Kindle Fire HD Coupon – Kindle Fire HD $179 with $20 off Coupon

Amazon has just announced a Kindle Fire HD Coupon for Mother’s Day. Kindle Fire HD is now $179 if you use this $20 off Coupon.

Kindle Fire HD Coupon: FIRE4MOM. Pyromaniacs of the world – Please don’t take this as a green light to burn the outhouse or the garage.

For moms who love movies, magazines, books and more, Kindle Fire HD is the perfect gift. Down from $199 to $179 through Mother’s Day, enter FIRE4MOM at checkout to redeem the discount.

B&N recently took the semi-suicidal step of opening up Google Play Store for Nook HD and Nook HD+. Not content with that little spark, B&N also announced a $50 drop in Nook HD prices to $149 and a massive $90 drop in Nook HD+ prices to $179.

I was hoping Amazon would match – either the Google Play Store addition, or the price drops. Well, a $20 price drop isn’t bad.

Kindle Fire HD Coupon – Is $20 off a good deal?

It’s a good deal but not a great one.

While Amazon OFTEN drops the price of the Kindle Fire HD+, it doesn’t often drop the price of the Kindle Fire HD. There are just 1 or 2 sales I can think of. One was centered around either Black Friday or Holiday Season, and the other was a $20 coupon (if my memory serves me correctly).

$20 off Kindle Fire HD is not bad.

Kindle Fire HD Coupon – Kindle Fire HD at $179 or Nook HD at $149?

This is a tough decision.

Kindle Fire HD used to have a much better ecosystem, but Nook HD now has Google Play Store giving it the edge there.

Both are based on Android 4.0 – However, Kindle Fire HD’s software is more polished.

If you’re an Amazon customer, then Kindle Fire HD is much better. If you’re a B&N customer, then Nook HD is much better.

Nook HD hardware is better (especially the screen) but Kindle Fire HD has better speakers. The difference isn’t much.

Nook HD adding Google Play Store adds in the fact that you can get Kindle for Android and read your Kindle books on Nook HD.

So it’s a very tough decision. You should consider both devices. Nook HD at $149 and Kindle Fire HD at $179 are both real steals.


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