the new software update from Amazon to improve the MP3 experience.

  8. […] by side the Kindle 3 outshines the Kindle 2 – it’s a much more readable screen. The Kindle DX 2 video page shows the difference between eInk Pearl and the old eInk and Kindle 3 vs Kindle 2 is slightly […]

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  10. […] 3 blows away Nook and Sony Reader. This is just an obviously huge difference – check out my Kindle DX 2 video page for the difference. Kindle 3′s Pearl eInk screen looks even better due to software […]

  11. […] little of what the visual difference is like please check out the Kindle DX 2 photo page and the Kindle DX 2 video page. The 4th and 7th videos (Dx 2 vs Kindle 2) and the 4th photo onwards (DX 2 vs various […]

  12. […] like reading on eInk (check out the videos at the Kindle DX 2 video page for what it looks […]

  13. […] This is one of Kindle WiFi’s big comparative strengths. Do check out the videos on the Kindle DX 2 Video page to see what eInk Pearl looks like and why it’s such a big […]

  14. […] take a look at the Kindle DX 2 Video page and the Kindle DX 2 Photo page to get a better feel of what you’d get for your money. […]

  15. […] page has videos of the Kindle 2 screen and the Refurbished Kindle DX screen will be similar. This Kindle DX 2 Videos page has videos of the new improved eInk Pearl […]

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