$119 Refurbished Kindle 2 stock comes and goes

Update: Get the $119 Refurbished Kindle 2 at Amazon.

Not sure exactly what Amazon is doing with the $110 Refurbished Kindle 2 (US version) – However, stock for the refurbished Kindle 2 has varied between Sold Out and Available throughout the day.

There are reports of availability between 8 am and 9 am PST and at around 4:40 EST. This is after it was sold out for most of yesterday and available most of Monday.

Why would refurbished Kindle 2 US availability vary throughout the day?

Can’t think of any good reason there would be refurbished Kindle 2 stock at 8am, then refurbished Kindle 2 would be sold out at 9am, and then there would be more stock in another 4 hours – only to run out again. Going back to when it was first announced we’ve now had a day or so availability in a three-day stretch.

Anyone have any idea why there would be such sporadic bursts of availability?

In the past there have always been stretches of refurbished kindle availability broken up by a day or a few days. This is the first time it’s been varying so much through the course of a single day.

It’s almost as if Amazon is doing some elaborate experiment.

How does Amazon have so many refurbished Kindle 2 US units?

When Amazon ran the $150 Kindle offer at Woot it supposedly sold 4,380 or so Kindles in a few hours – It started perhaps at midnight PST and sold out around 8 am EST. With the $110 offer it was a refurbished Kindle 2 US (neither new nor global) but the lower price might have led to even more sales. Add on that it’s been available for much longer than the $150 Kindle was (in terms of total hours) and that it’s been available at Amazon – it would not be a stretch to assume Amazon sold 10,000 to 20,000 refurbished Kindle 2 US units in the 1st day of availability. Across the 2nd and 3rd day of sporadic availability perhaps another 3,000 to 5,000 units.

Where are these refurbished Kindle 2s coming from? Amazon stopped selling new ones in November or so and it’s hard to believe they would have 20,000 returned units sitting around for 6 months.

The only logical conclusion (at least it seems that way to me) is that Amazon are manufacturing new Kindle 2 US models and selling them as refurbished. Just an assumption so please don’t assume the refurbished Kindle 2 you buy will be a new one.

What are Amazon planning for?

Perhaps Amazon want to get a lot of people locked in to the Kindle ecosystem. Perhaps eInk had a lot of 6″ eInk screens left over after various eReader companies went bankrupt. Perhaps this is Amazon’s bargain line.

What we do know is – Amazon have established $110 as the entry-level eReader price. They are getting a ton of users into the Kindle ecosystem. They have either magically found a stash of 20,000 returned Kindle 2s or they have started re-manufacturing the US Kindle 2 and selling it as refurbished Kindle 2s.

Even a forthcoming release of the Kindle 3 doesn’t explain the sudden appearances and disappearances of  the $110 refurbished kindle 2 (US version). There has to be more to it than that.

Refurbished Kindle 2 drops to $119

Thanksgiving 2010 Update: Refurbished Kindle 2 available for $119.

Wow! The refurbished Kindle 2 US price has been dropped to just $109.99. Amazon must really want to get rid of them.

Quick Refresher on what you do and don’t get with the Refurbished Kindle 2 US

What you don’t get – international wireless, international book downloads via wireless (you have to use your PC outside the US to download books and then transfer them to the Kindle 2 US), the slightly better screen of the Kindle 2 global.

What you do get – Kindle Store, Wireless browsing and 60 second downloads in the US, Free Internet and Wikipedia in the US, Kindle features, the Kindle 2.5 upgrade with Folders and improved fonts.

The Kindle 2 US is basically the Kindle 2 global without the global wireless and with a slightly lower screen contrast. It may also be a tiny bit slower though it’s hard to say for sure. You can read up all the other benefits at the Kindle 2 product page.

Why drop the Refurbished Kindle 2 US to just $109.99?

Thanks to MobileRead for the heads up. No idea why the price was cut by $30. It’s a huge price-cut and it hints at Amazon clearing up stock for something.

It very, very strongly hints that a Kindle 3 is arriving soon. It also makes you wonder how Amazon has so much Kindle 2 US stock – Didn’t Amazon stop making these a year ago? Perhaps it is still making these to cater to people who don’t need international wireless.

$109 is a ridiculously low price for a device that comes with free wireless Internet access – all the mobile websites work as do the mobile versions of Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and GMail. Lots of people would gladly pay $109 for email access – the eInk screen and the eReader are free bonuses.

If you’re interested please make a quick decision – the refurbished Kindle 2 US may sell out soon at this price.

Kindle Deal – Kindle 2 for $155 at Woot

Update: Woot has sold out of the $150 Kindle 2. You can get it at Amazon for $189 with free 2 day shipping. 

Amazon bought Woot yesterday – supposedly for $110 million or so – and they are celebrating by running an exclusive Kindle deal on Woot where you can get the Kindle 2 for $150 plus $5 shipping. The deal is usually just for a day and there are limited quantities so do make a decision soon.

At Amazon with free 2 day shipping you get the Kindle for $189. At woot with their ground shipping you get it for $155. That’s a $34 saving. There’s still the 1 year warranty from Amazon and it is the global Kindle 2.

Kindle Deal on Woot = Amazon clearing Kindle 2 stock. Kindle 3 must be really close

It’s rather interesting that Amazon seem to be utilizing every method possible to clear up Kindle 2 US stock and Kindle 2 stock. We have $189 Kindles and a $150 Kindle deal at Woot and a $139 refurbished Kindle 2 US deal at Amazon.

Amazon seem intent on sending out as many Kindles as they can. Combine that with the surprise arrival of the Kindle DX 2 today and all signs point to the imminent arrival of a Kindle 3. We might even see the Kindle 3 arrive before the rumored August Kindle 3 release date.

Today though is for the $150 kindle deal and figuring out whether you or someone you know wants one.