Kindle WiFi sold out for Christmas, Kindle 3 available

The Kindle 3G is the only Kindle available in time for Christmas. The Kindle WiFi is experiencing 3 to 5 day delays, which means it is sold out for Christmas.

Thanks to Peter for the update.

Here’s what Amazon’s Kindle WiFi page says –

Expected to ship in 3 to 5 days.

Ordering for Christmas? Due to overwhelming customer demand, Kindle (Wi-Fi) is temporarily out of stock. Orders placed today will arrive after December 24th.

Order now to reserve your place in line. Our Kindle 3G for $189 is still available in time for Christmas.

Well, selling out around a week before Christmas isn’t terribly bad. It could have been much worse.

It does mean that people looking to buy Kindles will either have to buy the Kindle 3G, or they will have to patiently wait past Christmas to get their Kindle WiFi.

Was Kindle WiFi selling a lot more than Kindle 3G?

It seems plausible that Amazon was either producing more Kindle WiFis than Kindle 3s, or that it was producing equal quantities of both. If either was the case, it would mean Kindle WiFi was selling much faster than Kindle 3.

Given the $139 price of the Kindle WiFi, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that it was selling faster, that it sold out before the Kindle 3, and that it sold out a week before Christmas.

It makes Amazon’s decision, to limit Kindle sales to the US and UK, seem a smart one – If Kindle WiFi and/or Kindle 3 had sold out at the end of November, that would have meant more Nook WiFi sales and more Nook sales. It does, however, make you wonder why Amazon recently changed its limit on Kindle sales per person from 3 to 5. That must have contributed to the sell-out.

The Kindle 3, in both white and graphite variants, is very much in stock. Amazon states on the page that orders placed today will arrive on or before December 24th. That’s definitely your best option if you’re looking to buy a Kindle for Christmas.

Refurbished Kindle DX – $220 Refurbished Kindle DX US

The refurbished Kindle DX US is available for $220 at Amazon. It’s a great deal and approaches the ideal Kindle DX price ($200).

Refurbished Kindle DX – Should you get the $220 Refurbished Kindle DX?

That’s a good question. There are two parts to this – Is the Kindle DX the right eReader for you? Is the Refurbished Kindle DX US a good Kindle DX to get?

Kindle DX is a good eReader – with pros and cons

The knock against the Kindle DX has always been the price and lack of mobility.

Kindle DX has several advantages – It’s got a 9.7″ eInk screen that is great for magazines and newspapers, its pretty good for books, it’s large enough for PDFs, you can choose landscape mode to make PDFs and browsing better, it has an accelerometer.

It’s well made and it comes with a 1 year warranty – the refurbished Kindle DX US also comes with a one year warranty.

Kindle DX also has several disadvantages – It’s quite large and hard to carry and hold, the PDF support is limited, it’s a bit slow (slower than smaller Kindles), it’s expensive, one-handed reading is almost impossible.

Overall, the Kindle DX is a good choice if you want an eInk screen, which is great for reading, in a size large enough to handle very large font sizes and magazines and newspapers and PDFs and webpages.

Refurbished Kindle DX at $220 is a pretty good choice

Your options are –

  1. $220 Refurbished Kindle DX US. This is very good value for money. It’s refurbished by Amazon and comes with a 1 year warranty. You can return it up to 30 days after it ships or up to the end of January if you buy it in December. The downsides are that it’s slower, it has slower page turns, and it uses the older generation eInk screen.
  2. Used Kindle DX US at $259. No reason at all to get this if the Refurbished Kindle DX US or a Refurbished Kindle DX is available.
  3. Used Kindle DX 1 at $249. This is the Kindle DX International. It doesn’t have the new eInk Pearl screen but the page turns are a bit faster and screen is a bit better than Kindle DX US. It’s still slow and page turns are still slow. It does use the older generation eInk screen – same one that the Kindle DX US uses. A refurbished version is sometimes available for $280 to $300 and is a decent option.
  4. New Kindle DX 1 at $329. There’s not really any reason to get this unless you really need 3G outside the US. It’s also not that much cheaper than the Kindle DX 2.
  5. New Kindle DX 2 at $379. The latest generation Kindle DX. It has the new eInk Pearl screen but not the software improvements in the Kindle 3 – It’s therefore not as much better than Kindle DX US and International as Kindle 3 is over the Kindle 2s.

If you look at value for money what you’re giving up with the refurbished Kindle DX US is – it’s refurbished and not new, there’s no 3G outside the US, it’s a little slower, it doesn’t have the new eInk Pearl screen, and it doesn’t have some of the speed improvements. It is, however, $159 cheaper than the $379 Kindle DX 2 and it’s a very usable device.

My recommendation would be to go with the $220 Refurbished Kindle DX US if it meets your needs – It’s pretty solid value for money.

$220 Refurbished Kindle DX – What do you miss by not choosing Kindle DX 2?

Here’s what you get with the Refurbished Kindle DX –

  1. A large 9.7″, second generation eInk screen that supports 16 shades of grey. It has 1200 by 824 resolution at 150 pixels per inch.
  2. A $220 price – that’s $159 less than a new Kindle DX 2.
  3. A one year limited warranty and a 30 day return period (end of January if you buy it in December). 
  4. PDF support – though it’s rather limited. 
  5. Great battery life – up to 4 days with wireless on and 2 weeks with wireless off.
  6. The text to speech feature, an accelerometer, 4 GB of memory of which 3.3 GB is available for your documents, built-in speakers, USB 2.0 cable to connect to your PC. 
  7. It weighs 18.9 ounces and measures 10.4″ by 7.2″ by 0.38″. The size does get in the way of holding it and carrying it conveniently.
  8. Sprint’s 3G network.
  9. Access to the Kindle Store and to Kindle WhisperNet.

It really is good value for money if you’re looking for a large screen eReader. Do note that it’s refurbished and not brand new.

Here’s what you miss out on by choosing Kindle DX US over Kindle DX 2 –

  1. The latest generation eInk Pearl screen which the Kindle DX 2 has. It has 50% better contrast.
  2. Faster speed. Page turns and the processor are slower on the Refurbished Kindle DX US. 
  3. Longer Battery Life. The newer Kindle DX lasts an entire week with wireless on and 2-3 weeks with wireless off. 
  4. The Graphite casing – The graphite color helps bring out the screen contrast more.
  5. Wireless coverage outside the US. If your home country is US the Kindle DX 2 gets free wireless coverage in over 100 countries outside the US.

Apart from the eInk Pearl screen and the faster processor there aren’t really any hugely significant differences. If you travel – the free wireless is a big deal.

After going through the Kindle DX 2 page in detail it’s clear that the refurbished Kindle DX US is a great deal at $220.

As long as you’re aware of what you’re giving up (eInk Pearl with 50% better contrast, faster page turns, faster processor, and wireless coverage outside the US) you’re unlikely to have any regrets. The refurbished Kindle DX US at $220 is a solid, solid option.

$89 Kindle 2 – Making sure you get the Kindle Black Friday deal

The Kindle 2 will be available for $89 starting tomorrow at 9 am Pacific Standard Time (12 noon Eastern Standard Time).

It’s an amazing deal for a very good Kindle that comes with free 3G access to the Kindle Store and to the Internet (although on a basic browser). The part that’s worrying is Amazon saying ‘there are a limited number of Kindle 2s available’.

Amazon had a Woot deal earlier in the year that sold between 3,000 and 4,000 Kindles. The Black Friday deal probably has between 10,000 and 100,000 Kindle 2s available. If it’s the former they might get sold out in an hour or two.

This post will discuss everything you can and should do to make sure you get the Kindle deal – If you’re interested in it, that is.

Have everything ready BEFORE 9 am PST

Please Note: There is no Kindle 2 available yet at the Kindle 2 product page so you can’t add it to your cart ahead of time.

Here are the things that you should have in place if you’re buying from home –

  1. If you’re buying the Kindle 2 for yourself set up 1-Click buying and make sure your address and credit card information are correct.
  2. You could optionally save the Kindle 2 product page as a browser bookmark or leave it open in your browser.
  3. This blog will send out a reminder post at 8:57 am PST so you could subscribe if you’ll be checking your email.  
  4. If it’s a gift make sure the person’s address is correct and your payment information is correct.
  5. Think through things and make a decision.

If you click-through at 8:57 am or 9 am PST and order instantly you should definitely be able to get the Kindle 2. By 10 am PST it might be too late.

Here are the things you can do if you’ll be out shopping tomorrow morning –

  1. Set up 1-click buying and check your address and payment information.
  2. Set the Kindle 2 product page as a bookmark or better yet leave it open in your phone’s browser.
  3. Have some idea of where you’ll be at 9 am PST.

Which brings us to the actual day and time of the kindle deal.

Be Available at 8:55 am PST and Buy the Kindle immediately

  1. If you’re at home – Set an alarm for 9 am PST.
  2. If you’re out shopping – Set an alarm for 8:45 am PST so you can find a place with good wireless coverage and make your order.
  3. If you’re awake early check out Amazon at 8 am PST – the deal might be up early.
  4. Order as soon as possible – You can always cancel the order or return the Kindle 2.
  5. If you’re gifting – After making the order it might be a good idea to make sure the person didn’t get a Kindle or Nook themselves. That way you can cancel the order before it ships and get them something else.

Finally, there’s the question of whether this deal is worth it.

Should you buy the $89 Kindle 2?


  1. If you can afford the $139 Kindle WiFi or $189 Kindle 3 they are better and use the new eInk Pearl screen.
  2. If you can’t decide between $139 Kindle WiFi and $89 Kindle 2 pick the former.
  3. If you’re sending one as a gift keep in mind that they’ll know it was a $89 Black Friday deal. 
  4. Kindle 2 at $89 is the best value for money.
  5. It’s not the best eReader. It is better than Nook 1 but Kindle WiFi and Kindle 3 are better.


  1. If you want to get a Kindle just to have a dedicated eReader and you read 1 book a month or less – it’s perfect.
  2. If you read a lot – Kindle WiFi would be better.
  3. If you already own a Kindle 1 – Kindle 2 is definitely better and you get the new software features like Folders and access to all the new Kindle Apps and Games.
  4. If you own any other Kindle or Nook – It’s not worth getting a Kindle 2 since it’s just doing most of the same stuff.
  5. If you have an iPad the $89 Kindle 2 is a nice add-on device to have.

Hopefully all this information helps you make a good decision.

The $89 Kindle 2 is a great deal and if you’re interested it’s well worth it to put in a bit of preparation and make sure you get it.