What if the NSA end game isn’t surveillance but to Kill the Internet?

Guardian UK has yet another revelation regarding the NSA’s attempts to gather loads and loads of information about everyone.

Obviously, having all information and behavior for EVERY SINGLE PERSON is justified because 0.0001% of them might eventually do something very criminal and then that information would be useful for that 0.0001%.

NSA promises they won’t use the information they get about the other 99.9999% of people – ever. Cross my heart and swear to die.

Senator X, perhaps you should vote against reducing the NSA’s secret budget. Perhaps that would ensure that we don’t reveal your three mistresses or your short-lived ‘experiment’ with your personal trainer.

However, it all seems too easy. Leak after leak after leak. Nothing the Authorities can do?

  1. Robert Snowden and Glen Greenwald must be Neo and Morpheus.
  2. They release details of one NSA subterfuge.
  3. Then NSA says – Sorry, it’s not bad as it looks. We never did more.
  4. Then Snowden and Greenwald release something worse, which shreds NSA credibility and shows they lied.
  5. The cycle goes on and on. Every thing the NSA had denied – is now being slowly unwrapped as actually practiced by the NSA.

Surely, this isn’t NSA playing checkers in a chess match.

My hypothesis is that this is all an attempt to go after the REAL DANGER to whatever or whoever is behind the NSA.

What if the end game isn’t surveillance but to Kill the Internet?

What has the Internet done so far?

Revolutionized businesses. Destroyed Empires. Created new ones.

However, so far, the Internet has only reached the low-lying fruit. Businesses and Empires that were there for the taking.

The REAL damage will be when the Internet evolves and goes into areas where the serious money is – Oil, Energy, Healthcare, Government, Defence, Arms Trading, Pharmaceuticals, Gold & Silver, Trading, Commodities.

It seems a big deal that Samsung made $9.6 billion profits last quarter. That’s $3.2 billion a month. However, there are profits as big or bigger for the taking in hundreds of established businesses. HUNDREDS.

The Internet is going to take down ALL existing businesses and empires and create new ones

This is a point a lot of people don’t realize.

It might seem that we’ve seen big things with the rise of Google. However, these are just the first signs of a huge upheaval. There isn’t ANY area of our lives where the Internet and its power to enable communication and cooperation and infinite competition won’t create important changes.

Look around you. Every big business you see. Every established empire. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS GOING TO GET KILLED and/or TRANSFORMED by the Internet.

Retail. Oil. Healthcare. Government. Every single thing.

The Internet has the power and people have the opportunity (via the Internet) to take down and/or take over each of these businesses. We aren’t talking about a few corporations or a few businesses at risk – Everyone and everything is at risk.

In a nutshell: Every person and every company that has money and power right now, is threatened by the Internet.

The only way to stop the Internet killing everything, is to control it OR to remove people’s trust in it

You could argue the NSA’s current attempts are exactly that – an attempt to control the Internet. To mold and shape what influence the Internet has.

However, and this should be obvious to anyone with half a brain, you cannot control the Internet.

It’s a monster far more powerful than ANYTHING we’ve created before. It allows unlimited communication, infinite competition, boundless cooperation.

Worst of all – it is the great leveler. It allows people the wisdom of the world and of the ages.

A kid spending 4 years on the Internet with a hunger for the truth would learn far more than anything any School or University can teach. That, in turn, makes the Internet really, really dangerous for anyone who doesn’t want tens or millions or perhaps even hundreds of millions of people around the world to become very knowledgeable and in touch with The TRUTH.

So we have two possibilities -

  1. Someone is using NSA to control and track and mold the Internet. Human hubris allows them to imagine they can control and mold such a huge thing. Remember – this is not TV. There isn’t one central point that broadcasts The American Dream. There are infinite broadcast points.
  2. Someone is aware of human limitations (no way we can control the Internet) and human infinite capacities (that the Internet unlocks) and has decided to take down the Internet.

Which is easier? Which is safer?

New ecosystems are Dumbed Down for a Reason

Consider the ecosystems that are eating away at the Internet’s hold over communication and cooperation and competition.

They are all aimed at dumbed down things. Taking your own photograph. Sharing what color the sky was as you lay in bed avoiding your homework. Buying an app that lets you match candies or kick cats or share kitten photographs.

We’re replacing the Internet with very ‘safe’ closed gardens that might as well be Thought Prisons.

The new ‘grand ecosystems’, that are eating into the Internet, are all very tightly controlled and monitored. And they are focused on routing people AWAY from the Truth and towards Matrix like inanity that vegetates people’s brains.

It’s all about closing down the Internet

The Internet threatens to take down ALL the existing power structures and existing businesses and eventually governments.

And that’s why the end game, to me and to anyone who connects the dots, will clearly be about killing the Internet. Update: It seems other people are beginning to realize the end game is to take over the Internet and/or destroy it. Hopefully, clarity spreads.


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